Like many new things in this digital age, the average person is still uncertain about NFTs. So, what is an NFT, and how do they work?

You can use NFTs to track physical assets.

The digital information included for one NFT will always differ from that for another.

Think of a blockchain as a database of blocks.

All the chained blocks create a long history that remains permanent, ensuring that ownership is secure.

NFT Standards

The most common NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchains, and their primary blockchain standards are 




Examples of NFTs


NBA TopShot - epic NBA moments on cards

Ethereum Name Service - a way to store all of your addresses

The X - for artworks

NFTs in Gaming

There’s a Community Market where members can sell items to each other for Steam Wallet funds.

These are in-game items for games like Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, DOTA, and Rust.

NFTs in Art

Just as with physical artworks, there is an "original" of any digital artwork, and copies.

NFTs as Social Tokens

Social NFTs are issued by creators to their supporters, such as for being an early purchaser of their merchandise.

NFTs and DeFi

DeFi expands the use of blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial uses. DeFi removes the middlemen from transactions.

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