Unlock the power of TikTok with the first influencer marketing company dedicated to the world’s fastest-growing social platform. We are a full-service agency with over 5,000 creators that helps high-growth companies deploy viral TikTok campaigns at scale. Join brands like Lyft, Disney, American Eagle, and thousands of today’s fastest-growing brands using Ubiquitous to run their campaigns and reach billions of users across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ubiquitous was founded by a team of performance and brand marketers who felt firsthand the pain of scaling an influencer marketing program on TikTok.

We bring world-class expertise and a data-driven approach to influencer marketing, helping brands exceed their goals with campaigns that generate stunning CPMs and ROAS for our clients.

From developing strategy to sourcing creators to tracking ROI, our team can do it all. Let us take the pain out of influencer marketing and make your next campaign your best one ever.

Let’s make some magic together!

Jess Flack

The agency specializes in marketing in the following areas:
  • Influencer marketing for TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram
  • Full-service campaign design
  • Content creation for Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram
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    Los Angeles, CA
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