About Influencer Marketing Hub

Founded in 2016, Influencer Marketing Hub is a private media company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company specializes in producing how-to guides, courses and research reports in the social media and influencer marketing industry. The firm is home to one of the world's largest community of influencers and works with leading brands to leverage the power of influencer marketing with over 5 million monthly unique users.

Mission Statement:

Influencer Marketing Hub aims to provide the most comprehensive reviews of marketing software and services globally, enabling brands and marketing decision makers to make smarter decisions around their marketing stack.

The Core Team

Werner Geyser


Yaroslav Siryk


Anne Vest


Djanan Kasumovic

Growth Marketing

Jackie Blake

Customer Success Manager

Djordje Pajkanovic

UX/UI Designer

Sasha Bondarenko

General Manager

Alex Jukovskyi


Misha Krupa


Ed Lawrence

Video Expert

Anna Stavitskaya

Content Manager

Dave Eagle

Software Reviews Expert

Contact Information

Formerly Known As:

Influencer Marketing Hub

Year Founded: