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If something smells fishy about the name of the platform, that’s because it’s an incorrect spelling of coley, a sweet-tasting fish often compared to cod. Why is it misspelled? Probably because some other person has owned

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, a cliche that holds true more often than not. It’s definitely true here, because the origin of ThoughtLeaders is rooted in the needs of one of its co-founders, David Tintner. Tintner... has demonstrated a keen understanding of the market they’re trying to serve, pretty much since the company incorporated in 2016. Back then, and when they launched their platform in 2018, it was called Shop and Shout; it...


We launched Influencer Marketing Hub in 2016, just around the time when influencer marketing itself was about to go big. We weren’t there for the birth of the industry, but we were there just before everyone and their uncle decided that...


Overview Among all the platforms we’ve reviewed on this site, Audiense is unique for one very specific reason: it’s not really an influencer marketing platform. It’s a tool for gaining insights into audiences, and for finding the...

Heading into the Zoom meeting to view a demo of, I already liked it. Its likability is right there in the name, a word that means “friendly or good natured.” What’s not to like? Plus, it’s an easy name to type. I’ve...

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