BairesDev is an end-to-end software outsourcing company that develops efficient and extensible tech solutions. The experience and expertise of its seasoned software engineers have helped clients overcome challenges and achieve digital acceleration. The company has worked with over 10% of Fortune 500 companies. Top clients include Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Rolls-Royce.

Over a decade ago, BairesDev founders Nacho De Marco and Paul Azorin were young entrepreneurs. The former software engineers saw a shortage of engineering talent following the digital revolution. Upon discovering Latin America’s untapped tech industry, they launched BairesDev in 2009. The goal was to deliver digital acceleration and software solutions from the top 1% IT talent in Latin America.

The team’s 10 years’ worth of knowledge and proficiency in different technologies, frameworks, and methodologies help keep brands on top of the current trends. Thanks to BairesDev’s time zone aligned services, nearshore clients can seamlessly work alongside 5,000 seasoned engineers in 36 countries. IT staff augmentation also lets brands add extra talent to their team in an on-demand basis. This helps them quickly fill in roles and finish their projects more efficiently.

By developing tailor-made and scalable software solutions from conceptualization to software testing, BairesDev helps companies shift from digitizing processes to adopting the latest technologies. Its bilingual team of project managers, quality assurance engineers, and software engineers have gone through a rigorous recruitment process to guarantee high-quality output.

BairesDev has served startups, small and medium businesses, and big enterprises. Notably, the company provided Google with engineers to deliver testing services for Android TV. This helped the tech giant identify and improve issues with the operating system early on. BairesDev has also worked with Pinterest, SiriusXM, and ViacomCBS. It currently has a client retention rate of 96%.

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