How to Get More Followers on Twitter: 8 Tips for Influencers

Twitter is an important social media platforms for businesses. It that can help you achieve numerous business and marketing goals. If you use Twitter the right way, you can not only drive brand awareness but also create substantial industry influence.

But, for that, you need to have a substantial follower base. The more people who follow you on Twitter, the more influence you will have in your industry. Twitter accounts with millions of followers have the power to form opinions, share news, or just promote something simply with one tweet. 

However, it is not that easy to build a massive following on Twitter and it takes time and effort to do that. But, don’t worry, we have some tricks up our sleeves to help you get more followers on Twitter.

Here are nine of the most effective ways to increase your Twitter follower count and grow your Twitter account.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter: 8 Tips for Influencers:

1. Tweet Frequently and Consistently

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where you can get away with posting once a week, Twitter requires a more aggressive posting schedule. Due to the dynamic nature of the platform and extremely short-form content, it requires you to post daily.

In fact, a lot of brands and people tweet several times a day to keep their followers informed and engaged. Studies show that tweeting from 3-20 times per day is a good practice, with the number of tweets depending on your goals. If you want more engagement on each tweet, then you can aim for 3-5 tweets per day. If you want to get more overall impressions and engagement, then you can go as high as 20 tweets per day or even more.

However, our recommendation is to not go beyond 15 tweets per day, unless there is a specific reason for you to send frequent updates. And, if you don’t have enough content to post 15 tweets a day, you can always use content curation and retweets.

2. Post at the Right Times

Knowing the best times to post on any social media platform is essential to get maximum engagement and views. And, these times differ from one platform to another. So, your content-posting schedule for one platform will not work on another.

Per a study, Tweets get the most engagement on weekdays in the morning or early afternoons. The highest engagement rates are seen on Friday mornings between 9 am and 10 am.

So, you can schedule most of your tweets during the day at equal intervals. And, since engagement is low in the evenings, you can schedule just one or two tweets for that time.

Once you have decided on your posting schedule, you can use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer to automatically post tweets at predetermined times. 

3. Post Tweets with Visual Content

As we all know, visual content is more attention-grabbing and engaging than plain text, so why not use that for tweets as well? Adding visual content to your tweets gets more engagement and increases the chances of it getting shared. 

So, it is a good practice to add images and videos to your tweets to get the most engagement. And, the more engaging content you share, the more people will want to follow you.

Moreover, visual content is more shareworthy than just text, so you will get more retweets on tweets with images than those with just text.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most powerful tool in any social media marketers arsenal, regardless of the platform that you use. They help you reach a much larger and more relevant audience who will be more likely to be interested in your content.

Moreover, hashtags help people find you and do the same for your Twitter account as SEO does for websites. So, hashtags make your tweets searchable and direct the right people to your tweets. So, hashtags act like SEO for your Twitter account.

You should use at least one relevant hashtag in your tweets to get more reach and higher engagement. However, you need to make a compromise between reach and engagement as using more hashtags will enhance reach but decrease engagement. Per this study, tweets with one hashtag get the maximum engagement and it keeps decreasing the more hashtags you use.


So, if your goal is to get more Twitter followers, you should initially start with using more than one hashtags to get more people to see your tweets. Once you have built a substantial follower base, then you can change your hashtag strategy and focus on getting more engagement.

5. Drive Traffic From Other Sources

To get more followers on Twitter, you can use other sources where you are already getting traffic and direct that to Twitter. 

Adding a follow button for your Twitter account on your website and blog can direct that traffic to Twitter and help you win more followers. This is a simple, yet effective strategy that really works and can help you get more followers than you could get just by posting on Twitter.

You can also include a link to your Twitter account on other social media platforms that you’re active on. If someone follows you on one channel, chances are that they will follow you on others as well.

6. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Here are some ways to optimize your Twitter profile to get more followers:

  • Although your Twitter name might be different, you should still write your full name in the bio to help people find you easily.
  • Add an appropriate profile picture of your face if it's a personal account or a picture that represents your brand for a business. You can also use your brand’s logo as the profile picture.
  • Add a header photo that represents your business. You can also keep changing the header photos to promote the latest events or campaigns.
  • Add an account description that helps people understand what your page is all about and what kind of business you have. You should also add important keywords and contact information in your account description.
  • Add a link to your website.

Check out our Twitter profile, for example, where we have followed all of these tips to create an optimum profile.

Image via Twitter

7. Post Shareworthy Content

This is another brilliant technique to enhance the reach of your tweets. The more shareworthy your content is, the more retweets it will get. This, in turn, will help your content reach a larger audience and increase your chances of winning more followers.

You can post news, quotes, memes, statistics, facts, informative content, etc. to get more retweets as these are the types of social posts that people like to share with their friends and followers. You can also use humour as a way to get more engagement and retweets.

And, if nothing else works, you can always ask your followers to retweet your tweets by adding “please retweet.” Research shows that tweets that ask for retweets get 4 times more retweets than those that don’t.

So, simply ask people to retweet and get more followers on Twitter. It is as simple as that.

8. Engage in Relevant Conversations

Engaging in relevant conversations is a good way to get noticed and get more people to follow you. If you engage in Twitter conversations on topics from your industry, you can establish yourself as an industry expert who people will want to follow.

You can do this by following industry-specific pages and other experts in your industry. And, whenever you see a tweet that sparks a discussion in the comments section, join in the conversation, answer questions, and share your expertise.

You can use social listening tools to find what people are talking about related to your brand and niche. This will help you find relevant conversations that you can join.

9. Mention Others and Retweet

This is a simple, yet effective strategy to get more followers on Twitter. When you follow other people and businesses in your niche, more often than not, they respond by following you back.

And, the same goes for mentions and retweets as these bring people’s attention to you and if they find your page relevant, they may follow you. Another benefit of retweeting is that it helps you maintain your tweet frequency without having to create fresh content every single time. So, it solves two purposes at once.


Twitter is more than just a social media platform. It is a powerful business tool when used right. But, for it to be useful for your business, you need to build a substantial follower base. The higher your follower count, the higher your circle of influence.

Use the expert tips and tricks above to get more followers on Twitter and grow your influence. Start implementing these tactics for your Twitter account and see the results for yourself.

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