Motto is a global strategic branding agency, transforming brands into Ideas Worth Rallying Around. The company was established in 2005 by Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger, who started this venture as college dropouts with only $250 and a daring vision. Against all odds, they managed to build a successful company based on their vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

The services offered by Motto span brand strategy, research and insights, audience personas, and more, all of which revolve around creating a strong and relevant brand for clients. The firm has a proven methodology, known as the Motto Method™, designed to help businesses grow and thrive. Their team is composed of a diverse group of individuals who believe in the power of 'we', striving to deliver massive value for their clients. They foster a culture that encourages big ideas, teamwork, excellence, candor, action, and positivity. Motto is committed to diversity and inclusivity, with their staff composition reflecting these values.

Motto has worked with notable brands like Virgin Atlantic, Andela, Brooklyn Brewery, and Hershey's. The company's successes include helping Hello Alice secure a $21 million Series B funding round, facilitating Andela's $200 million Series E funding led by Softbank, and assisting Hopscotch in recruiting top-tier talent. Motto has a unique approach to branding, aligning leadership teams around the core tenets of a brand to optimize resources and energy. They pride themselves on creating brands that leaders are proud to champion, and that can adapt to changing markets and world trends.

The company is based in New York, Dallas, and the UK, serving clients around the globe. As a culture-centric company, Motto prioritizes people over profit and is always seeking high-performing talent to join their team. They believe in making a positive impact each day and developing a modern mindset that puts brand at the center of business strategy.

Services Offered by Motto

1. Brand & Business Strategy:
This service starts with comprehensive research and insights into consumer behavior and industry trends. Motto works with leadership teams to create a clear purpose and vision, defining the company's values and behaviors, and positioning the brand effectively against competitors. They also help businesses articulate their "Idea Worth Rallying Around™", a unique brand motto that encapsulates their core mission and purpose.
2. Verbal and Visual Identity:
Motto crafts a distinct and impactful visual and verbal identity for the brand. They develop brand definitions, create audience personas, and design brand architectures, organizing and simplifying a company's brands, products, and services to accelerate growth.
3. Motto Method
This is a unique, road-tested approach developed over 17 years under the leadership of Motto's founders, Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger. This process is designed to guide companies in launching, scaling, and rebranding their businesses, promising a professionally orchestrated workflow to take businesses to the next level.

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