INATBA Digital Blockchain Week

22nd of November
11AM (UTC +1)
INATBA Digital Blockchain Week is a highly interactive event for people across the globe to meet, align and discuss the Blockchain ecosystem. Our theme “The Future of Blockchain” highlights the multifaceted opportunities and dynamic challenges in the financial, identity, privacy and education .
  • What Are the Top Priorities for Worldwide Policymakers Regarding Blockchain Applications?
  • How Will Web 3/Metaverse Developments Impact Climate Action?
  • What Skills Will Be Needed In Permissionless Public Blockchains: Different Perspectives on Training, Learning… Living
  • The Role of Commercial Banks in the Blockchain Industry
  • Tokenising the Circular Economy
  • DeFi Self-Regulation
  • Blockchain for Future Energy Systems
  • What Are VCs Looking For in the Blockchain Industry and How Do They Foresee the Future?
  • Future of Digital Identity
  • Ready Player? Life in the Metaverse vs. Reality
  • Privacy vs Compliance Conundrum: What Can We Expect?
  • Cities of the Future
  • Why do Central Banks Need CBDCS? Will Fragmented National CBDCS Reinvigorate Cambial Markets?
  • Regulating Financial Services in Web3: Pilot Regime & Mica, What’s Next?
  • Digital ID and Its Potential for Web 2.0 and 3.0: Bringing the Webs Together
  • The Future of Cybersecurity
  • Driving the ESG Agenda With Blockchain Tech & Processes
  • Crypto Assets & Digital Finance
  • Blockchain and the Agenda 2030 - Leaving Noone Behind