Future of Crypto by Benzinga

Influencer Marketing
8th of December
08AM (UTC +0)
Benzinga’s back in New York City with the brightest minds in crypto and dealmaking, along with an exclusive group of attendees and a diverse lineup of famed industry speakers will take you to New York City for this year's must-attend event.
  • The Opportunities And Threats Facing Crypto
  • Value Of Crypto And Blockchain Beyond Speculation
  • Defining Trustless Economies (And Why You Should Trust Them)
  • Bitcoin: The First Digital Monetary Asset
  • The Status Of Venture Funding In Crypto And Web3
  • Practical Blockchain Applications And The Future Of Ownership
  • The DeFi Infrastructures Taking The World By Storm
  • Democratizing Real Estate Through Blockchains and Tokenization
  • Meet The Projects Disrupting Outdated Business Models
  • Blockchain Scalability: What's Being Built on L1s and L2s
  • Branding, Sponsorship, And How To Build An Engaged Userbase In Web3
  • Unpacking Why Bored Ape NFTs Make Sense: 'Ape Talk'
  • Beyond JPEGS: The Application Of NFTs Beyond Art
  • The Value Of Crypto And NFTs In Entertainment
  • How Crypto Mining and Blockchain Scalability Are Related
  • Here's How We Onboard The Next Billion Users Of Crypto
  • Digital Trends Accelerated By The Metaverse
  • Where GameFi Went Wrong And Where It Is Going: 'Play-And-Earn'
  • Using NFTs To Foster Community And Build On-Ramps Into Web3
  • Yuga Labs on Redefining the Culture of Web3
KEVIN O'LEARY KEVIN O'LEARY Investor & Venture Capitalist @ O'Leary Ventures ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI Founder and Managing Partner @ SkyBridge Capital LULE DEMMISSIE LULE DEMMISSIE CEO @ eToro USA BORIS ALERGANT BORIS ALERGANT Head Of DeFi Markets @ Ripple STEFAN RUST STEFAN RUST CEO @ Laguna Labs CHRISTY GOLDSMITH ROMERO CHRISTY GOLDSMITH ROMERO Commissioner @ U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission AMELIA DALY AMELIA DALY Head of Partnerships @ Solana Foundation PATRICK CORKER PATRICK CORKER VP @ Treasury Circle JAY KURAHASHI-SOFUE JAY KURAHASHI-SOFUE VP of Marketing @ Ava Labs ROBERT BREEDLOVE ROBERT BREEDLOVE Founder & CEO/CIO @ Parallax Digital SUNNY AGGARWAL SUNNY AGGARWAL Co-Founder @ Osmosis DEX VICTORIA VAUGHAN VICTORIA VAUGHAN Co-founder @ Incryptoland LUCA SCHNETZLER LUCA SCHNETZLER CEO @ Pudgy Penguins NAIMUL HUQ NAIMUL HUQ SVP of Operations @ Vayner3 KATRINA SMITH KATRINA SMITH Chief of Staff @ Vayner3 JOSH FRASER JOSH FRASER Co-founder @ Origin Protocol ANDRA NICOLAU ANDRA NICOLAU Head of BD @ Origin Protocol NOAH LITVIN NOAH LITVIN Core Contributor @ Synthetix MORGAN KRUPETSKY MORGAN KRUPETSKY Director of BD for Institutions & Capital Markets @ Ava Labs TOM PAGELER TOM PAGELER CEO @ Prime Trust ALEX SALNIKOV ALEX SALNIKOV Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Rarible DAVID SILVERMAN DAVID SILVERMAN Product Manager @ Aave LAUREN HALSTEAD LAUREN HALSTEAD Business Development - Sports, Media & Entertainment @ Chainlink Labs JILLIAN ROTHMAN JILLIAN ROTHMAN Vice President of New Business & Ventures @ Warner Music Group (WMG HUNTER ORRELL HUNTER ORRELL CEO @ Futureproof JORDAN FRIED JORDAN FRIED Chairman & CEO @ Immutable Holdings MARTA BELCHER MARTA BELCHER President & Chair @ Filecoin Foundation, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web LAURA RODRIGUEZ LAURA RODRIGUEZ Founder @ The Miami Ape HAOHAN XU HAOHAN XU CEO @ Apifiny MAARTJE BUS MAARTJE BUS General Manager of Research @ Messari RALPH QUINTERO RALPH QUINTERO Co-Founder @ FOAM Ventures, JPEG Morgan, & More ZACH BRUCH ZACH BRUCH CEO @ RECUR MATT KELLER MATT KELLER Director Of Impact And Inclusion @ Algorand Foundation CLINTON DONNELLY CLINTON DONNELLY President @ CryptoTaxAudit JASON LAU JASON LAU COO @ Okcoin MATT ROSEN MATT ROSEN Co-Founder, CPO @ Splinterlands LAWRENCE HUTSON LAWRENCE HUTSON Co-founder & CTO @ AdLunam Inc TREVOR BACON TREVOR BACON CEO @ Parcl ART MALKOV ART MALKOV Advisor at Columbia Lab to Market Blockchain Accelerator @ Columbia University in the City of New York BEN WEISS BEN WEISS Founder @ FLGHTX SEAN KELLY SEAN KELLY VP of WEB3 Marketing & Strategy @ InfiniteWorld RORY HERRIMAN RORY HERRIMAN Chief Technical Officer @ CoinFlip ASH EGAN ASH EGAN Founder @ Archetype GREG CARSON GREG CARSON Head of Corporate Development and Ventures/Managing Partner @ XBTO Group/XBTO Humla Ventures BENJAMIN LEFF BENJAMIN LEFF President & Founder @ Leff Ventures FARBOD SADEGHIAN FARBOD SADEGHIAN CEO & Founder @ artèQ ALESSANDRO DE GRANDI ALESSANDRO DE GRANDI CEO & Founder @ The Nemesis ITAI ELIZUR ITAI ELIZUR Managing Partner @ MarketAcross OMID MALEKAN OMID MALEKAN Adjunct Professor @ Columbia Business School NADIM ALI MODAD NADIM ALI MODAD Co-Founder & CEO @ Weset BOB RAS BOB RAS Co-Founder @ Sologenic