11 Top OnlyFans Stars to Check Out (Not Just for Their Racy Pics)

If you think that OnlyFans is purely an adult entertainment site, you will be happy to learn that it is, as a matter of fact, not the case. According to Timothy Stokely, the founder of the site, OnlyFans has uncovered how to join webcamming and influencer culture optimally. While there is a lot of uncovering happening on OnlyFans, many creators have used it successfully to charge for their goods or services other than just nude services. According to our stats about OnlyFans, as of December 2020, the platform boasted more than 1 million creators, while by late August 2020 they had about 50 million registered users. 

Most social media and video streaming platforms have a fair number of official stats and statistical press releases, but, sadly, with OnlyFans this is not the case. Though, that did not stop us from compiling this list of some of the top OnlyFans stars to check out. From making six-figure payments to generating thousands of likes, all the following stars have enjoyed some form of success with the site. 

11 Top OnlyFans Stars to Check Out (Not Just for Their Racy Pics):

Who Uses OnlyFans?

The goal of OnlyFans remains simple - it offers a platform for creators to create and distribute their content, build a fanbase and make money. While OnlyFans is used a lot by content creators who choose to share explicit photos and videos (as you will see from our list), the platform is also used by fitness trainers, chefs, writers and artists. So, why is it so popular for X-rated pictures, you are probably wondering?

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok that typically ban people for posting explicit content, OnlyFans allows its users to share this type of content as long as they can show that they are older than 18. 

11 of the Top OnlyFans Stars

1. Erica North

Source: instagram.com/itstheerica

Erica North is a 23-year-old YouTuber and social influencer. She uploads videos about modeling, lifestyle, and blogs to her YouTube channel called “Erica North”. 

She is also well-known for her hot and provocative photos that she shares on social media. With the help of social media, this American beauty managed to kickstart a modeling career. In 2019, she joined Instagram and has managed to attract more than 150,000 followers already. 

Though, she gets her main source of income from her OnlyFans account. She is one of the top OnlyFans creators and boasts in her OnlyFans’ bio that she is part of the top 0.14% of creators. Since joining, she has shared 2,295 posts, 12,505 photos, and 353 videos which have received nearly 150,000 likes. 

She offers her subscribers two options: a free plan and a subscription plan. With the free plan, her fans can get access to extra pictures from her Instagram that she does not post. She will also upload OnlyFans-specific videos in her lingerie sets and will chat a bit in her DMs (more than what her Instagram followers are used to, but not as much as her Premium subscribers can look forward to).  

Her premium subscription is $18.75 per month. For this fee, subscribers will get instant access to more than 5,000 exclusive pictures and videos, daily locked content and uncensored and topless videos in every post. Subscribers will also be able to have real conversations with her and send requests. 

2. Caroline Calloway

Source: instagram.com/carolinecalloway

Caroline Calloway created a huge following on Instagram by sharing long captions that she referred to as “memoirs”. She then became even more famous (or would that rather be infamous) for her fight with her ghostwriter. 

While Caroline Calloway is better known as an Instagram influencer, she has also made a pretty penny by posting content on OnlyFans. In fact, in a rather long Instagram post she shared that she managed to make about $100,000 with the help of OnlyFans. This move attracted a lot of criticism to which she explained that the move was prompted by her financial situation. She was struggling to pay back a six-figure sum she owed after she decided to end a book deal.  

On her OnlyFans page, she dresses up in costumes as literary characters. To date, she has posted 95 posts, 187 photos and 21 videos which have received 3,400 likes. 

Though, she explained to her fans that now that she managed to repay her debt, she will be leaving OnlyFans. In an Instagram post she wrote the following, “On that note, I’m quitting OnlyFans. Not today, not this moment. But soon. Now that my own financial situation is less dire than it once was, I think the argument that I (and other Internet personalities) leave OnlyFans for the sex workers who ‘need the money more’ is more valid.” 

Well, this has not been at the top of her to-do list for 2021 with her account still available in January 2021. Guess it is hard to say no when you are making big bucks?

3. Belle Delphine

Source: onlyfans.com/belledelphine

Belle Delphine (whose real name is Mary-Bell Kirschener) is a 21-year-old cosplay model. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the United Kingdom with her family nine years ago. She went viral after selling her “Gamer Girl Bath Water”, but a number of scandals lead to her Instagram account getting banned. 

She also got banned from YouTube for violating the platform’s strict guidelines regarding sexual content or nudity. So, it should not come as a surprise that she turned to OnlyFans to share her explicit content. In an interview with The Spectator, Belle shared that she made $1.2 million per month by charging her subscribers $35 per month. To date, she has shared 397 posts, 4,406 photos, and 565 videos which received more than 500,000 likes.   

4. Shania Perrett

Source: instagram.com/shaniaperrett

Shania Perrett is a social media star who became popular on Instagram for sharing her modeling photos and documenting her lifestyle. Before she started posting on Instagram in 2012, the 23-year-old Australian worked in customer service. According to an OnlyFans Rich List, she earns about  £304,174 from OnlyFans subscriptions per month (and that is after OnlyFans have deducted its 20% commission). To date, she has posted 714 posts, 444 photos, and 229 videos which have received more than 66,000 likes. 

5. Jem Wolfie

Source: instagram.com/jem.wolfie

Jem Wolfie is another Australian model who has enjoyed a lot of success with OnlyFans. The 29-year-old is one of OnlyFans’ biggest stars. In fact, in her OnlyFans’ bio she boasts that her account is the most subscribed OnlyFans account in the world. 

She, too, got in trouble with Instagram after the selfies that she shared on Instagram were viewed as too sexy and indecent. Instagram deleted her account which meant that the fitness influencer/former chef and competitive basket player lost 2.7 million followers. No wonder, she gets back at Instagram in her OnlyFans bio by writing that Instagram has become more and more strict. To date, she has shared 450 posts, 257 photos, and 85 videos which received a whopping 736,700 likes already. 

6. Lexi Kai

Source: instagram.com/iamlexikai

Lexi Kai is a 24-year-old social media star who rose to fame for her Instagram account, “imlexikai”. Her photos in which she is often dressed in a bikini or lingerie shows off her attractive curves and muscular build. She successfully used OnlyFans to extend her social media stardom from Instagram where she has more than 750,000 followers. 

On OnlyFans, she charges her fans a monthly subscription of $49.99 for personal chatting, sexy snaps, personal stories, behind the scenes of photoshoots and extremely sexy-implied, custom-made videos. While she has only shared 48 posts to date and received 913 likes, she has already made about £194,000 per month after OnlyFans have taken its 20% commission. 

7. Erika Yvonne Rose

Source: instagram.com/erikayvonnerose

Erika Yvonne Rose is a social media star who rose to stardom by sharing selfies and pics of her daily life on Instagram. Before making more than 200,000 fans on Instagram, the 28-year-old American owned a jewelry company. In fact, this venture already introduced her to the world of stardom as some of her pieces were worn by celebrities like Chantal Jeffries (an American DJ, record producer, actress, model and YouTube personality). She has also worked with Michael Costello, a fashion designer. 

While she opts to charge her fans on OnlyFans the minimal subscription of $4.99 per month, this strategy has paid off well for her (and quite literally). She has to date shared 134 posts, 91 photos and more than 30 videos which have helped her to pocket about £37,700 per month (after commission). 

8. Nik Avocado

Source: onlyfans.com/nikocadoavocado

Nik Avocado is a YouTube star with a strange sense of humour. He shares his insane eating challenges on YouTube with his more than 3 million subscribers, but has now also created an OnlyFans account that he uses to share crude and suggestive videos and pics. While he is for sure not everyone’s cup of tea, he still has a huge online fanbase. Just like Erica North, he also boasts in the bio and banner of his OnlyFans account that he is in the top 0.14% of all creators. His 500+ posts on OnlyFans have already generated more than 35,000 likes, proving that even without the perfect physique you can still make the platform work for you. 

9. Kanricos

Source: onlyfans.com/kanricos

If you like cosplay but do not want to pay a ridiculous amount for someone else’s bathwater, you can also check out Kanricos (or simply Kanri). She is a creator on OnlyFans who likes to dress up in different costumes, especially anime costumes, and is ready to fulfill the anime-girl fantasies of her followers. While her content is more adult-oriented and lewd, she does not have nude photos and can serve as a source of inspiration for other content creators who like cosplay. 

At the time of writing this article, her subscription is only $10 per month. Though, she also offers a bundle of $21 for 3 months (this adds up to a saving of 30%). Unlike some of the other stars mentioned already, she has actually shared a lot of content already. In total, she has shared 248 posts, 327 photos and 16 videos. 


Monica Huldt

Source: instagram.com/swedish_bella_backup

Monica Huldt (or “miss_swedish_bella) is one of OnlyFans’ most successful adult content creators. In an interview with Business Insider, she revealed that is generating more than $100,000 per year, making her one of the top earners on OnlyFans. To access her X-rated photos and videos, her followers must pay only $6.50 per month. Though, she also charges a higher fee for pay-per-view and commissioned work. 

Before she turned to OnlyFans, she struggled to monetize her Instagram posts. So, she moved from sharing safe-for-work content of her mostly modelling to sharing sexually titillating photos of her on OnlyFans. To date her 688 posts, 581 photos, and 136 videos, have received more than 308,000 likes. 

11. Lucy-Anne Brooks

Source: instagram.com/lovelucyanne

Lucy-Anne Brooks is a former Page 3 girl who has found impressive success on OnlyFans. She is one of the most successful content creators and, according to The Economist, she earns between £19,000 and £22,000 per month. She discovered OnlyFans accidentally when one of her contacts in the glamor industry shared the success that she has had with the platform. 

According to Lucy-Anne, the secret behind her success is her content plan which is very strict and detailed. Every day she has a different theme which boosts engagement among her fans. The number of posts that she has shared are a direct result of this seven-day content plan. To date she has shared more than 12,000 posts, 15,000 photos, and 1,800 videos which have received almost 1 million likes. 

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