6Degrees is a boutique agency, located in Copenhagen with unique expertise in the growing field of Influencer Marketing, focusing on European Brands and Influencer Campaigns. 6Degrees works with you to develop creative strategies that leverage the world's most effective and authentic social influencers.

6Degrees is a boutique Influencer Marketing agency based in Copenhagen. They offer a range of influencer marketing services, including influencer identification, relationship management, campaign management, campaign measurement, and campaign reporting.

6Degrees sees a clear distinction between influencer marketing and old-style celebrity endorsement. They know that follower numbers are not everything. It is genuine engagement with keen and enthusiastic supporters that makes an influencer important, rather than just playing the numbers game to seem important.

They view a brand’s marketing as being a story to tell audiences, and they are happy to help their clients write their story, and package it in the most enticing way possible.

They make a point of encouraging a brand to set clear campaign goals, and they then do all they can to help meet these goals. Their aim is to find the best influencers to narrate the story in an authentic and realistic way. They also understand that as important as engagement is to any campaign, many brands have other campaign goals they want to meet. Campaign success measurement needs to be focused on how well the selected influencers succeed in helping the brand meet its objectives.

The agency specializes in marketing in the following areas:
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
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