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Our workshops, provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and compliance procedures to to set up and run successful influencer marketing campaigns at scale

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The Complete Influencer Marketing Toolkit

Our tailor-made workshops offer brands a complete overview of influencer marketing processes, focus areas, concrete challenges and solutions.

Fundamentals of Influencer Relations

Let’s face it, great influencer marketing is all about relationships. Our workshops will leave you with a solid framework to build, maintain and manage relationships with the right influencers. Understanding these fundamentals is key to increasing the ROI on your Influencer Campaigns.

Requirements and Characteristics of Influencer Communications

Communicating with influencers seems like a simple task, but when done incorrectly can have negative implications on the performance of your campaigns. During the workshop we’ll build, share and discuss various methods for outreach, briefing, licensing and other communication with influencers.

Finding Suitable Influencers and Fakefluence

When selecting the most relevant influencers to collaborate with, you should be considering up to 15 different touch points. Our workshop is geared around understanding these 15 touch points, how to find them, and how to analyze them. We also cover Fakefluence, and provide you with a simple formula to spot it!

Do’s and Dont's in Dealing With Influencers

Some simple do’s and don’t can go a long way - our team has experience running over 500+ influencer marketing campaigns so we’ve learnt a few things! We have a session in our workshop dedicated to sharing lessons, tips and tricks learnt from years of experience in the Influencer Marketing industry.

Topic-Finding and Planning of Influencer Campaigns

Once you’ve paired with the right influencers it’s time to start creating content. We’ll share tips on how to select topics that are destined to perform, and headlines that give your campaigns extra leverage. Our simple framework will save you hours when planning your next campaign.

Compliance and Best Practices

It’s important for brands to understand that complying with Influencer Marketing regulation is an absolute must - in this workshop we outline the FTC Guidelines that matter most to you. We’ll also share some best practice tips to ensure the influencer, audience and brand are all aligned on your next campaign.

Get up to Speed on everything your brand needs to comply and execute on ROI positive Influencer Campaigns

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Our tailor-made workshops offer brands a complete overview of influencer
marketing processes, focus areas, concrete challenges and solutions.

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