BLVR is an independent creative consultancy based in Solana Beach, California, that specializes in helping businesses build belief-led brands that transform not only their business but also their people and the world.

In the fast-paced world of modern business, branding is crucial. More than just a logo or color scheme, a brand is the personality of a business and the promise it makes to its customers. It's about the experience that people have when they interact with a business, and how that experience makes them feel.
Branding agencies, like BLVR, have evolved to help businesses define and articulate their brands. These agencies are creative powerhouses, combining strategic thinking, design excellence, and marketing expertise to create compelling brand identities that resonate with consumers. They assist businesses in differentiating themselves from their competition, fostering customer loyalty, and ultimately driving business growth.

Services Offered by BLVR:
BLVR provides a holistic partnership approach to their clients. They offer a range of services designed to take a brand from initial concept through to launch and beyond. These services are divided into three main categories:
Brand Strategy:
BLVR works closely with senior leaders, immersing themselves in the organization to develop a brand framework based on belief. This includes research and insights, defining the brand belief, purpose, vision, and values, developing a brand architecture, creating customer personas, and defining brand positioning.
Brand Identity:
The design and copywriting team at BLVR® create a comprehensive visual and verbal identity system to reflect the strategic objectives of the brand. This includes naming and nomenclature, developing a visual identity system, defining the brand's voice and tone, creating messaging frameworks, and producing brand guidelines.
Brand Activation:
The agency helps brands behave according to their belief-led strategy. They create brand campaigns, design the user interface and user experience for websites, design packaging, create brand manifestos, plan and execute brand launch and rollout, and design customer and employee experiences.

In addition to these, BLVR® focuses on building brand clarity, defining ownable positions, fostering company innovation, creative storytelling, crafting design systems, growing community, leadership alignment, and building a long-term vision. They are not just creating brands, but are actively participating in their evolution and growth.
Moreover, BLVR practices what they preach by using their business as a force for good. As a Certified B Corporation, they give a percentage of their profit, as well as pro bono services, to organizations that provide disadvantaged children and families with opportunities to thrive.

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