MOMENTiQ is the premier influencer marketing agency. They run campaigns at the largest scale for the world’s leading brands, including The Grammy Awards and TikTok Shop itself. They specialize in launching brands/products on TikTok Shop & automating TikTok Shops marketing

MOMENTiQ is a team of influencer marketing industry veterans that have created several of today’s leading influencer marketing agencies and platforms. They’ve served billions of impressions, are trusted by the world’s leading brands, and are known for delivering campaigns that create cultural moments.

MOMENTiQ specializes in two types of campaigns:

1. TikTok Shop campaigns that drive conversions
2. Brand Awareness campaigns at the largest scale

They became the foremost leading experts in TikTok Shop early by running influencer marketing campaigns for TikTok Shop itself - launching and scaling Shop to the US.

When Bytedance (TikTok’s parent company) launched TikTok Shop in the US, they partnered with MOMENTiQ to run the influencer campaigns that launch & scale TikTok Shop into the US. To this day, MOMENTiQ runs several campaigns for TikTok Shop themselves at a massive scale.

Since then, MOMENTiQ has led the Shops revolution in the US.
MOMENTiQ runs brands’ TikTok Shop marketing end-to-end. They create & deploy Shops influencer campaigns, as well as performance marketing Shops Ads campaigns that they layer on top of their Shops influencer campaigns.

They’ve even created the industry’s first platform for launching products/brands on Shop and managing Shops marketing end-to-end.
Put simply - MOMENTiQ is the one stop shop for leading brands on TikTok Shops.

The only brand awareness campaigns that MOMENTiQ accepts now are those at the scale that define US culture. For example, the Recording Academy partners with MOMENTiQ to shape and celebrate the culture of music in the United States. In Feb, 2024, MOMENTiQ delivered 500+ Million social views on the events leading up to the Grammy Awards, helping the Awards show achieve 35% YoY Growth in viewership and achieve “Social dominance” as Billboard phrased it. Billboard concluded with, “Nearly all of the top trending topics, on every social network, were related to the Grammys last night.”

The agency specializes in marketing in the following areas:
  • Influencer Marketing
  • UGC Content
  • Offices:
    Los Angeles
    Brands we have worked with: