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Influencer Marketing is the process of:

  • Identifying individuals who create high-impact conversations, with your ideal target audience;

  • Building relationships, by engaging and supporting these influencers to promote a brand’s products or services.

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In its early stages of becoming “a thing,” influencer marketing was often touted as a marketing equalizer. Influencers weren’t really celebrities, so they didn’t cost a lot to hire for sponsored posts and ads—they were real...


As you might imagine, we see and test a lot of different influencer marketing platforms for our reviews—more even than what we’ve published. Not every platform makes it to our website, though; we’ve seen some pretty terrible attempts...

Influencer marketing platforms take on a lot of shapes and sizes. There are straight up discovery tools, often described as Google for influencer marketing. There are influencer relationship managers, aka Salesforce for influencer...


Captiv8 was founded in 2015, and three of its four founders had ties that go back even further than that. In 2008, Krishna Subramanian, Sunil Verma, and Vishal Gurbaxani had their first crack at a digital advertising startup with their...


Pitchboard has elevated the idea of a marketplace by placing a bigger emphasis on data and analytics than most of its competitors do. They’ve done away with superfluous features that were until now standard, and focused on enhancing the...


Overview Usually, the opening section of our reviews is dedicated to giving you, the reader, some context on the company and the platform we’re covering. We’ll tell you about its founding and the impetus behind it. If there’s a cool...

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