About Influencer Marketing Hub

Founded in 2016, Influencer Marketing Hub is a private media company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company specializes in producing how-to guides, courses and research reports in the social media and influencer marketing industry. The firm is home to one of the world’s largest community of influencers and works with leading brands to leverage the power of marketing with over 5 million monthly unique users.

Our Research

At Influencer Marketing Hub, we are at the forefront of deciphering the complexities of the digital and influencer marketing landscapes. Our dedication to understanding the nuances of this rapidly evolving industry is reflected in our extensive body of work. With over 6,000 articles and 100 detailed reports, we've amassed an impressive collection of 4.21 million data points from our global surveys, providing us with unparalleled insights into marketing trends.

Mission statement

Influencer Marketing Hub aims to provide the most comprehensive reviews of marketing software and services globally, enabling brands and marketing decision makers to make smarter decisions around their marketing stack.

How We Make Money

At Influencer Marketing Hub, we forge partnerships that may influence the lineup of products or services we review, as well as their placement on our website. However, this does not sway the counsel or endorsements we bestow. Our assessments emerge from extensive experience and relentless research, untainted by compensation. Our partners are aware that their support cannot buy our favorable judgment of their offerings.

The integrity behind our content is paramount. When we feature a product, service, or application within our analyses or editorials, we may embed affiliate links. These links present an opportunity for us to earn a referral fee if you decide to utilize the service, contributing to our mission of delivering insightful content. This financial model underpins our platform and enables continual growth.

Yet, our allegiance lies unwaveringly with you, our audience. Every review is rooted in rigorous testing and is a reflection of our genuine opinion. Our enthusiasm for a product is only shared if we find merit in it ourselves. And should our experience fall short of our expectations, we maintain the candor to voice our true perspective, independent of any commercial ties. For an in-depth understanding of our principles, please refer to our full disclosure page.

Featured in

Influencer Marketing Hub has consistently been recognized by leading media outlets for our authoritative data, findings, and insights. Our platform is frequently cited as a trusted source of information, demonstrating the value and impact of our work in shaping industry standards and practices.

Forbes has referenced our comprehensive research and analysis, highlighting our contributions to understanding market trends and digital marketing strategies.

McKinsey & Company has relied on our data to support their insights on digital consumer behaviors, acknowledging our role in providing in-depth market analysis.

CNN has turned to us for expert opinions on the evolving landscape of social media and influencer marketing, showcasing our expertise in these critical areas.

BBC has utilized our findings to discuss the impact of digital marketing on global business practices, underlining our influence on international marketing discourse.

Copenhagen Business School incorporates our studies into their academic curriculum, emphasizing the educational value of our content.

Digital Marketing Institute use us in a lot of content, to provide up-to-date content and resources, further establishing our authority and trustworthiness in the field.

The Core Team

In an era where misinformation and intransparency are all too common, we dedicate ourselves to delivering well-researched, transparent, and actionable insights. Our collective expertise spans across strategic growth, technological innovation, content creation, and motion graphics, ensuring that every piece of information we share is both engaging and educational.

Werner Geyser


With over 15 years in content marketing, Werner founded Influencer Marketing Hub in 2016. He successfully grew the platform to attract 5 million monthly visitors, making it a key site for brand marketers globally. His efforts led to the company's acquisition in 2020. Additionally, Werner's expertise has been recognized by major marketing and tech publications, including Forbes, TechCrunch, BBC and Wired.

Yaro Siryk


Joined Influencer Marketing Hub in October 2016, Yaroslav has over 12 years of experience in technology and development. Before IMH, he founded Web Development company, bringing a wealth of knowledge in project management and technology strategy. Yaroslav's expertise has been pivotal in driving the technological advancements that position IMH as a leader in influencer marketing resources.

Djanan Kasumovic

Head of Growth

Joined IMH in November 2021, bringing 10+ years of marketing and growth management experience. Previously held growth management roles at TravelBird, Kids Luxury Group, B&S, and was Country Manager at SnappCar Denmark. Djanan's plays a key role IMH in scaling our platform's user base and enhancing our digital marketing strategies to funnel the perfect traffic to our clients.

Nadica Naceva

Head of Content

Joined Influencer Marketing Hub in April 2022, Nadica has transitioned from an affiliate content manager to leading IMH's content strategy. With a Master's in Marketing Management and experience at Women's Startup Lab and GrinGO App, Nadica's innovative content initiatives and leadership have enriched IMH's offerings, making it a go-to resource for digital marketing insights.

Djordje Pajkanovic

Product Owner

Joined Influencer Marketing Hub in January 2022, Djordje brings a unique blend of data-driven UX/UI design and product ownership skills to the team. With a background in web development at Nordic Waves Group and product management at The Movit Group ApS, Djordje's innovative approach to design and optimization has significantly contributed to IMH's product development and user experience enhancement.

Prashant Agarwal

General Manager

Joined IMH in 2023, bringing 25+ years of product and business design experience. Previously held product management roles at Yahoo! and digital business consulting roles at Fjord, Accenture, and McKinsey. Before joining IMH full-time, Prashant was responsible for corporate development and leadership operations at Pantastic, IMH's parent company.

Zhanna Abel

Content Manager

Zhanna Abel joined Influencer Marketing Hub in May 2021, bringing a robust expertise in content management, WordPress, and data research. With over 3 years at IMH, she has excelled in managing a diverse range of content types, from general articles and manually written pieces to in-depth reviews and glossaries. Zhanna's commitment to content updates, factual accuracy, and mentoring new team members highlights her integral role in enhancing the platform's quality and reach. Her belief in a structured work process and a collaborative team atmosphere as keys to success resonates through her contributions, making her an invaluable asset to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Kateryna Rudenko

Content Coordinator

As a talent at Influencer Marketing Hub, Kateryna Rudenko has quickly proven herself to be an indispensable member of the team. Despite this being her inaugural professional role, Kateryna has demonstrated exceptional ability in organizing and uploading content, ensuring the smooth operation of our content management systems. Her dedication and keen eye for detail have made her a key player in the IMH content team, marking her as a rising star with a promising future in digital marketing.

Olya Apostolova

Account Manager

Olya joined Influencer Marketing Hub as a Sales & Marketing Specialist, enriching the team with her deep interest and knowledge in AI-driven marketing strategies. With a background that spans across multiple aspects of digital marketing and project management, including work at FIERCEPULSE and Women's Startup Lab, Olya has demonstrated a profound ability to blend innovative AI insights with practical marketing solutions. Her expertise not only in sales and PPC but also in fostering engaging and meaningful connections has been instrumental in driving IMH's growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ernest Rebane

Motion Graphic Designer

Ernest Rebane is a dedicated Motion Graphic Designer at Clever Code Lab, where his creativity and technical skills have flourished since January 2020. With a solid educational background in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from the National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic», Ernest combines his deep understanding of digital systems with a passion for design. Specializing in Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Paint Tool SAI, and motion design, Ernest's work enhances visual storytelling and digital experiences. His contribution to the IT industry through graphic design and motion graphics marks him as a distinguished professional in his field.

Eugene L

Senior Programmer

Eugene L has spent the past 12 years deeply involved in the development of websites of varying complexity, demonstrating a robust skill set in programming and web development. Joining Influencer Marketing Hub in September 2021, Eugene brought with him an extensive background in JavaScript, SQL, React, and PHP, among other technologies. His work spans across multiple organizations, including Clever Code Lab and GoldStar Marketing.

Kalin Anastasov

SEO Content Writer / Editor

Joined Influencer Marketing Hub in October 2023, Kalin Anastasov specializes in SEO content writing and editing. With experience as a freelance writer for Hornetsecurity, Target Sense, and Great.com, Kalin's expertise in crafting engaging, SEO-optimized content has enhanced IMH's visibility and reader engagement. His role is critical in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of our content strategy.

How we Test and Review?


At Influencer Marketing Hub, our software testing review methodology is anchored in a rigorous, standardized process to deliver trustworthy, unbiased insights. We meticulously evaluate each software through real-world testing, executed by seasoned experts with extensive digital marketing experience. Our methodology encompasses a detailed exploration of features, performance benchmarking against industry standards, and comprehensive comparative analysis. We take pride in our transparent approach, fully disclosing our testing environments and parameters. Our commitment to accuracy and impartiality is underpinned by our policy to re-evaluate software in response to significant updates, ensuring our reviews remain relevant and reliable. This unwavering dedication to detail and objectivity cements our reviews as a paragon of trust within the digital marketing community.

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Our agency evaluation methodology at Influencer Marketing Hub is meticulously designed to assess the qualitative facets of service delivery, providing a transparent and trustworthy overview of each marketing agency's capabilities. We scrutinize the professional acumen of agency teams, dissect rich case studies, and gather authentic client testimonials to paint a complete picture of each agency's service impact. Our evaluations also consider the breadth of services, industry specialization, and evidence of strategic innovation. We are committed to maintaining ethical standards in our reviews, highlighting potential conflicts of interest and ensuring that each agency's adherence to industry compliance is closely examined. This holistic and ethically grounded approach underpins the trust our readers place in our recommendations, allowing them to make informed decisions with confidence.

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