The 2nd Global Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023

Influencer Marketing
22nd of May to 23rd of May
09:00 (UTC +1)
This conference will focus on discussing the main digital strategies and trends of the luxury industry in recent days, bring new concepts to the forefront, challenge existing luxury marketing theories, and offer effective digital marketing strategies.
  • From Surging Recovery to Advance: The Evolving Future of Luxury
  • Data Transformation Strategies for Luxury Brands
  • The Future of Luxury Industry, Driven by Technology Innovation
  • How The Metaverse and Live Shopping Can Drive Luxury Consumer Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • Building Brands Digitally: How Brands Create Closed-loop O2O Shopping Experience for Luxury Consumers
  • Attract Luxury Consumers via KOL and Content Marketing on TikTok
  • How Virtual and Augmented Reality Platform Boost Luxury Retail Businesses
  • NFT Digital Collection Development: How Luxury Automakers Leverage Metaverse Marketing
  • Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges of the Luxury Industry in Web 3.0
  • Digital and Sustainability Innovations used for the Transformation in Luxury
  • Innovative Social Retail Strategies are Helping Luxury Brands Take High-end Service Online
  • How Can Luxury Brands Create a Progressive Client Transformation Strategy in Digital Age?
  • Case Sharing: How Blockchain is Beckoning Luxury Brands
  • The Challenges Travel Retail Industry Needed to Resolve to Catch up with the Updated Customer Shopping Behaviors
  • Unlock the Development of Brand Marketing in the Concept of Sustainability
  • Present and Solidify Brand DNA Within the Foreign Context: The Localization Marketing
  • Explore the Close Relationship between Luxury Second-hand Market and Circular Economy