16 Best Facebook Group Engagement Ideas to Steal

Many brands incorporate community building into their overall marketing strategy—and a great way to build a community is with a Facebook Group. A Facebook Group is a dedicated space on Facebook for members to join and post about a shared interest.

Businesses will often center Facebook Groups around the type of products or services they offer. For example, graphic design tool Visme created a Facebook Group to talk design with its top users and marketing agency Carney created a Facebook Group to talk marketing with its email newsletter subscribers.

Facebook Group marketing is a great strategy—but you first need to know how to engage your group to keep it active. Throughout this article, you’ll learn 16 of the best Facebook Group engagement ideas to use within your own group.

16 Best Facebook Group Engagement Ideas to Steal:

Ideas to Boost Engagement in Facebook Groups

1. Create a Welcome Post

The first Facebook Group engagement idea is a simple welcome post when new members join. You could do this weekly or monthly depending on how often your group gets new members. Here’s an example of what this welcome post could look like from Canva Design Community (Official):

Facebook Welcome Post

The post puts together some tips on how to engage with the group and make the most out of it. It’s essentially a sort of onboarding post for the Facebook Group. If someone knows how they’re expected to interact within the group, they’re going to be much more likely to do so. In addition, if you were to expand on the post by clicking the “See more” link, you’d see that the post has also tagged all of the newest members. This grabs their attention and makes them more likely to take action and introduce themselves in the comments.

2. Share Daily or Weekly Prompts

Another idea is to share daily or weekly prompts that get your members commenting on your posts. This could be something like “Tip Tuesday” or “On Wednesdays We Self-Promote” or something like that.

The Official Peloton Member Page Facebook Group does a “Feature Friday” post each Friday to crowdsource ideas and feature requests from their members.

Facebook Daily / Weekly Prompts

Not only is this a great tactic for Facebook Group engagement, it also helps generate new ideas for the brand’s product design team, acting as a sort of market research. They can deploy these new features, meeting customer demands all in one fell swoop.

3. Conduct Polls

Another great option is to conduct polls to get opinions. This can be used like Peloton did above as a market research tactic, or it can be a fun way to engage the community.

The Daily Carnage Facebook Group went with the latter tactic in this example post:

Facebook Polls

Poll your members on things related to your industry or something completely out there—like zodiac signs. It’s completely up to you and the way you want to run your group.

4. Write Actionable Tips

Sharing actionable tips and tricks is always valuable, especially within your community. These can be helpful tips related to how to use your product or service or educational tips within your industry.

You can write these out within the actual post or share a link to a helpful article like the Tasty Community Facebook Group did below:

Facebook Actionable Tips

5. Share How-tos and Tutorials

Similar to above, but a bit more in-depth and step-by-step—share tutorials or how-to posts. These can walk your members through how to do a specific thing with your product or service.

We have another example from the Canva community below, where one of the brand’s team members has shared a guide to basic keyboard shortcuts, making it even easier to use their tool:

Facebook How-tos and Tutorials

This can be a step-by-step text post, image post, link to an article, or a video post—whatever works best for your team’s content creation process.

6. Go Live

You can also host live streams within your Facebook Group. This means you can go live and only your group members are able to access the video. A tactic like this makes your group even more valuable and exciting for members.

Slow cooker company Instant Pot has its own Facebook Group for users to share recipes. The brand also pops in to share its own content and keep the engagement going. They shared a CTA to let users know when they’d be going live so they could tune in.

Facebook Group / Go Live

Create a live streaming strategy for your Facebook Group to keep members active and engaged, ensuring you always have fun and interesting content to share with them.

7. Host AMAs

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” and can be a great way to allow your group members to ask your team or other industry experts questions.

This example from the Peloton group showcases the company promoting an AMA from their Reddit account within a related subreddit:

Facebook / Host AMAs

However, you can also host these right inside the Facebook Group. Promote it early within the group, and when it’s time to start, create a post for each member to ask any questions they may have. Your brand, employees, or special guests can easily respond to the questions within the comments.

8. Share or Gather UGC

UGC, or user-generated content, is an authentic type of content that resonates well with customers. This is content that a brand’s customers have created—like photos of a product, videos of someone using a product, etc.

Sharing this type of content is always engaging, but your Facebook community can also be a great place to crowdsource and gather UGC.

The second option is what Into The Gloss: The Group did by asking group members to provide input for a Paris travel guide:

Facebook community / Gather UGC

The admin can then use this information to put together a UGC travel guide for their audience, pulling together a much more valuable resource than if the brand had put it together themselves.

In the Canva group, many users share their creations. This is also a great way for Canva to gather UGC to share on their social media profiles.

9. Hold Contests and Giveaways

Reward your group members and thank them for being active by hosting contests and giveaways every so often.

The Global Elementor Community put together a $100 gift card giveaway for its members in honor of the company’s seventh anniversary.

Facebook / Giveaways

People love free things, right? So what better way to keep your group engaged than by giving away freebies? Prizes can be gift cards like the example above, free products, free months of your software, and more.

10. Ask Questions

Engage your audience by asking them questions. These can be related to your product, random questions, or even quiz/trivia questions to test your members’ knowledge.

Here’s another example from the Canva group where an admin asked the group what their favorite Canva features are:

Facebook / Ask Questions

Put together a list of questions you can ask your group members. You might use this tactic once a week or so to make sure the group is consistently updated.

11. Create Video Content

Create and share video content with your group members to keep them engaged. This can be repurposed content from other strategies or you can create video content specific to your group.

Here’s an example from the Instant Pot community, sharing a video of how seeds can be germinated in the slow cooker:

Facebook / Video Content

Share short-form or long-form video. Share video that entertains or informs. The options are endless, just keep a consistent video strategy going.

12. Bring Up Trending Topics

Another great way to get people talking is to bring up trending topics. This can be a trending meme or lighthearted news that’s trending. Or it can simply be timely content.

The Tasty group went with the latter option when they shared Thanksgiving recipes within their group just a week or so before the big holiday:

Facebook / Trending Topics

Keep an eye on trending topics across social media and news outlets to see if there’s anything you can share. Creating memes and videos surrounding trends can be a great way to keep your group engaged.

13. Call for Promotions

As a rule, you want to keep your group low on the promotional scale. While sharing your own promotions every so often is okay—it is, after all, your Facebook Group—you don’t want it to turn into a sales party.

Instead, keep your own promotions few and far between. And consider creating a weekly or monthly post that allows your members to promote themselves.

For example, a project management tool might have a group to help members get the most out of it, then every week allow members to promote the companies they work for or their own businesses so members can find products and services they need.

Or, take a page out of this group’s book. The Social Marketers' Exchange by Sprout Social creates a monthly post where companies can post job openings or interested candidates can share their resumes.

Facebook / Call for Promotions

Keeping content like this inside of a single post keeps the group free of clutter. But these types of posts also tend to be a lot more engaging for your group members.

14. Be Funny

Be funny! Humor is rarely ever a bad thing. And if humor is any part of your brand’s voice, make sure that translates into the content you share within your Facebook Group. This could be funny

TikTok videos, funny tweets, memes, comics, and other humorous content.

Here’s an example from The Daily Carnage Facebook group, where one of the admins shared a fun, relatable meme at the start of the year:

Facebook group / fun meme

Curate some humorous content that you can regularly share with your Facebook Group members. This type of content is typically always engaging and can help generate a bunch of likes and “hahas.”

15. Share Helpful Resources

Share helpful resources with your audience. These can be blog posts, ebooks, webinars, conferences, cheat sheets, podcast episodes, books, and more.

Scalable Sales Outreach Secrets shared a growth summit that their parent company is putting on:

Facebook group / Share Helpful Resources

Your helpful resources can be ones your own brand has created or others that you’ve found online. Just make sure you’re not only being promotional and you’re actually sharing helpful content for your audience.

16. Spotlight Members

Finally, spotlight your members! This is a fun way to make members want to be more active. Every month or so, give a shoutout to a different member.

Peloton does this by sharing various member stories. Canva could easily share member designs.

Elementor’s group does a monthly spotlight by sharing the best website of the month:

Facebook group / Spotlight Members

They turn it into a blog post for their website while also sharing it to the Facebook Group and tagging the members. Consider how you could do your own spotlights, helping members to feel special and appreciated.

Get Inspiration From These Facebook Group Engagement Ideas

Ready to start engaging your own Facebook Group? Steal some of these 16 ideas and create content you can use to entice your members to become more active. Take advantage of some other community building tools as well that can also help.

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