4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for:
B2C Brands and agencies
from $63
4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for:
B2C Brands and agencies
from $63

Social media monitoring is a mammoth task, even for the tools we use daily. The internet’s growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and tracking what the world is saying about your brand can’t be limited to social media.

You’ve got to be listening to every conversation, everywhere, all the time.

When we came across Keyhole, we were intrigued by the scope of its solutions. As a tool for both agencies and enterprises, they cover campaign monitoring, influencer marketing, brand monitoring, event monitoring and market research. This is pretty much all that you can think of when it comes to monitoring media for your brand.

And while these are solutions offered by competitors, we found other valuable features worth looking into.

For example, they provide hashtag analytics. 

Why does that matter? 

Well, hashtags are perfect for finding content. When your prospects look for answers to pressing questions or product and service referrals, they’re likely to turn to social media and search by hashtag. Adding the right hashtag to your posts will help more of your prospects find your content. 

And while tracking hashtags can be helpful, Keyhole takes hashtag analytics a little further. They use AI to help brands predict how successful new hashtags they create will be (more on this later).

But the big question is, should you spend money on Keyhole? 

In this review, we’ll unpack their product offering. We’ll cover each feature, share functionality and offer context on how you could benefit from using this tool.

This brand monitoring tool helps build a live dashboard for your team and clients. Their reports and analytics help teams save time and make smarter, data-driven decisions.
Pros and Cons
Comprehensive dashboards and reporting
Straightforward interface
Multiple price points
PDF exports of reports misses information
Customer support can be slow
Lack of tracking options
Best for: B2C Brands and agencies
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Quality of Support
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The Details

Professional, $179/mo - data analysis, influencers dashboard, 3 account trackers, onboarding: 1 x 30m call, sentiment analysis, easy reports, Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, news, blogs & forums analytics, data exports, custom alerts and optional historical data.

Corporate, $539/mo - data analysis, influencers dashboard, 10 account trackers, onboarding: 2 x 30m call, sentiment analysis, easy reports, Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, news, blogs & forums analytics, data exports, custom alerts, optional historical data, API access and re-analyze data functionality.

Enterprise, $999/mo - data analysis, influencers dashboard, unlimited account trackers, premium support, sentiment analysis, easy reports, Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, news, blogs & forums analytics, data export, custom alerts, optional historical data, API access, re-analyze data functionality, media wall & moderation, custom branding, influencer management, Youtube analytics, advanced shareable dashboards, geolocation & language filtering..

The Features

Keyhole, like many other media monitoring solutions, comes packed with value. Here’s what they offer.

Data Analysis

Keyhole offers a clean dashboard. Metrics include much of what you’d need to tell how your brand is doing.

All data you’ll see is related to terms you add to Keyhole for tracking. These can be brand, product and competitor names. Once your terms are set, you’ll be able to track data related to their use. This includes: 

  • Post volume
  • Number of users 
  • Engagement volume
  • Reach volume
  • Number of impressions

Keyhole also provides a helpful list of related topics. These can be used to get an even broader view of what your audience is interested in.

Image: Keyhole

Influencers Dashboard

Influencer marketing is big business. It’s proven to produce solid ROI for brands because of the personalised and more engaging approach. But finding influencers isn’t always easy. Keyhole’s solution is a snapshot of who’s out there. 

Their influencer dashboard provides a list of users along with the following data on each: 

  • Number of posts shared (related to your keyword)
  • Average engagement
  • Number of followers
  • Impressions 
  • Exposure 
  • Domain rank (where relevant)
  • Biographies

Image: Keyhole

Account Trackers (Accounts You Can Monitor)

Social media’s had its fair share of struggles, most of which are related to how inflexible social media platforms are. 

For example, we know that LinkedIn is rather hard to work with. Their platform regulations don’t allow for much of the integration that Facebook or Twitter offer. This limits the reach for apps and media monitory tools alike.

When looking at Keyhole’s integration, we were pleasantly surprised. They are able to track content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Sentiment Analysis

Basic data helps you develop a baseline understanding of how your brand is performing online. But if you want to know how people are relating to your brand, sentiment analysis is what you need.

Keyhole is able to track sentiment associated with each account you’re tracking. It’s worth noting that this can be a powerful tool for competitor analysis. You’re able to keep tabs on how your audience is responding to the competition. Smart marketers are able to use this kind of information (along with other data) to build stronger offers and marketing campaigns.

Image: Keyhole

Easy Reports

Reporting is a big deal today. Partly because marketers the world over are struggling to prove ROI, and they’re also realising that any marketing initiative not based on clear and compelling data isn’t a smart move.

To help their client’s make more informed marketing decisions, Keyhole’s created a host of reports that can be downloaded in PDF or XLS formats. 

Using visualisation, reports make understanding the intricacies of media listening easy for anyone. 

Image: Keyhole

Social Media Analytics

Most social platforms have similar features. They also use similar terminology. But there are nuances as you begin to dive deeper into the data you gather from each.

Being able to provide analytics for each unique platform makes for smarter marketing. You’re able to really dig deep and better understand how the world is reacting to your brand, and you can do this with Keyhole. 

Here’s a look at the analytics Keyhole offers for each platform:


  • Track hashtags, keywords, and find out who mentioned both and what was said
  • Track engagement and follower count for competitors and influencers
  • Spot trends (great for competitive analysis)
  • Uncover the best times to post tweets
  • Access data on tweets, retweets and replies

Image: Keyhole


  • Track competitor and influencer accounts
  • Access in-depth insights on Stories
  • Track hashtags
  • Track sentiment 


  • Monitor public pages
  • Track hashtags used on any public page
  • Learn how competitors are performing with unique competitor analysis

Image: TrackMaven


  • Track post engagement
  • Get recommendations to boost engagement
  • Track hashtags
  • Learn which locations your audience view your video content from
  • Uncover your like/dislike ratio
  • Gather sentiment 
  • Get competitor analysis

Image: Keyhole

News, Blogs & Forums Analytics

Ever wonder how many sites media monitoring tools really track? Keyhole’s pegged their number at 75 million! 

While that seems gargantuan, it’s the kind reach you need if you’re going to stay ahead of news about your brand. 

Keyhole tracks conversations across news websites, blogs and forums. These also include the likes of Quora and Reddit.

Image: Webhose

Data Exports

Need to build more complex reports offline? Keyhole lets you export keyword data in an Excel file.

Custom Alerts

When it comes to alerts, most monitoring tools offer relatively standard functionality. Typically, you’re able to set keywords to be tracked and then wait for the results. 

In Keyhole, they’ve added a twist to the kind of alerts you can receive. You can create what they call “intelligent notifications.” These can be based on: 

  • A time
  • A sudden spike in activity
  • When posts with negative sentiment appear

Optional Historical Data

Access to all relevant data is always a good thing. And while real-time data gets first prize, historical data is just as valuable. Being able to look back at how the world spoke about or related to terms, products, or competitors helps deliver insight that would otherwise be lost.

API Access

We’re fans of API integrations. They help businesses create custom reports and tools and empower better decision making. Keyhole offers API access to social media data. This makes it possible to grab what they’ve uncovered and use that data in a way that will best suit your business goals.

Re-Analyze Data

Creating and tracking keywords is the start of a special journey for any company. You get to learn about the conversations and unique personas that gravitate your brand. But what if you need to take a sudden turn along your path? 

What if you need to learn just a little more or get highly specific your data?

Keyhole helps by giving you the option of redefining your tracking criteria. You can add filters that zero-in on your audience even more. This includes anything from additional keywords to geolocations.

Media Wall & Moderation

Managing social media at an event is challenging. Another equally demanding task is trying to monitor a live media wall filled with social posts from attendees. 

How do you minimise the potentiality of any negative or inappropriate posts?

Keyhole’s approach involves some pretty simple logic: only show approved posts.

This is possible due to the ability to moderate all posts before sharing them. Keyhole’s also partnered with Jumbotron to make sure setup isn’t a pain.

Custom Branding

Custom branding allows you to present data and dashboard according to your brand’s guidelines. While this is more an agency feature, it can also be applied to enterprise accounts.

Influencer Management

Even though influencer marketing is big business, finding the right influencers can be tough. The harsh reality is that while there’s tons of evidence that this approach works, there’s also a huge disparity between what brands pay and the ROI for many influencer marketing campaigns. This is fuelled in part by a lack of data to prove reach and weak or no attribution methods.

To help, Keyhole created an influencer management feature. It allows you “read access” to the social accounts of influencers you’re partnered with. This helps you ascertain, reach, engagement and other important figures to help you drive success.

Advanced Shareable Dashboard

The best dashboards are shareable. This helps all stakeholders to keep track of what’s going on with your brand.

Keyhole’s elevated the shareable dashboard experience. When sharing a dashboard, you’re also able to give viewers access to editable fields (think date ranges, exporting capabilities, and more).

Geolocation & Language Filtering

Getting pinpoint results requires the use of strong filters. Keyhole makes it possible to focus in on locations and filter languages.


While support is limited to one and two 30 minute calls for the Professional and Corporate plans, Keyhole’s also built a database of helpful tips and how-tos. You’ll find information on everything from managing trackers (keywords you’re tracking) to how to track Instagram Business Stories.


Keyhole offers a collection of unique features. We like how much effort and attention they’ve given each social platform’s analytics functionality. We’re also fond of hashtag tracking and the ability to set custom alerts by time and sentiment (something we haven’t come across before). 

While it may take a minute or two to wrap your head around the difference between trackers and account trackers, spending time in this tool should prove fruitful for your brand. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface and you're able to scrutinise data even further with API access. Event, news, blog and forum monitoring also give you more insights by broadening the landscape of the types of real-life applications that a tool like this should handle. 

Last Updated:
4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for:
B2C Brands and agencies
from $63
4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for:
B2C Brands and agencies
from $63