Influencer Marketing Agencies

A Collection of the best Influencer Marketing Agencies for Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Blogs and more.

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Influencer Marketing Agencies act as a middleman in the Influencer Marketing process. The process of discovering influencers, contacting and selecting the most suitable ones, then running campaigns with them, is very time-consuming. This is where specialist Influencer Marketing Agencies come in. Here is a list of the Leading Influencer Agencies in The World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brands approach influencer marketing agencies with a brief asking for a campaign that improves conversions, traffic, downloads, and/or awareness by working with influencers. Once appointed the agency would:

  • Make the creative and content strategy
  • Produce the campaign timeline
  • Find relevant insights on the brand, competitors, industry, and audience
  • Find and select the most relevant Influencers for the brand and campaign
  • Outreach to the influencers, brief them and contract them
  • Manage the influencers and produce the content with them
  • Report the success metrics in the campaign