18 Black Instagram Fashion Influencers To Follow Right Now

Looking for black Instagram fashion influencers to follow? In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of 18 of the best influencers of our time. Some have large accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, while others have smaller audiences, but showcase amazing dress sense and boundless creativity. 

As you go through our list, you’ll find that there’s more to each creative than fashion, and that’s what makes them unique. While there are tons of trends to follow on Instagram, we hope you’ll find all the inspiration you need to explore new styles, colors, and ideas for your wardrobe on our list below. 

18 Black Instagram Fashion Influencers To Follow Right Now:

1. @tamumcpherson

Tamu McPherson is an independent creative. Back in 2006, she began her career as a photographer. It evolved along with the digital world. As digital media developed, she founded Grazia.it, and later served as the creative director for an agency called Creative Agency Outthere.

Hers has been an interesting rise. She also created All the Pretty Birds, a blog dedicated to highlighting digital creatives of color in Italy. McPherson hails from Jamaica, was raised in New York, and is now a local of Milan. Her style and creative eye make her an inspiration to follow. Her feed always includes a splash of color, elegance and you can tell she's brave enough to search, find, and make new looks work. McPherson has over 270k followers on Instagram. 

2. @ellessechar

Char Ellesse is the founder of Girls Will Be Boys, a series of short films exploring conversations on gender-assigned roles, and how they influence people today. Ellesse's style is bold and brave. Her feed packs thought-provoking imagery and often highlights an educational element, something she dedicates herself to sharing regularly. If you're looking for a feed filled with variety, and the appreciation of art and style, follow her. You won't be disappointed. Ellesse has over 49k followers on Instagram.

3. @stevenonoja

Steven Onoja was born in Nigeria in 1989. His love for art saw him take to painting and developing his skills as a painter in a local gallery. He later made the move to New York City, where he works as a visual storyteller and writer. He's attracted to and driven by the concept of effortless style, and much of his work is based on incorporating urban perspective.

Onoja works closely with Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold. He consults on brand identity, helping the musician create and elevate creative concepts. He also founded a brand called Ostentation and Style and has an online store where you can buy hats, jewelry, pocket squares, and prints. 

Onoja’s creative appeal is evident. In his short career, he has worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Fossil, Joseph Abboud, Gillette, Hugo Boss, Shea Moisture, Tissot, Amazon, and many more. Join over 97k followers as they get a peek into Onoja’s world, elegance, and style.

4. @fierce.is.she

Leslie Latrice is a 24-year-old, first lieutenant in the U.S. Army. She launched Fierce is She in 2016. It's a blog dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women of color. She does this by creating short features where guests share some of the most defining moments of their lives. 

She's also a YouTuber and uses her channel to share what's on her mind. From makeup tutorials to her life in the military and exploring Poland, it’s filled with fun and interesting topics. Latrice is also a 2015 University of South Carolina graduate with a B.A in Public Health.

5. @hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi is a real estate developer. While born in Nigeria, he is based in Malaysia. His feed mirrors that of a billionaire playboy who spares no expense when it comes to fashion. You'll often get a taste of the high life, as Hushpuppi snaps pics from travels around the world and his experiences.

Hushpuppi gravitates to high fashion brands. He can often be spotted sporting labels Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Balenciaga. He has long eclipsed the 2.3 million follower mark on Instagram.

6. @champagnemani

Imani Randolph is a model, stylist, and fashion freelancer. She’s true to all things fashion and you’ll find her trying out anything from a new bathing suit to a leather coat, or just a pair of baggy jeans and a black t-shirt. She’s one of the eyes behind Ganni, a Danish clothing outfit specializing in female clothing, accessories, and shoes. @champagnemani has a modest following of just over 20k Instagramers but makes our list as a must-follow for her taste and ability to pull together inspiring looks.

7. @denolagrey

As a model, blogger, fashion enthusiast, and men’s stylist, Denola Adeetun has immersed himself in the fashion world. His Instagram page is filled with professional images of his life, and it’s clearly one that showcases a blend of art, design, and sophistication. @denolagrey’s style warrants that you’ll often catch him in a button-up shirt more than a T. 

Adeetun is also no stranger to two-piece suits, and that’s likely a look that draws attention from people exploring fashion hashtags. Adeetun also runs a men’s fashion, lifestyle consulting, and concierge service called Denola Grey. 

8. @kararoselles

Kara Smith is a New York-based artist. Her work is inspired by her African and Native American heritage. She produces fine art which is for sale on her site. Smith’s style is a blend of frocks, cute outfits, and long, elegant dresses. She’s also no stranger to a pair of sweatpants, a crop top, and sneakers when she wants to feel comfortable. Follow her for a look at easy, but attractive style.

9. @jourdanaelizabeth

Jourdana Phillips grew up in the Bronx in New York. She’s a model and has graced Victoria Secret’s annual runway. Her style is minimalistic. While she looks good in almost any color, one glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll quickly notice that she loves earthy tones. She’s also a supporter of many organizations dedicated to uplifting children. 

One of her latest initiatives is a collaboration with One Wonder, an organization founded to inspire youth to reach for their dreams. She’s also helped bring awareness to a program called Jumpstart Kids which supports the growth and development of children. She has over 75k followers on Instagram.

10. @tylauren

Tyla-Lauren is a beauty influencer first but also commands the attention of fashion watchers around the world.  While her style is more vintage, she’s also comfortable in a pair of camouflage joggers, a T, and a pair of Nikes.

She runs a growing beauty, style, and travel YouTube channel. On it, she shares tutorials on her beauty routines, style ideas, and visits to various destinations. @tylauren has over 123k Instagram followers.

11. @jasonboatengofficial

Jason Boateng is a designer, TV stylist and Fashion Creative Director. One look at his Instagram profile and you’ll quickly see what makes him a black Instagram fashion influencer to follow. His style is sophisticated and he enjoys donning headwear. If it’s not a barret, it’s a fedora or a peak cap. He also manages to pull off jumpsuits and has a good eye for color-coordination. Boateng has over 22k followers.

12. @chrissyford

Chrissy Rutherford is a brand consultant for fashion magazines. Her work has been featured in Elle, Harpersbazaar, and she’s appeared on countless podcasts. She uses her voice to share her experiences with mental health issues to help others better understand themselves and live fuller lives. Her style embodies all things feminine. She loves color and does a great job of sporting floral and pattern outfits as well as she does solids. She has over 134k followers on Instagram.

13. @temiotedola

Temi Otedola is a Nigerian-born fashion, beauty, art, and lifestyle blogger. She was raised in London and runs a website called JTO (Just Temi Otedola). The site is dedicated to sharing all things creative. From travel and beauty tips to art and a book club, her site is filled with content worth exploring. Otedola also has a growing YouTube channel where she likes to experiment with various concepts. One experiment is a video she created that’s inspired by the Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray 2003 favorite Lost In Translation. She has over 758k Instagram followers.

14. @naomielizee

Naomie Elizée is Vogue's Associate Market Editor and has done her fair share to move fashion forward. Using her role at Vogue, she’s supported lesser-known designers and given them a platform to showcase their talent. She’s also the founder of the podcast So... What do You Do Again, where she explores the lives and journeys of women of color in the fashion industry. 

The podcast is a must for anyone interested in understanding how to traverse the personal and industry imposed challenges of being a woman of color, and how to rise above both. Naomi’s style is eclectic and also vintage-inspired. She colors her hair from time-to-time and has an appreciation for long and hoop earrings. She has over 18k followers.

15. @spicy.mayo

Yaminah Mayo’s journey to online fashion influencer status started back in 2015. She launched a blog on the motivation of her mother who noticed that Yaminah needed an outlet. Today, spicy.mayo is a movement on her own. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, and partnered with international brands like Refinery29, Urban Outfitters, and Colgate. 

Spicy.mayo’s Instagram feed is filled with color. She gravitates to chic dresswear and you’re bound to spot an ensemble you like as you scroll through her 1000+ posts. Yaminah has over 26.7k followers.

16. @meccajw

Mecca James-Williams is a stylist, consultant, editor, influencer, and activist. She’s worked with news, politics, beauty, celebrity, and fashion magazine Bustle, where she’s helped create stunning looks for celebrities like The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil and Samira Wiley, known for her contentious and complex roles in The Handmaid and Orange Is The New Black.  

James-Williams knows how to draw people into her feed. With tons of bright colors and interesting photography, you can’t help but want to learn more about what you’re looking at. She does chic and vintage, and you won’t get enough of how she puts outfits together. Visit her site to see more of her amazing work, and join her 16.6k followers on Instagram.

17. @gracefvictory

Grace Victory is a UK based blogger, YouTuber, and author of No Filter, a book about tackling problems all young people face. Like other influencers on our list, Victory has used her voice to highlight some of the darker areas of life. She’s released two documentaries. The first, Clean Eatings Dirty Secret, explored the pull of the internet and how anyone with a voice can label themselves a nutritionist and promote diets without qualifications or training. 

Her second is a deep dive into the world of dog breeding. It spotlights the poor conditions that puppies are subjected to, along with a long list of health problems they inherit due to poor breeding practices. 

She makes our list as a fashion influencer to follow because she does an amazing job at styling herself. As a voice for sharing positive body image messaging and a promoter of conscious healing, she shows how to embrace what you have and look beautiful doing so. Victory has over 189k followers on Instagram.

18. @slipintostyle

Ellie Delphine was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Her many colorful ensembles are likely what you’ll find appealing about her Instagram profile. She also knows how to dress for any occasion. Her feed is filled with beautiful images of her out and about in outfits that definitely turn heads. She also keeps things interesting by sharing how to repurpose clothing using Instagram stories and Instagram TV clips. Delphine has over 78k followers on Instagram.

Who Will You Follow?

That’s a wrap on our list of 18 black Instagram fashion influencers to follow. If you’re looking for variety, class, and a touch of color, be sure to visit each profile and peek at what these amazing creatives have to offer.

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