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House of Marketers is the #1 TikTok-focused agency for Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Content Creation, and Growing Business Profiles on TikTok. We specialize in helping Mobile Apps and Brands quickly scale and improve their ROI on the most valuable platform, TikTok.

House of Marketers is the TikTok Marketing Agency launched by early TikTok Employees & TikTok Partners in 2016. Inigo Rivero, Managing Director joined TikTok as one of their first employees, managing their Strategy and Partnerships. Inigo later co-founded House of Marketers.

House of Marketers are a team of experienced Influencer Marketing Experts that have insider knowledge of how TikTok works. They help ambitious brands engage Gen Z and Millennials using proven modern strategies.

The senior team has 20+ combined years of influencer marketing experience and they have TikTok campaign managers across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and UAE, allowing them to easily execute multi-lingual campaigns.

By strategically growing the world's most loved brands through the world's most undervalued platform, TikTok, they were eventually handed the following name by one of their clients - ‘The Success-Driven TikTok Marketing Agency​’.

The agency specializes in marketing in the following areas:
  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Media Advertising (incl. TikTok Ads)
  • TikTok Ad Content
  • TikTok Business Profile Content Creation
  • TikTok Business Community Growth and Engagement
  • Offices:
    United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy, France, Poland, Indonesia, Singapore
    Brands we have worked with: