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Sendible was launched in mid-2008 by Founder and CEO Gavin Hammar. The initial offering was a platform with robust API integration capabilities. The idea was to give marketers the ability to manage all of their social media platforms and more from a central console. Back then, Sendible was able to integrate social, blogging, email and SMS.

Fast-forward more than a decade later, and Sendible is still going strong. They’ve evolved their solution alongside social media platform feature updates. For example, you can source influencers to help you grow your brand and integrate other important applications your business runs on (Google Drive, Slack etc) to streamline content access and your workflows.

They’ve also stayed true to their ethos of listening to their customers, focusing on the goals that matter, and most importantly, building their best social media management tool.

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Free 30-day no-credit card trial available on all plans

Micro, $24/mo (billed annually) / $29/mo - 12 Services, 1 User, Content Publishing & Workflow: Unlimited scheduled posts, Up to 10 queues, Recycle evergreen content, Automatic RSS posting, Bulk scheduling; Engagement & Monitoring: Priority Inbox (1hr sync), Monitor keywords, Real-time Facebook search; Analytics & Reporting: Basic reporting, Influencer suggestions, Optimal posting analysis, Google Analytics integration

Small, $84/mo (billed annually) / $99/mo - 48 Services, 3 Users, Includes all Micro Plan features and the following:  

  • Content Publishing & Workflow: Assign and approve requests, Up to 30 queues, Social profile grouping
  • Engagement & Monitoring: Priority Inbox (45m sync), Monitor keywords
  • Analytics & Reporting: Exportable reports (CSV), Up to 6 custom reports, Access to 200+ charts

Medium, $169/mo (billed annually) $199/mo - 105 Services, 7 Users, Includes all Small Plan features and the following:  

  • Content Publishing & Workflow: Custom team workflows, Up to 70 queues, Save to content library, Bitly Pro integration
  • Engagement & Monitoring: Priority Inbox (30m sync), Monitor keywords, Ads monitoring
  • Analytics & Reporting: Scheduled report delivery, Up to 35 custom reports

Large, $254/mo (billed annually) $299/mo - 192 Services, 12 Users, Includes all Medium Plan features and the following:  

  • Content Publishing & Workflow: Permission groups, Up to 120 queues, Extended data retention, UTM tracking
  • Engagement & Monitoring: Priority Inbox (15m sync), Monitor keywords
  • Analytics & Reporting: Response time reports, Up to 60 custom reports, API access (up to 250 calls per day, for more calls please contact us)

White label solutions available for agencies.

The Details

Sendible’s approach to social media management is a little unique compared to most. They make use of Services.

Understanding Services

Services are like channels or profiles that you create within your Sendible account. As with profiles and channels, both allow you to either push content to a social platform or pull content from it. Services, therefore, allow you to select which features you need from a social platform.

For example, if you’re an agency with multiple accounts, you’re able to provide custom services to each client based on what they need. You could have a client that only requires posting to an Instagram account, and offer incoming replies for a Facebook account belonging to another client.

This level of customisation also allows you to offer your clients better pricing as a result.

Platforms Supported

Sendible currently supports the following platforms and integration capabilities:

Social Platforms

  • Manage Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Draft Dark Posts and use analytics to better understand your Facebook Page audience
  • Read and reply to incoming comments on your Facebook Ads with the Priority Inbox

  • Schedule tweets
  • Monitor @mentions
  • Answer direct messages
  • Access Twitter Lists and use analytics for your Twitter accounts

  • Publish photos and videos directly to Instagram Business Profiles
  • Schedule carousel posts with in-app notifications and monitor hashtags and analytics

  • Schedule posts to LinkedIn profiles and Company Pages
  • Respond to comments and analyze your content performance

Google My Business
  • Schedule posts to LinkedIn profiles and Company Pages
  • Respond to comments and analyze your content performance

  • Schedule videos
  • View analytics and reply to comments for your YouTube account


Post and schedule posts to your Pinterest boards.

Blogging Platforms


Draft posts and publish them to your self-hosted WordPress account.

Draft posts and publish them to your account.


Draft posts and publish them to your Medium account.


Draft posts and publish them to your Blogspot and Blogger accounts.


Draft posts and publish them to your Tumblr account.

Tools Supported

Google Chrome Extension

Easily publish or schedule content you come across while browsing the web without having to open our social media tool.

Client Connect widget

Install our widget to let your clients securely connect their social profiles on your website.

Content Suggestions

Find high-quality content to share with your followers through our content tool, RSS feeds and Google Alerts.

Facebook Auto Moderator

Automatically remove comments and posts from your Facebook Pages that contain the words or phrases you specify.

Facebook Cover Photo

Upload and schedule Facebook Page cover photos to match your marketing campaigns.

RSS Feed Importer

Import your RSS feeds from an OPML file generated by readers such as Feedly.

Additional Integrations


Create social media graphics with Canva and schedule them to your profiles and pages without leaving Sendible.

Google Analytics

Analyze the impact social media has on traffic to your website or blog with our free Google Analytics report.


Attach images and video to your posts directly from your Dropbox folders.

Google Drive

Attach images and video to your posts directly from your Google Drive folders.


Choose to receive notifications about your social media activities in Slack channels.

Content Publishing & Workflow

Scheduled posts

Scheduled posts allow you to plan and schedule content either individually or in bulk. When creating a post, we found Sendible’s character counter useful. Most social messages can be delivered in 240 characters or less, however, optimising content depending on your offer or post type and platform can directly impact the level of engagement a post receives.

Sendible’s scheduling feature allows you to deliver posts to all social network, incorporating images and video where required.

Bulk scheduling can be completed by importing CSV files. Once content is imported, Sendible presents it in a column view and shows the copy, send date, URL, image and other fields you’ve populated in your CSV file. You also have the option of editing each post.

Smart Queues

Message queues have become one of the most valuable services offered by social media management platforms. As a solution, they help users pick when to post content, and in Sendible’s case, offer a little something extra.

Queuing a message in Sendible involves 13 steps. But don’t let the number overwhelm you as the steps were created to give you a considerable amount of flexibility and they are also easy to complete.

Queuing allows you to:

  • Name a message queue
  • Post to each Service connected
  • Make your new queue recyclable (think evergreen content)
  • Assign team members who can contribute to your queue
  • Set times (same time each day or unique times for each day of the week)

Evergreen content

Evergreen content has become an important practice for brands as they manage offers and top-performing content to drive traffic and conversions. Sendible’s approach to managing evergreen content comes in the form of Smart Queues covered above.

In addition to being highly customizable, you’re also able to copy a queue and edit it for future campaigns.

Note: messages in a queue will only be recycled when all messages have been published and will continue to be recycled until the queue is deleted or you manually turn off the recycle setting.

Automatic RSS posting

Content curation is a common feature in social media management tools, however, there are nuances across the board. We found Sendible’s Auto RSS posting functionality pretty handy, especially for busy social media managers with content gaps on their calendars.

The Auto RSS posting feature allows you to:

  • Select the number of posts to publish
  • Scheduled, queue or set posts as drafts
  • Set a frequency for the post publishing (starting at 1-hour intervals with the option of random posts ever 0-2 hours or more)
  • Get notified when posts are published

Engagement & Monitoring

Priority Inbox

The Priority Inbox is what it sounds like, one inbox with all of your important messages. Sendible provides a view of all messages your brand receives that require responses, however, messages must be set up as alerts to appear in your Priority Inbox.

Here’s a list of actions you can perform within your inbox:

  • Respond to messages
  • Determine the sentiment of messages based on Sendible’s colour grading system. Grey represents Neutral, Green for Positive, Red stands for Negative.
  • Select all messages (use select all checkbox)
  • Archive posts
  • Refresh
  • Export content in a CSV file
  • Filter by time or social media channel
  • Search for a word or string of words across all messages in your inbox
  • View messages for specific streams to see engagement received (comments, likes etc.)

Monitor keywords

Spotting trends can be a challenge and often requires a fair amount of data filtering to draw any meaningful insights. Sendible’s keyword monitoring feature lessens the burden by giving users the ability to track specific keyword mentions.

This feature doesn’t just make it easy to identify trends, it also allows brands to quickly respond to posts and commentary (both positive and negative) and spy in competitors.

Found under the Monitor tab in the top navigation menu, users will be able to set up keywords to watch by clicking on the New Monitor button. Next, you’ll need to add a keyword.

With your new keyword monitor in place, you’ll be able to filter by:

  • Type: Microblogs (social networks like Facebook and Twitter), blogs, news, videos or review sites.
  • Sentiment: Search for posts with positive, neutral or negative sentiment to prioritize responses.
  • Search: Enter user profiles and keywords in the top right search bar to narrow down your results even further.

Search functionality allows you to get more granular by offering these parameters:

  • Has one of these terms
  • Has any of these words
  • Doesn’t have these words
  • Exclude mentions with curse words from results

Note: currently, monitoring data is stored for 30 days and this window can be extended to 90 days by contacting Sendible. Monitoring data can also be exported from a Sendible account.

Analytics & Monitoring


Reporting is one of the most sought after features users look for in social media management tools as they can provide additional insights not typically available from social media platforms. And when it comes to reports, Sendible has set of 8 standard reports that would make any social media manager smile.

Standard reports include:

  • Engagement: track performance engagement metrics across all accounts
  • Facebook Page: identify audience behaviour and engagement trends
  • Twitter: analyze and understand your audience and engagement
  • Instagram: gauge the impact of your posts on your audience and engagement
  • LinkedIn: track company presence
  • Monitoring: know what’s being said about your brand, track keywords, sentiment and influencers
  • YouTube: track audience growth and which videos receive the most engagement
  • Google Analytics: analyze the impact of social media traffic on your website

Custom Reports

Sendible also offers custom drag-and-drop reports that can be tailored using any of their 250 modules. In addition, agencies will appreciate being able to design reports for clients from within Sendible. You can add a client logo and a description of the report.

Reports can also be emailed directly to clients from Sendible and scheduled (with preset email body messaging and a unique cover page for each report).

Find Influencers

Finding influencers to help promote offers and strengthen client brands can be challenging. Sendible makes this easier through its integration with Majestic. Historically, Sendible used Klout to identify influencers, however, this proved to be a less accurate way to determine the extent of a person’s influence.

At Klout, influence was determined by aggregating all social media account data (think shares, click etc.) without providing insight on how in-depth the content being shared by an influencer is, or how trusted the expert is.

Teaming up with Majestic, Sendible has leveraged the search engine ranking tool’s capabilities to establish a Twitter account holder’s Trust Flow (quality of referring sites pointing to an account) and Citation Flow (quantity of links pointing to an account).

Optimal posting analysis

Optimal posting analysis helps users determine when to post messages for the best engagement and reach. To make use of this feature, users will need to have published a certain amount of content for Sendible to gather insights on the optimum times and days of the week for future posts.


Sendible offers a unique approach to social media management through Services. While the idea of picking and choosing which Services to integrate can sound a little confusing initially, once you’ve created your first integration, you’ll likely never think twice about the approach.

We like its Monitoring functionality and the ability to search even deeper using parameters. We also think that their range of integrations is ideal for users and agencies wanting to streamline workflows. Their reporting and analytics functionality also makes understanding social performance and sharing data with clients easy and convenient - something agencies will appreciate.

All things considered, we give Sendible two thumbs up and recommend that you consider this solution if you’re in the market for a social media management tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Sendible do?

Sendible offers robust API integration capabilities that allow marketers to manage all of their social media platforms via a central console. You can also use it to source influencers to help you grow your brand and integrate other important applications such as Slack and Google Drive that your business uses to streamline content access and workflows.

Can I use Sendible for free?

No, you can’t use Sendible free of charge. Though, all its paid plans do offer a free 30-day trial that does not require you to share your credit card details. Their cheapest plan is their Micro plan which costs $29 per month, but if you prefer to be billed annually you can save $5 and get it for $24 per month. That being said, their Micro plan offers only 12 services (compared to their second cheapest plan that offers four times as many services).

How does Sendible work?

Sendible works differently to other social media management platforms as it uses Services. With Services, you can pick which features you need from a social platform. So, you can decide which content you want to push or pull and from which platforms. This allows you to offer customer services to each client depending on their unique needs. To help you find influencers, Sendible has an integration with Majestic which helps with identifying the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of an account holder.

Which platforms does Sendible integrate with?

Sendible supports a big number of social platforms as well as blogging platforms. These include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pintrest, WordPress, Medium, Blogger and Tumbler. It also supports other tools and integrations. These include: Google Chrome Extension, Client Connect widget, Content Suggestions, Facebook Auto Moderator, Facebook Cover Photo, RSS Feed Importer, Canva, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Google Drive and Slack.

Is Sendible any good?

Sendible is a good tool for social media management. While its unique approach of using Services might me confusing at first, it does not take long to fall in love with this feature. It offers a wide range of integrations and the ability to search using parameters to search even deeper. The reporting and analytics are also helpful and will help you to understand social performance and share data with clients easily. Thanks to their level of customization, you can offer your clients better pricing.

Services Offered: AnalyticsAutomated PublishingContent ManagementKeyword FilteringMulti-Account ManagementPost Scheduling

Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest