Top 30 NFT Influencers to Follow Today

If you’ve recently launched your own NFT or crypto venture, you might be looking for ways to spread the word. One great way to do so is by working with an NFT influencer—someone who has built a following based on their NFT advice and insights.

However, it can be difficult figuring out the best NFT influencer to work with. Some have massive followings, which means they’re going to charge a lot more. Others may be more feasible for a startup to work with.

To help you find the best options, we’ve put together a list of the top 30 NFT influencers you need to know in 2022.

Top NFT Influencers to Know:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is a social media entrepreneur who has also gotten into the cryptocurrency space. His most recent venture, called VeeFriends, is an NFT project he’s created. This NFT collection allows users to buy and sell VeeFriends, which give them access to an online community and the annual VeeCon through the NFT’s meta data.

2. Farokh

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Farokh is an NFT influencer who just launched a new venture called Rug Radio, a decentralized media platform. Users can buy and sell NFTs on this platform, as well as own the media activity they do on the site, from memes to conversations.

3. Crypto Baristas

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Crypto Baristas create and sell their own coffee-related NFTs on their OpenSea-hosted NFT marketplace. NFT owners get access to perks like free coffee, discounts when buying from certain coffee companies, and more. Influencer partnerships with coffee-related companies would be the perfect collaboration here.

4. Pranksy

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Pranksy is a well-known NFT collector who has also started his own company in the NFT space. NFTBoxes is a monthly subscription box that is sold via Ethereum. These boxes include NFTs, virtual gaming items, collectible puzzle pieces, and more—but the boxes are entirely virtual and on the Ethereum blockchain.

5. gmoney.eth

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

gmoney.eth is an NFT influencer who has amassed his own online collection of NFTs—one that he bought for 140 Ethereum (which, at the time of this writing, is around $1,700 USD per Ethereum). He shares information about his own experience purchasing NFTs as well as insights in the industry on his Twitter account.

6. RealMissNFT

Platform(s): Twitter

RealMissNFT is very involved in the NFT community, retweeting others’ sales and NFT collections, interacting with other influencers, and even building her own decentralized metaverse platform Metanatics. It’ll be a virtual space for events, stand up comedy, and more.

7. NFT Times

Platform(s): Twitter, YouTube

NFT Times is mostly active on YouTube, creating content that helps others in the NFT space thrive. With content like “How to Make Your NFTs More Desirable” and “How to Promote NFT Art Using Twitter,” they’re a great option for partnering with.

8. OhhShiny

Platform(s): Twitter

OhhShiny is another NFT influencer who actually has an NFT as their Twitter profile photo—we can tell based on the hexagon shape rather than the typical circle. Their mission is to make defi (decentralized finance) more accessible, and they share tons of helpful information about the NFT industry.

9. j1mmy.eth

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

j1mmy.eth is an influencer and entrepreneur within the NFT industry. He’s created a number of businesses, from an NFT QA product to an NFT marketplace for people to buy and sell NFTs. He also is a big collector of NFTs himself.

10. The Bitcoin Express

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook

The Bitcoin Express has a wide educational online presence. From YouTube and TikTok to Twitter and Facebook, they have a large online reach. They share lots of different types of content, including reviews of crypto companies, which presents the perfect opportunity for an influencer partnership.

11. ryandcrypto

Platform(s): Twitter, YouTube

ryandcrypto is an NFT influencer that shares transparent content about how he’s made money through crypto and NFTs, as well as how his audience can as well. He’s done giveaways and other collaborations with crypto brands on his Twitter.

12. DeezeFi

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

As we can see from DeezeFi’s Twitter profile photo, they are also using an NFT as their Twitter avatar. Taking advantage of this option that Twitter now offers is a great way for NFT influencers to flex their collection and showcase their knowledge in the space.

13. Punk6529

Platform(s): Twitter

Punk6529 is an anonymous NFT influencer with a large Twitter following and a vast collection of NFTs from CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Rare Pepes, Art Blocks, Autoglyphs, and more. They’re currently working to build an open metaverse.

14. artchick.eth

Platform(s): Twitter

artchick.eth is an NFT collector that promotes and buys NFTs to then sell or even give away to her followers. Working with an influencer who loves giveaways is a great way to get some awareness to your NFT/crypto brand.

15. Devin Finzer

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Devin Finzer is the founder of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace there is. In fact, most of the influencers on this list have an OpenSea profile, either to buy or sell NFTs. He’s extremely well-versed in the NFT space and would be a stellar person to collab with.

16. ColeThereum

Platform(s): Twitter

ColeThereum is an NFT influencer that uses his Twitter account as a sort of journal for his trades—both crypto and NFT. He also includes some of the NFTs he owns right inside his bio. He’s transparent about his NFT experience, which can be a big help to new investors.

17. Dikasso

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Dikasso is an NFT artist and collector, keeping track of his existing collection in his Twitter bio. He’s created his own NFT collection, “Orangutang Gang,” as well as NFT illustrations of animal feet pics, in order to sell and build up his own portfolio.

18. CryptoPunks

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

CryptoPunks are one of the more popular NFT collections. Many other NFT influencers on our list own one or more CryptoPunks NFTs—and they’re worth a lot. They’re stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and are bought and sold using the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

19. Kevin Rose

Platform(s): Twitter

Kevin Rose is yet another popular NFT influencer who has an actual NFT as his Twitter profile photo. And he’s one of the only mega-influencers on our list, with over a million and a half followers. He’s the founder of the exclusive NFT community Proof, and also created the Moonbirds NFTs.

20. richerd.eth

Platform(s): Twitter

richerd.eth is the founder of NFT company Manifold, which is meant to help NFT creators. He’s also the proud owner (at least we assume as it’s in his bio) of a CryptoPunks NFT. It’s also his profile photo—although he has an edited version rather than the actual NFT.

21. Beanie

Platform(s): Twitter

Beanie is an NFT influencer and entrepreneur, having created several crypto-related startups. PixelVault is the main company, and PunksComic and MetaHero are products underneath it. He’s also an investor in other crypto-related startups.

22. Cozomo de’ Medici

Platform(s): Twitter

Cozomo de’ Medici was an anonymous NFT influencer who recently revealed himself as longtime rapper Snoop Dogg. Under this alias, he’s created a massive collection of NFT art, and has even given away NFTs to his followers.

23. DCinvestor.eth

Platform(s): Twitter, Reddit

DCinvestor is active on Twitter (as are most NFT influencers—it’s the perfect environment for industries like crypto) as well as the popular forum Reddit. He shares his opinions on cryptocurrency investing and NFT trading on both outlets.

24. EllioTrades

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

EllioTrades is an NFT influencer with a large knowledge of web3, a new iteration of the world wide web that incorporates things like blockchain and decentralization. He’s currently building two web3 companies and shares educational crypto tips on his social platforms.

25. JRNY Crypto

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

JRNY Crypto is another one of the more popular influencers on our list, with nearly 1 million followers on Twitter. They also have their own NFT marketplace on OpenSea, and have created an exclusive JRNY Club for anyone who owns a JRNY NFT.

26. Alex Becker

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Alex Becker also has nearly 1 million Twitter followers, and is making nearly $2 million USD per month through his NFT and crypto ventures. He shared in a recent YouTube video that he’s focusing almost exclusively on crypto gaming, making him a great influencer for decentralized gaming companies to partner with.

27. Matty

Platform(s): Twitter, YouTube

Matty is a self-proclaimed “NFT obsessed” influencer with medium-sized followings on both Twitter and YouTube. He compares various types of NFTs on his YouTube account, making him a great influencer for NFT creators and sellers to partner with.

28. Josie Bellini

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Josie Bellini is an NFT artist that is currently building CyberBrokers, her own line of NFTs. Her art collectible NFTs range anywhere from less than $3,000 USD to nearly $1.5 million USD. These collectibles will be accessible for owners in Mirrorwave, a metaverse fashion brand.

29. Krista Kim

Platform(s): Twitter, Instagram

Krista Kim completed a pretty incredible feat in the crypto/NFT space—creating the first NFT digital home called the Mars House. This is a 3D file that can be accessed in virtual reality, giving its owner a new VR home.

30. rac.eth

Platform(s): Twitter

rac.eth is a Grammy-winning recording artist who has also gotten info NFTs. In fact, he’s created his own cryptocurrency $RAC, that he wants to use to give back to fans that are supporting his projects.

Find the Best NFT Influencer for Your Crypto Brand

Ready to expand your reach and start partnering with NFT influencers? Consider reaching out to some of the influencers on our list. Or, if you’re looking for expert help, hire an NFT marketing agency that can manage all of your influencer campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT influencer?

An NFT influencer is someone who has considerable knowledge and expertise in the NFT space, and shares that information on social media. Due to this, they’ve grown a rather larger following, and people look to said NFT influencers for advice and insights about the industry.

What is NFT influencer marketing?

NFT influencer marketing is when a company in the crypto or blockchain industry works with a specialized NFT influencer to promote their product or service. The company pays the NFT influencer and often also gives them free products or a free test-run of their service as compensation for the partnership and promotion.

How do NFT influencers make money?

NFT influencers make money in a couple of different ways. First, depending on the platform they use, they may make money through ad revenue. In addition, they can make money by partnering with companies to promote their products and services.

How much do NFT influencers charge?

Influencer rates will vary based on the industry as well as the influencer’s reach. However, average influencer rates can be anywhere from $10 for nano-influencers all the way to $10,000+ for mega-influencers and celebrities.

Who are the best NFT influencers to follow?

There are so many NFT influencers out there, but some of the best to follow are Farokh, Gary Vaynerchuk, OhhShiny, and ColeThereum.

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