Influencer Marketing
6th of December
09AM (UTC -7)
We’re bringing together the leading professionals and companies in influencer marketing for the world’s greatest online event within the industry. It’s the event for sharp marketers looking to innovate and reinvigorate their marketing campaigns. Taking place completely online, our carefully curated list of speakers will discuss the most trending topics, unveil the latest data, and share their most valuable insights.
  • How to Run Positive ROI Campaigns in 2023—and Have the Data to Prove It
  • GRIN Case Study - How Creators Can Turn into Your Performance Team
  • Mastering the art of finding and identifying High-Converting Influencers
  • The Importance of Inclusivity Within the Influencer Industry
  • Understanding the Influencer’s POV
  • Is the path to financial success still via brand deals?
  • What Influencers can Teach eComm Brands about Getting it Right on Social
  • What Industry-Leading Creator-Led Marketing Looks Like—and How Your Brand Can Emulate It
  • Will Influencers Dominate Online Marketing In the cookieLESS World?
  • How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Be More in Inflationary Times
  • Halo effect: How Branded Influencer Content Influence Purchase Decisions
  • Live Shopping: The Next Big Thing in Social Commerce?
  • How Regular People Are Leveraging Online Marketplaces to Launch Their Brands
  • JOAH Beauty: Promoting a New Channel With Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts
  • How to Use Nano Influencers to Boost Authenticity and Improve Customer Relationships
  • Creator Marketing Technology & How Brands leverage Creators in their Marketing Strategies
  • Succeed on TikTok With Creator - Led Campaigns: Mobilize Consumers Throughout the Funnel
  • The Importance Building a Web3 Community
  • What VCs Are Looking to Fund in the Creator Economy
  • How to Build Revenue-Boosting Partnerships with Klear
  • Collaboration Strategies That Will Scale Your Creator Efforts