Here are the steps to follow each time you carry out a TikTok Audit. We include a TikTok Audit Tool to check your account  for fake followers.

TikTok Audit Tool

If you are looking to work with TikTok influencers, put your potential influencers through this tool, to see just how genuine their audience is.

How to Run 

Always keep your business goals in mind when posting on TikTok - set clear goals.

a TikTok Audit

Ensure Your Bio

As much as possible, match what you use in your bio across the rest of your social accounts.

Meets Your Needs

Check the Overall look of Your TikTok Account

You will want everything on your profile to be consistent with your brand and match your preferred tone.

Make Sure You’ve

Used Relevant


Hashtags also feature in one of the more popular types of TikTok marketing – hashtag challenges.

Check that you have been responding appropriately to comments, having genuine conversations with your followers.

Ensure Your Bio

Meets Your Needs

Assess the Quality of Your Followers

Check a random selection of your followers to ensure that they aren’t fake.

Signs of Fake

TikTok Followers

Short Bursts of Activity

An Empty Bio

Clueless Comments

An Account Has Strange Numbers





What are bots on TikTok? 

Bots can automate activities like liking, commenting, and following other accounts' posts.