Get more from your social media marketing efforts with a social media marketing strategy that actually helps you reach your goals.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

A social media audit is a process you go through when you hunt down all your organization’s social media channels, compiling as much information as you can about them.

Research Your Competition

Use social listening tools to find key information about your competitors that will help you in creating your own social media marketing strategy.

Set Goals and Objectives

Generate more leads and sales

Increase community engagement

Grow your audience

Increase website traffic

Establish Important Metrics and KPIs

Identify Your Target Audience

Create buyer personas for each unique audience you hope to reach.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Different platforms draw different audiences -

go with the platforms where your audience hangs out.

Develop a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan

This plan is your outline for how you'll put your strategy into action—the actions you'll take and when.

Implement Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Engaging content

Post at the best time

Track performance


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