10Pearls is a software development company and an end-to-end technology services partner. Its highly technical team has worked with businesses of all sizes, offering a range of solutions, from software development and digital marketing to data and analytics. The company has also supported and implemented scalable technology projects with clients like AOL, Time Warner, and the Asian Pacific Institute of Technology.

A few decades ago, 10Pearls Chief Executive Officer Imran Aftab was working for AOL. As Head of Global Sourcing, he travelled all over the world and saw how well-paid work can positively impact poor communities. He then saw how a blended-shore business model could benefit his home country of Pakistan. After all, Pakistan was an English-speaking nation with a strong technology education.

For this reason, Imran and his brother, Zeeshan, launched 10Pearls in 2004. The goal was to provide brands with some of the most highly competent yet affordable technical talent in Pakistan. Today, the company has over 1,200 employees and offices in six countries.
With a focus on innovation, digitalization, modernization, and augmentation, 10Pearls helps businesses think critically through challenges, compete in the digital age, and execute their projects efficiently. To position its clients for the future, 10Pearls reviews and analyzes current industry trends to identify which technologies could make a long-lasting impact and which ones would soon fizzle out.

At the same time, 10Pearls greatly invests in the growth of its offshore team. 10Pearls University, the company’s hub for professional development programs and training, creates opportunities for employees to upskill and become industry leaders.

10Pearls is a go-to for digitalizing and automating business processes. It helps brands develop new tech products and assists in secure cloud technology. Moreover, it connects clients with its audiences by exploring the human context, empathizing with user stories, and designing a human-centric experience. Its expertise in emerging technologies ultimately leads to groundbreaking results for its clients.

Thanks to its community initiative Empower Foundation, 10Pearls remains committed to creating a lasting impact in communities. One of its biggest clients is the non-profit group AARP, for which it developed a digital product for caregivers. Other clients include PayPal, Discover Education, American Chemical Society, and Decisiv. Most recently, Financial Times and Inc. 5000 recognized 10Pearls as the fastest growing company in the US.

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