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We produce memorable creative-led campaigns, powered by insight and backed by data.

The result? The most impactful influencer marketing of this generation.
We are a full-service Influencer Marketing Agency
Social & Community
Relevant and in real-time, reactive and regularly viral. We have successfully launched and currently manage some of the world's most notable brands across major social platforms, combining editorial, video and custom photography to provoke conversation within communities.
Global Influencer Marketing
We launch global campaigns with a core focus on creative, fake-follower analysis and data insights. Delivering unrivaled ROI and access to over 75,000 influencers worldwide, our experience is unmatched.
Content & Creative Pioneers
Our creative-lead approach is what defines us. With a multi-discipline creative team in-house, we service clients in everything from content production to social strategy. Our team is perfectly set up to advise on the most effective way to bring your campaign to life with influencers at the core.
Just a few of the brands we've partnered with to date.
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Over 1,500 successful campaigns to date, rooted in data and ROI.
An unrivalled network of 75,000 influencers.
450 MILLION positive engagements.
We're on a mission to change how customers view brand stories and advertising. We're constantly strategising & pushing the boundaries of what influencer marketing can do, tieing in our creative-lead approach, to make brands stand out at a time where audiences are caught in chaos of being spoken to by hundreds of brands every single day.

Born out of a love for telling stories and collaborating with leading content creators, we believe in producing content that is commerically beneficial, entertaining and unique every time.

Authentic, memorable campaigns powered by insight, data and creative. The result? The most impactful influencer marketing of this generation.
We work with brands from all over the world. Here’s what they are saying about us.
James Day Head of Social Media, JAGEX

“Kairos have shown themselves to be taking our best interests to heart on many occasions, providing constant support, communication and reporting on numerous successful activations over a lengthy campaign period.”

Lauren Hill Senior PR Marketing Manager, ONEPLUS

“Kairos is a fantastic influencer agency and advised us on our gaming strategy throughout the launch of OnePlus 7 series. The team has gone above and beyond to deliver and I’d work with them again any day. They know their stuff and consistently excel.”

Austin Field Director of Digital User Acquisition & Marketing, PANINI

“From ownership to account management, the attention to detail and focus on data is what I would expect from my own team, and can be counted on to be proactive with not just ideas and opportunities, but with delicate crisis management as well.”

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