Everything You Need to Know About Carousel Posts on Instagram

How many times have you clicked on the tiny arrow on an Instagram post? 

Maybe it is to check out what your favourite influencer is up to at a music festival. Or to read a new blog post from a leading publication. In these cases, you’re using Instagram’s Carousel feature. 

From big brands to micro-influencers, everyone is using this feature to get their audiences engaged. It’s an innovative way to kindle the curiosity of your audience. In this post, we’re going to discuss what Carousel posts are and how you can leverage them to promote your brand.

Everything You Need to Know About Carousel Posts on Instagram:

What are Carousel Posts on Instagram?

Having to choose just one picture to showcase an important event or a product may seem a little unfair. After all, you may want to display various moods of the overall experience. Similarly, for your products, you may want to share product variations including different colours, patterns, or sizes.

That’s where Carousel posts on Instagram can come in handy. They enable you to highlight the best features of your product in full glory.

With the Carousel feature, you can post multiple images and videos in a single post. Instagram allows you to post up to 10 photos and videos together. You can think of it like an expandable folder. In some ways, it’s also like a slideshow.

In Carousel posts, you can edit each of these photos or videos individually or with the use of a common filter for all the media files. But since it’s considered as a single post, you’ll have to use a single caption and location for all of them. When you publish a Carousel post, your audience will see a set of dots under the imagery. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, Sephora has used a Carousel post to showcase their limited-edition fragrances. It allows their audience to take a better look at their products in an engaging manner.



How to Create Instagram Carousel Posts

Creating Carousel posts on Instagram is easy. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow:

Open Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account on iOS or Android app. (Note that the options given in both the apps may slightly differ.)

Create a new post

Tap on the “+” icon to add photos or videos to your new Instagram post. When you are redirected to your phone’s photo folders, click on the “Select Multiple” option.

Select photos and videos

Every photo that you select will be displayed on the top section of your screen. You will also see a number added to the thumbnail of the selected photos. You can share a maximum of 10 videos, 10 photos, or a mix of 10 photos and videos in one post.

Once you have selected the photos and videos for your Carousel post, click on “Next.”

Edit or add filters to your photos

You will be able to scroll through all the chosen photos and videos at this point. If you want to apply the same filter to all your posts, you can simply tap on a filter of your choice. For instance, in the screenshot below, if you click on “Clarendon,” the filter is applied to all the selected photos.

Alternatively, you can also edit each photo or video individually. For this, you need to click on the “Edit” icon displayed on each chosen photo or video.

Once you are done with editing, you can click on “Next.”

Write a caption, tag your friends, and add your location

The final thing to do before you publish your Carousel post is to write a caption. Keep in mind that the same caption is displayed for all the chosen photos and videos. So, pick a caption that’s relevant to all of them.

You can also tag your friends and add your location in the post. In addition to this, you can publish your post on multiple social media platforms by selecting the appropriate options given on the screen. To disable comments for your Instagram carousel post, you can go to “Advanced Settings.” 

Once you are done with this, click on “Share.” 

Best Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts to Promote Your Business

When it comes to Carousel posts, innovation is the name of the game. Take a look at these examples of Instagram Carousel posts to get some inspiration:

1. Do an Event Recap

With Carousel posts, you can share the atmosphere and the vibe of an event in just one post. You don’t have to resort to spam and keep sharing multiple posts of the same events. It’s a great way to give your followers the essence of an event without seeming too pushy.

In addition to this, you could also tag a few people who attended your event in your post. Thank them and let the world know how much fun they had there. With this strategy, you’re sure to create FOMO for your next event.

McDonalds showcased the best moments from their concert, Beat of My City in Chicago. In their post, they featured photos of Juice WRLD, Dj Oreo, and Serayah from the concert.



2. Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories 

Give your audience a sneak peek behind-the-scenes to keep them engaged. This strategy can work really well if a lot of A-listers attend your events. Whether it’s celebrities bonding over a cup of coffee or singers playing some funny pranks on each other, it’s all good content for your Carousel posts.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Versace gave their followers a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes action from their Versace SS20 show. Their post received more than 120,000 likes. 



3. Introduce Your Employees

Want to establish real connections with your followers? You need to add a human touch to your marketing campaigns. Let your customers see who your employees are and what they are passionate about. 

Sharing stories of your employees can go a long way in building trust and credibility for your business. It can also be a great opportunity to highlight your work culture and values. It’s a double win.

Starbucks nailed this strategy while showing their support of the Pride movement. 



4. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be an asset for your business. It can drive brand loyalty, improve your brand reputation and build a sense of close-knit community on your Instagram channel. 

With Carousel posts on Instagram, you can share multiple images and videos of UGC.

As a part of their #ShotoniPhone campaign, Apple showcased photos shot by their customers on their Instagram profile. By curating UGC, Apple encouraged their audience to take more photos on their iPhones. At the same time, stunning photos highlight the camera quality of their phones.



5. Share Your Brand Story

Instagram Carousel posts can also be used to share your brand story with your followers without seeming out-of-sync. The key is to make sure your Carousel post fits in well with the overall aesthetic of your feed.

It’s a great way to tap into the potential of storytelling and sharing your brand’s journey. From photos of your first product to snapshots of your first office, you can use it all in your Carousel posts.

Marriott International shared some interesting trivia about their company in one of their Carousel posts. They revealed that Marriott International began as a restaurant chain called “Hot Shoppes.”



6. Share Makeover Stories

Show, don’t tell — that’s the golden rule of marketing. No matter how many of your product’s features you list, consumers won’t be convinced to buy it until they see what it can do. You can use your Carousel posts to show your audience exactly what your product can do.

For skincare, hair, and beauty products, makeover stories can do wonders. Or maybe you could also do a “Before vs. After” Carousel post. Nothing is better for marketing than tangible results!

For instance, in a series of photos, Huda Beauty showed how their new eyeshadow palette could be used to create different looks. From light daytime makeup to glamorous party looks, they covered it all in their post. 



7. Showcase Customer Reviews

Many brands showcase their customer reviews on their websites. That’s pretty mainstream. But have you considered doing the same on your Instagram Carousel posts?

Kylie Cosmetics routinely displays sweet words from their customers on their Carousel posts. Not only is it a great way to boost your brand reputation, but also to increase your credibility and trust.

Final Thoughts

Carousel posts on Instagram are extremely versatile. You can use them to share your brand story, do a quick event recap, launch new products, share makeovers, and more. If done right, Carousel posts can boost your engagement, brand loyalty, and even sales. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create your own Carousel posts.

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