10 Social Media Strategies for SEO Marketing Agencies

Nadica Naceva
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If you’re running an SEO marketing agency, chances are you have the expertise to stand out in Google search results. However, leads from search alone may not be enough to keep your business afloat. With billions of people using social media, it’s also important to ramp up your promotion efforts through this channel. 

In this guide, we explore some of the top social media strategies for SEO marketing agencies. We discuss how you can put your SEO expertise to good use even on social media and how to effectively leverage the platform to promote your agency. Let’s take a look.

First things first – use your SEO expertise to stand out on social media. While your expertise may be focused on optimizing for search engines, you can still apply some of those strategies to improve your visibility on social media. Many agencies also offer SEO services for specific platforms, which means they have the expertise to drive visibility on social searches and discovery pages (like Explore and For You pages).

The SEO strategies for specific social media platforms may vary, but they typically all require using the right keywords strategically. For instance, YouTube SEO may involve using the right keywords in your video descriptions, video titles, subtitles, and video file names. Additionally, you may also need to use attractive thumbnails to drive more clicks.

Meanwhile, Instagram SEO may involve using alt text and leveraging the right hashtags along with Instagram Collabs to drive visibility. At the same time, it also involves the use of keywords to optimize your profiles and captions.

Similarly, TikTok SEO involves incorporating the right keywords and hashtags into your videos to improve discoverability. However, creating videos using trending audio can also drive significant visibility on the platform. It improves the chances of your videos showing up in the “For You” pages of relevant users.

On platforms like LinkedIn, keywords in your page name will stand out in relevant searches. This makes it crucial to incorporate your primary target keyword in your business page name in addition to your description. So, for example, you may include the term “SEO agency” next to your company name if you want people to find you using that search term. See the following examples and notice how all the top-ranking results have “SEO agency” in their page names.

Source: LinkedIn

So depending on which social media platforms you use, you can adapt your SEO strategy to improve your agency’s visibility in relevant searches and discovery pages. In general, you’ll want to conduct thorough keyword research to find popular keywords and hashtags on each platform. You can then leverage these keywords in your social media SEO strategy.

Investing in an SEO agency isn’t the same as buying a pair of shoes. It requires significantly more financial investment and research, impacting an entire business operation. As such, people may feel inclined to check out what others are saying about your agency on third-party websites. This may include checking out reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, where there’s a dedicated review section.

This makes it crucial to encourage your satisfied clients to leave more Facebook reviews about your services. When you generate great results for your clients, remind them to leave a review talking about their experience. Don’t be afraid of honest reviews that also mention some of your shortcomings to keep things balanced and authentic. Prospects are more likely to trust you when you’re not afraid to showcase some of those negative (but not entirely scathing) reviews.

If possible, respond to your reviews to show others that you’re responsive. This is particularly important for negative reviews so others can see that you’re willing to resolve issues.

Collecting reviews on Facebook is especially important since ratings show up in search results. See the example below. Out of several options, people are more likely to check out your agency if they can get a preview of your ratings and those ratings are decent. 

Facebook Reviews
Source: Facebook

Promoting your SEO marketing agency requires selling your expertise. This often requires getting in-depth with detailed explanations to break down complicated topics. On most social media platforms, however, people aren’t ready to consume the type of content that would cover these in-depth explanations. So it helps to simplify things with bite-sized tips that still manage to showcase your SEO expertise. 

You can use original graphics and short-form videos such as Reels and TikTok clips to share your knowledge. Make sure to offer value through these tips so your audience will want to stay tuned to your content and see you as an authority in the field of SEO. That way, when they’re ready to find an SEO agency for their business, you’ll be top of mind.

SEO experts like Brandon Jarman use TikTok videos to share short clips with SEO-related tips. In the following video, he explains how a keyword gap analysis helps “steal your competitors’ website traffic.” You could replicate this type of content strategy to showcase your SEO expertise on social media. 

Brandon Jarman / TikTok videos
Source: TikTok

While bite-sized tips are great for engaging top-of-the-funnel audiences, some prospects may be closer to a conversion. This means they’ll be seeking out more in-depth content pieces to help them gauge an agency’s SEO expertise.

That’s where features such as LinkedIn Pulse come in, allowing you to share long-form content natively on the LinkedIn platform. This means that people who want to read your blog articles can do so without ever leaving LinkedIn. You can use them to provide in-depth explanations and guidance to give your audience a better understanding of your industry expertise. 

Pulse articles also give you an advantage when it comes to LinkedIn SEO as they show up prominently in search results for posts containing relevant keywords. A well-optimized Pulse article may show up in searches for relevant keywords, allowing you to drive more visibility in front of your target audience. 

Additionally, Pulse articles have an advantage over lengthy text-based posts since they’re easier to read. You can optimize your Pulse articles with subheads and images that break up huge blocks of text.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency regularly publishes LinkedIn Pulse articles that go in-depth on digital marketing topics. They discuss the latest trends and updates in SEO and digital marketing and provide their readers with detailed how-to tips to give them a glimpse of their expertise.

Thrive LinkedIn Pulse articles
Source: LinkedIn

The SEO landscape is constantly evolving as new technology emerges and search engine algorithms get updated. As such, people who want to work with an SEO marketing agency would seek out one that stays on top of the latest SEO trends. This would give them the knowledge and foresight to adapt their strategies so that their clients can continue to get great results.

Show your prospects that you’re always updating yourself with the latest news and trends affecting the SEO landscape by sharing relevant commentary and insights via social media. You can send out short Tweets (or an entire thread of several Tweets), post Instagram Reels and TikTok clips, or share LinkedIn posts to join the discussion that’s currently taking place on a specific topic.

You could add a more “human” touch to your commentary by sharing it through a prominent figure in your agency such as your founder or C-suite executives. This leaves more room for authenticity and conversational language that may not always be easy to do through an agency account.

For example, the founder of Minty Agency, Charlie Clark regularly engages in trending Twitter conversations around SEO. In the following Tweet, he expresses his dissatisfaction with the latest Google Spam Update, showcasing that he (and inadvertently his agency) stays updated on the latest Google updates. 

Charlie Clark Twitter
Source: Twitter

Client reviews on your Facebook page are great, but you don’t always have control over what’s written and how your agency is presented. So while it’s important to leave those reviews on, you should offer a more balanced perspective by sharing client testimonials from your brand accounts.

Choose clients whom you have a great relationship with and see if they’re willing to share a testimonial about your agency. Then have them share some of the best perks about working with your agency and what their experience has been like. Your team can then polish their quote to highlight some of the best parts, which you can then share through visuals on social media.

Ignite Visibility regularly shares client testimonials as image posts on Instagram. The team includes positive client quotes by anonymizing their clients to help maintain their privacy.

View post on Instagram

With their permission and depending on their industry, consider including your clients’ photos in the testimonial to humanize the quote and add another layer of credibility. Anyone can put together a quote, but including a real person’s face makes it that much more trustworthy. 

To provide quantitative proof of your agency’s capabilities, you can even highlight some of your best case studies. Case studies serve as proof of the results you can achieve for your clients. It also gives prospects a glimpse into your process so they can make informed decisions about whether your agency is the right choice for them.

While case studies typically need a detailed breakdown of challenges, solutions, and results, you can summarize them in a visual social media post. This will only need to highlight the key results achieved for the client or the difference you made for them (with attractive numbers to grab attention). For those who want to learn more, you can direct them to the full case study using a link in your bio or a link in the caption.

On platforms like LinkedIn, you can break down your case study more thoroughly using native documents. Similarly, carousel posts on Instagram can generate a similar impact. For instance, WebFX shared a slideshow highlighting the results they achieved for a client and the services they used to achieve those results. They included a testimonial at the end to further strengthen the case study.

WebFX LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

High Voltage SEO opted for a different route and shared a client story through a Facebook video. The audio-visual format is a great way to engage your audience and get them to pay attention to a longer, more in-depth story. It also allows you to put a human face to your agency, helping to build a connection between you and the audience. 

High Voltage SEO Facebook video
Source: Facebook

When prospects weigh their options before choosing an SEO marketing agency, they’re going to look at the people who make up the agency. As these are the people whose expertise contributes to the agency’s success, knowing what skills and knowledge they possess can help potential clients understand what they’re signing on for.

This makes it crucial for your employees and C-suite executives alike to maintain a social media presence. Beyond simply promoting your agency through…well, your agency page, you need real people to speak for your expertise through their personal and professional profiles.  

In fact, a Sprout Social survey found that 87% of Millennials feel more connected to a brand whose employees share information online. Plus, 81% also feel that employees should post about their company.

You could have your team share information about what your business does or update their followers with the latest content from your blog. They could also share their unique industry insights from their personal accounts to showcase their expertise and establish their authority. They could even share their experience working with your agency, highlight your processes, and showcase the culture that makes up your agency. 

So when their connections feel ready to find an SEO agency, the first thing they’ll think of is your agency. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with an agency with such a solid team of people behind it? There’s also the added perk of working with an agency where there’s a healthy culture, which is a green flag for a healthy client-agency relationship.

Blue Array’s employees regularly share information about the agency’s events and wins. See the post below where the agency’s PR executive reposts news celebrating their win at the UK Agency Awards.

Blue Array LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

On a similar note, highlighting the people behind your agency helps you humanize your brand and allows you to connect with your audience. Most people don’t want to work with an agency; they want to work with people. So your social media pages should be used to highlight your team and your work culture, showcasing the great people that make up your company.

You could share weekly employee spotlights that tell each employee’s story. You could highlight their expertise and experiences while showcasing some of the characteristics that make them unique. 

Additionally, don’t forget to share the experiences and activities that your team engages in. This is a great way to highlight the culture behind your agency, which could be a deciding factor for your potential clients. SEO Sherpa does a great job of this, using LinkedIn to share their team participating in fun experiences and events.

SEO Sherpa LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

Live video sessions create an opportunity to interact in real time with your audience. Moreover, live video is less scripted than pre-recorded videos, making them more authentic and personal. As more and more social media platforms introduce live broadcasting features, you can leverage them to host in-depth live sessions to engage your audience.

Whether it’s a Facebook Live or a TikTok Live video, you can use them to share your expertise or provide insights into the industry. Meanwhile, your viewers can ask questions and have their doubts answered almost instantaneously. This type of real-time interaction is vital for establishing a strong relationship with your audience.

There are a ton of opportunities to leverage live video into your social media marketing. For starters, you could host a session discussing the latest industry trends and providing your unique insights. Or you could host an educational webinar-type session teaching viewers how to do something such as conduct keyword research or run a competitor analysis, for example.

Live broadcasts are also perfect for hosting AMA sessions, where you answer the questions that your viewers ask related to your industry. You could either have them ask questions in real time or answer pre-selected questions. 

Live video is also an effective format for hosting interview-type sessions where you interview SEO leaders or your agency’s experts to share their expertise. This type of session is ideal as you get a say in what questions are asked, allowing you to strategically design questions that will best highlight the interviewee’s knowledge and experience.   

Additionally, you could host or participate in SEO roundtable events with other leading experts in the industry. This is a great way to expand your reach while simultaneously sharing your expertise with a relevant audience. As other roundtable participants share the event with their network, your agency automatically gets promoted. Meanwhile, your insights and expertise could show event attendees how great you are at your job, helping them build trust in your agency.

SEO roundtable events LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

Make Social Media Work for Your SEO Agency

Struggling to attract viable leads from your social media efforts? Make the most of the strategies shared above to promote your SEO marketing agency on social media. Use your SEO expertise to good use to boost visibility in social search. Don’t forget to strategically create content that will help showcase your expertise – whether it’s through testimonials and case studies or eye-catching bite-sized tips.

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