How to Boost Engagement Using Interactive Posts for Facebook

With Facebook reach and engagement dropping the past few years, it’s become a lot more challenging to make the platform work for you. Now it’s even more crucial to know the algorithm and use that knowledge to your advantage. And with the Facebook algorithm prioritizing post popularity as an important factor for determining its visibility, you need to focus on creating high-quality content that will drive engagement.

Not sure how to create content that will boost your Facebook engagement? Check out these top 14 interactive posts for your Facebook page.

How to Boost Engagement Using Interactive Posts for Facebook:

1: Ask Questions

Questions are a great way to get people to engage with your posts. You could ask them to share their personal experiences and stories related to a particular topic. Or you could ask them a simple question about their current mindset, interests, preferences, and opinions. 

For example, Nintendo Switch asked their fans if they were “Ready to float into the weekend?” The question was used as a caption to a screenshot of a floating Kirby from the “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” game. The post received almost 2k likes and hundreds of comments–most of them being positive.

2: Ask for Feedback

Whether it’s about your latest product or the quality of your service, feedback from your customers can help you look for ways to improve or add value to your current offering. Additionally, customers may be eager to share their feedback on what they like or dislike about your brand, helping you drive engagement. Get the best of both worlds by using Facebook as a channel for collecting customer feedback. 

You could share a post and ask people to leave a comment about their opinions and experiences using your product or service. This may be in relation to the product features, service quality, customer support efficiency, staff response, etc. You could even directly ask them about any additional solutions they expect from you.

3: Share Links to Valuable Blog Posts

While Facebook supports long-form text content (up to 63,206 characters), it’s not necessarily the best platform for sharing huge blocks of text if your goal is to engage your audience. In fact, Facebook posts with 40-80 characters have seen the best performance overall. So it becomes a bit challenging if you want to share text-based content that your audience would find valuable.

A good solution for this is to share links to your blog posts. Take the opportunity to share highly informative and valuable blog posts that you’re certain your audience would appreciate. For example, Apartment Therapy shared the following blog post about recycling LEGO sets and got plenty of engagement.

4: Share a Timely Message

Timing matters if you’re going to drive engagement on Facebook (or any other social platform for the matter). So while your post timing is crucial to nail down, the content itself also has to be relevant to the times–whether it’s a current event that everyone’s talking about or a national/global holiday that your audience cares about. 

The event should ideally be relevant to your brand or industry or you should find a way to craft a relevant message that also aligns with your brand. For Pottery Barn, World Sleep Day provided the perfect opportunity to promote their Belgian Flax Linen bedding collection. 

5: Participate in a Trending Conversation

Is there a topic that everyone’s talking about right now? Or is there a popular challenge that’s taking social media by storm? People love to engage with trending conversations, so make the most of these trends to garner engagement on Facebook.

You could create your own version of a popular meme that’s making the rounds on social media. Or you could share an opinion or some tips and tricks related to a trending topic. Just make sure you find a way to make the conversation relevant to your brand or industry. Additionally, you should avoid conversations that could turn controversial.

6: Run a Contest or Giveaway

One excellent way to get people to interact with your post is by running a contest or giveaway. The chance to win something attractive in return could compel many users to engage with your Facebook content. This is particularly effective if you make the rules of the contest so that people would need to engage with the post in order to participate.

For example, the rule could include liking your page, liking your post, and leaving a comment. Additionally, you could also encourage participants to share the post to get a bonus entry. This will ensure better visibility for the post and help you attract new followers.

To promote the new Colourpop x Avatar: The Last Air Bender makeup and skincare collection, Fourth Ray shared the following giveaway on their Facebook page. They required participants to like the brand’s Facebook page, like the post, and leave a comment. 

They also gave a bonus entry to users who shared the post on their page. As a result, Fourth Ray garnered 500+ likes and over 200 shares for this giveaway post. 

7: Poll Your Audience

Polls are another excellent way to create an interactive experience for your audience. This allows them to share their thoughts or opinions while you get to understand them better. The ability to quickly cast a vote makes it super easy for people to interact with your content, which improves your chances of driving engagement

Polls are also a great option for collecting feedback where you want people to choose from a set of fixed answers. For example, you could ask them what they dislike most about your brand–the product quality, the customer service, or the price point. Additionally, you could leave room for them to add their own answer so they have some flexibility. 

You can use the built-in poll feature on Facebook to create your polls. Or you could even get creative and get people to cast their votes using different reaction buttons.

8: Share a Fun Bingo Board

Virtual bingo cards have been extremely effective for getting people to engage on social media. This involves sharing a board with relatable situations or experiences in each slot. People can then “play” bingo using this board by commenting or sharing the board to their Facebook Stories and marking each situation that’s relatable to them.

For example, Casper shared the following “Not Enough Sleep” bingo board with plenty of relatable situations that have caused people to lose sleep. In the captions, they asked people to share what would be on their bingo board. 

9: Ask Them to Fill in the Blanks

Another fun way to drive engagements is by asking your audience to fill in the blanks. This would involve sharing a statement with a blank space and asking people to fill it in using just one or two words. Giving them a clear prompt could encourage them to participate and share their own ideas. Additionally, the chance to make a correct guess is a great way to tap into their competitive spirit.

You could make this game more structured where there’s a correct answer. For example, ask them to guess the benefits of your product or the key ingredients used. Optionally, you could give them the freedom to share their own ideas where there’s no correct answer. For example, ask them to fill in the blanks about what your product is best used for so they can share answers from their personal experiences.  

10: Create a Relatable Meme

Social media users love to share memes, especially ones that they find relatable. So if you want more people engaging with your Facebook posts, it’s time to get creative with hilarious memes that would resonate with your audience. Focus on topics that are specific to your niche so it’s relevant to your brand and therefore, to your followers.

The goal is to get people to engage with your memes and even share them with their friends. This could significantly boost your page visibility and even help you attract new followers.

For example, BarkBox does a bang on job of creating memes about hilarious and relatable situations for dog owners–a segment that makes up their entire audience base. The following meme had 2.9k reactions, 1.2k comments, and 1.4k shares, suggesting that people loved the meme and were sharing it with their friends.

11: Provide Valuable Tips

People follow your Facebook page because they think it adds value to their lives. This makes it crucial to regularly share content that would add value if you want to keep engaging them and retaining them as followers. Share tips related to your industry or products that your audience can benefit from in order to nurture your relationship with them and get them to engage with your posts.

For example, a fashion or lifestyle influencer could share tips on how to pose for a great photo. Or a music content creator could share tips on how to improve audio recordings. Similarly, a food brand could share recipes that implement their products.

PopSugar Fitness, for instance, shared a 30-minute workout video that their followers would be able to follow. This is the perfect way to get the attention of an audience that is interested in fitness.

Keep in mind that your tips don’t have to be as lengthy or as detailed as the one from PopSugar Fitness. You can even share short videos that have a stronger chance of boosting your video completion metric. Cult Beauty, for instance, regularly shares 20-30-second videos with tips on how to use certain skincare or makeup products.

12: Share Inspirational Quotes

Everyone loves a little bit of encouragement, especially when scrolling through a Facebook feed that’s cluttered with negative news stories. Give your audience a refreshing break with inspirational quotes that they’d enjoy and want to share with their friends. 

Look for quotes that are relevant to your brand, industry, or niche since the goal is to share something that resonates with your audience. Ideally, you should combine these quotes with original graphics that align with your brand’s visual identity to maintain a strong brand image. 

For example, Bearaby shared the following Winnie the Pooh quote related to naps. This is highly relevant to the brand since Bearaby sells weighted blankets.

13: Tell a Powerful Story

People love hearing stories, especially ones that have an emotional impact. Whether it’s an inspiring story about your brand’s founder or a moving story about the lives that you’ve changed, powerful stories can help you garner audience interaction on Facebook. Alternatively, you can also share impactful stories that went viral on social media even if they’re not directly related to your brand.

For Pantone, it was all about telling a visual story about water. The brand shared several images on World Water Day to help tell a visual story about the lack of basic access to clean and safe drinking water. Each image was accompanied by a short yet powerful caption to really drive in the emotional impact.

14: Share Funny and Relatable Videos

One can never get enough of funny videos on social media. Even more so if we find those videos relatable. If someone comes across a video that made them laugh or reminded them of a friend, they’ll be quick to hit the share button and send the video to a friend or share it on their page. So if your goal is to drive engagements and shares, funny and relatable videos should be a part of your content strategy.

Ideally, the videos should be relevant to your niche so they can resonate with your target audience. You could also accompany it with a short caption that describes a relatable situation to make it more relevant to your industry. 

For April Fool’s Day, Chewy decided to share a collection of short videos of animals pranking their humans. This type of video is extremely relevant to the brand’s audience, which is made up of pet parents. The theme was also relevant to the occasion i.e. April Fool’s Day. Needless to say, the video garnered almost 700 reactions and 139 shares.

Start Driving Those Interactions

While engagement is important for all social media platforms, it’s even more so for Facebook where the algorithm has made it more challenging for brands to gain organic visibility. Make the most of the interactive post ideas given above to fill up your Facebook content calendar and watch your engagement climb.

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