The Top 10 Blockchain Influencers to Follow Today

The rise of cryptocurrency to mainstream popularity is challenging to discuss without mentioning blockchain technology at least once. Perhaps the most versatile invention among all the digital technologies and applications, the blockchain also proves to be purposeful as more industries find a suitable use for it.

Art, music, and fintech sectors are actively looking into the best ways of adopting blockchain technology to offer their products and services to consumers. Despite becoming a buzzword though, many have yet to be familiarized with the concept of blockchain. This is where blockchain influencers come in—they have just the right balance of personality, knowledge, and experience in informing the audience on blockchain technology and its uses.

Top 10 Blockchain Influencers to Follow Today:

What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a database of digital information distributed across a computer system. The records of information, also known as “blocks”, are stored in the blockchain and securely interlinked via cryptography. 

Blocks have a set storage capacity. Upon hitting the storage limit, the block closes, and links to the prior filled block, adding to the chain of data we all know: the blockchain. A new block will compile incoming information until it is full and add itself to the chain, and the cycle repeats. 

The blockchain is a fascinating technology in that while it functions similarly to a common database, the blocks in the chain are affixed in their position permanently. Every block carries a timestamp of when it was added to the string of informational records. 

The blockchain stores and shares information across a secure peer-to-peer network connection, preventing third-party affiliations from coming into contact with the data. Banks and other government agencies play no role in the transactions done on the blockchain.

Bitcoin vs. Blockchain: How Are They Different?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2009 by an anonymous personality who goes by the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto also invented the blockchain, on which Bitcoin runs and holds transactions.

Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency at that, significantly differs from blockchain technology, from form to function. Cryptocurrencies run on the blockchain, which then keeps records of payments and transactions made.

Advocates of blockchain technology believe that it is more than capable of storing receipts. The blockchain is theoretically capable of storing a variety of data, which makes the technology an even more exciting and profitable innovation for many industries today.

What is the Blockchain Used For?

As mentioned earlier, the blockchain is commonly used today for the record-keeping of monetary transactions. Companies from various industries are exploring the usability of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency transactions. Corporate giants like Walmart, IBM, and Microsoft are just some to have embraced blockchain technology in providing secure and transparent services to customers. Below are just some of the many applications of blockchain technology.

Finance and Banking

Incorporating blockchain technology in banking services offer clients the flexibility and diversity of transaction methods. Blockchain technology allows clients to complete transactions instantaneously, saving them from the long queues and cut-off times. Banks can also explore a faster and safer avenue for exchanging funds and trading shares.

JP Morgan, for instance, adopted blockchain technology to streamline the processing of cross-border payments. More than 300 banks have taken interest in joining Liink, the firm’s information network on the blockchain, for real-time information transfer on a global scale.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are irreversible transactions written in code between two parties. Upon satisfying all of the agreement’s conditions, the smart contract automatically executes the terms in the agreement. This saves time and money and hastens any process that would have been required had the parties agreed upon a conventional contract. 

Smart contracts are typically used in cases such as trading and investing. Real estate contracts also benefit from the automated execution of the agreement with smart contracts.

Home improvement retailer The Home Depot runs smart contracts on the IBM Blockchain Platform to strengthen relationships with vendors. Smart contracts supplement communication done in real-time to ensure that The Home Depot caters to vendor disputes and other related concerns efficiently.

Property Management

The real estate industry benefits from the purely digital and instant processing of payments through blockchain technology. Handling maintenance, operations, and administrative tasks for various properties can be all completed on the blockchain in a fraction of the time it would usually take in a conventional management setting.


Medical institutions are exploring the integration of blockchain technology in the preservation and safeguarding of patient records. The blockchain’s secure data-sharing and storing capacity allows hospitals and health centers to organize medical records more efficiently, away from prying eyes.

Top 10 Blockchain Influencers to Follow in 2022

1. Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao Blockchain Influencer


Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Once a startup business owner, Zhao quickly became among the wealthiest investors in cryptocurrency. He soon ventured in the development of blockchain technology, pushing further the adoption of digital currencies and digital investments.

Zhao worked on blockchain explorers such as and the Binance Smart chain. Blockchain explorers enable users to review transactions and other key information stored in the blockchain. On Twitter, Zhao shares the latest news and industry highlights related to cryptocurrency and blockchain development.

2. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin Blockchain Influencer


Vitalik Buterin is a must-follow for anyone interested in learning more about blockchain and other emerging technologies. The young co-founder of Ethereum is a prolific figure in the crypto industry, having been one of the earliest proponents for cryptocurrency and the development of blockchain platforms. 

Buterin’s optimism for a decentralized economy led to the growth of Ethereum, surpassing its initial use of handling monetary transactions, to a comprehensive platform hosting its native currency, applications, and a portal for software development.

Buterin commits himself to the lifelong research of testing the limits of emerging technologies. He likes to share life-changing use cases of crypto, the blockchain, and other related technologies on his Twitter.

3. Justin Sun

Justin Sun Blockchain Influencer


Entrepreneur Justin Sun is the notorious founder of TRON, a blockchain platform known for hosting decentralized content and media-sharing. Sun is quickly rising up the ranks of the crypto industry with the success of TRON and his interesting methods of investing his wealth.

Often, Sun would make the headlines with eyebrow-raising prices in an attempt to purchase shares or even outbid Elon Musk’s offer to Twitter. Despite being a magnet for trouble, Sun has notably built a crypto empire-turned-DAO; the TRONDAO is recognized as the world’s largest decentralized autonomous organization.

At present, Sun and TRON are working on diversifying the TRONDAO Reserve. This reserve is the first of its kind in the blockchain industry.

4. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano Blockchain Influencer


A thought leader through and through, Anthony Pompliano uses his platform to educate people on cryptocurrency, its features and benefits to the future of business and finance. Pompliano shares valuable discourse on his podcast, The Pomp Podcast. He introduces influential figures from various sectors of the industry and discusses their perspectives on cryptocurrency and other related topics.

Pompliano provides expert advice on business, finance, economics and most of all, Bitcoin. While not entirely focused on blockchain technology, his knowledge is crucial for enthusiasts to maximize the usability of blockchain and other emerging technologies.

5. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee Blockchain Influencer


Charlie Lee is a pivotal crypto and blockchain enthusiast, especially among the younger audiences. He is the founder of Litecoin, an altcoin boasting minimal to zero transaction fees. Lee displays expertise and flexibility in a highly competitive market, leading Litecoin to remain within the top ranks. Today, Litecoin is praised as an altcoin staying on top of the game for more than 10 years.

Lee is a master marketing influencer, and Litecoin’s persistent success is proof of his hard work. Having developed Litecoin as a complement to the flaws of Bitcoin, Lee never lost sight of his journey from crypto miner to developer. Lee outwardly nods and acknowledges Bitcoin’s influence in his crypto endeavors, from his witty Twitter user handle to establishing the image of Litecoin as a patronizing, younger sibling of Bitcoin.

Lee is most active on Twitter, sharing market analysis and his sentiments on the ever-expanding crypto and blockchain industries.

6. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong Blockchain Influencer


Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, a crypto exchange promoting economic freedom. His content is focused on cryptocurrency adoption across the different sectors of society.

Armstrong is an outspoken advocate for a decentralized economy, showing support for the broadening of emerging technologies such as blockchain-based technology and NFTs. Just last April, Coinbase joined in the NFT marketplace, releasing its first-ever Coinbase NFT collection. Armstrong’s exploration of NFTs can pave the way for further development of blockchain platforms and the digital ecosystem.

7. Dan Held

Dan Held Blockchain Influencer


Dan Held is an esteemed figure advocating for decentralized finance and the rise of blockchain-based technology. Previously associated with, Held is currently a growth marketing director at Kraken. 

Held shares his personal takes on the latest trends and insights in the crypto industry on Twitter, empowering his followers to invest in crypto if they seek wealth and economic freedom. His prior experience in working for a blockchain explorer propels his know-how in managing and running blockchain-based technologies, such as crypto wallets.

8. Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech Blockchain Influencer


Ivan On Tech’s passion for technology doesn’t stop at investment and exploration. He goes on the extra mile, mentoring his followers about Web 3.0, emerging technologies, and their potential in changing the digital space.

Ivan On Tech is active across various social media channels. On Twitter, he constantly promotes Moralis, an ongoing project for Web 3.0 development. Web 3.0 will witness the integration of mixed reality, emerging technologies, and digital currencies in a fully decentralized digital community. On the other hand, his YouTube channel is a rich resource of analysis for Bitcoin trends and blockchain-based technologies like decentralized applications.

9. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark Blockchain Influencer


One of the crypto industry’s leading female influencers, Elizabeth Stark proves that blockchain technology can also be profitable to women. The Lightning Labs CEO and founder is constantly on the lookout for digital transformation. Stark also works to address the scalability issues of Bitcoin.

Her research and tireless work brought forth the Lightning Network, a layer-2 technology offloading transaction burden from the blockchain to provide faster and smoother transactions. Stark’s success is a testament to her deep understanding of the blockchain. Prior to starting Lightning Labs, Stark taught at Stanford and Yale, expounding on the concept and application of peer-to-peer technologies.  

10. Arcane Bear

Arcane Bear Blockchain Influencer


Arcane Bear is run by a team knowledgeable in investments and trading. The community shares value-laden insights about cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies to enlighten people on decentralized finance.

Arcane Bear also shares their opinions on the market trends, the rise of NFTs and the profitability of the blockchain. If you are interested in trying out play-to-earn games, but are afraid of messing up the experience, the team of Arcane Bear have several videos where they explore such games and provide feedback on gameplay, support, and scalability.

Other Blockchain News Resources and Blogs

Due to the novelty of blockchain-based technology, there are only a select few influencers whose central focus is the features and functionality of the blockchain. Fortunately, several cryptocurrency websites and blogs quickly caught up with the booming innovation of blockchain platforms. Below are some notable resources and think pieces on the growing interest for blockchain-based technology.

1.  Coin Telegraph

The leading resource for all news related to crypto, market prices, and blockchain, the Coin Telegraph went online in 2013 as one of the first online news site for cryptocurrency and emerging technologies. The Coin Telegraph is a rich repository of comprehensive articles, from the pros and cons of various crypto tokens, blockchain platforms, to the top influencers in the crypto industry.

2. ConsenSys

A powerful player in Web 3.0 development and blockchain solutions, ConSenSys offers some of the industry’s best insights on blockchain development. The tech company shares a diverse range of educational material on blockchain, Ethereum, and decentralized finance. Tech analysts and consultants will also appreciate ConsenSys’ archive of blockchain use cases, research, and industry reports.

3. Coindesk

Coindesk remains to be a favored resource for cryptocurrency highlights, investments, and market prices. News articles are more internationally inclusive, which is helpful in learning more of the digital economy in other countries. A collection of past news articles, blog posts, and podcast episodes are archived and available for access on the website.

4. The Block

The Block went online in 2018, providing high-level resource material and insights on cryptocurrency. It combines news reporting and data analytics to provide readers informative articles. The Block discusses beyond market trends, going in-depth on the policy, funding, and regulation of activities in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Broaden Appreciation for Blockchain Technology with Blockchain Influencers

Blockchain technology is a powerful innovative technology with a foreseeable application in different business sectors. The persuasive power and charisma of blockchain influencers bridge the gap between mainstream appreciation and the integration of the blockchain for businesses to enjoy enhanced management and deployment of products and services.

Raise the awareness for blockchain technology, or even your very own blockchain startup with blockchain influencers. Reach out to them personally, or look for blockchain PR agencies whose expert marketing skills can pair your brand with the most suitable influencer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain influencer?

A blockchain influencer is a content creator with an established following in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche. Blockchain influencers are mostly active on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

What do blockchain influencers talk about?

Blockchain influencers tend to have a background in cryptocurrency trading or investments. This means blockchain influencers have a comprehensive mix of content ranging from cryptocurrency market trends to the latest developments of decentralized blockchain platforms. From time to time, blockchain influencers also touch on the topic of NFTs and the metaverse.

Who is the best blockchain influencer?

The best blockchain influencer has to be someone that connects with your objectives and fully understands your brand inside-out. Online, the best blockchain influencer in general has to be Changpeng Zhao, with his credibility in the crypto space and countless contributions to the development of blockchain.

What are the different types of blockchain?

There are four different types of blockchain. These are: public (the most common), private, hybrid (a mix of public and private protocol), and consortium blockchains.

How do I integrate blockchain in my business?

You can build your own platform on blockchains like Ethereum. TRON and Ethereum are just some blockchain platforms that support hosting of decentralized applications. Otherwise, you can consult with a tech solutions firm to assist you in developing a blockchain for your brand.

Where can I find blockchain influencers to elevate my brand?

Blockchain influencers are active on social media channels. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the best places to find content creators interested in partnership deals. You can also refer to an influencer marketing agency to match the ideal blockchain influencer for your brand.