Innowise Group is a global full-service software development company specializing in proprietary software development, IT outsourcing, and staff augmentation. Founded in 2007 by Pavel Orlov and a small group of fellow IT enthusiasts, Innowise Group provides software engineering and development services to businesses across several industries.

Innowise Group's sophisticated digital solutions are used by clients in more than 30 countries. The company's primary hubs are in Poland and Germany, but it does business worldwide. The company helps clients to close the gaps in IT technology and knowledge by putting together seasoned professionals to complete software development projects of any level of complexity. It also develops and implements digital transformation initiatives at all levels.

Innowise Group has more than 15 years of experience managing business and technology to deliver projects efficiently and on schedule. The company employs skilled individuals to carry out turnkey projects, complete jobs efficiently, and deliver the benefits of outsourcing. With over 1000 IT experts developing software for professionals worldwide, clients may choose bespoke models and project management approaches.

Innowise Group manages every phase of software development, from planning the product's vision to developing the app's design and interface. The tech company creates solutions to optimize international operations, dominate the market in a given industry, and propel advanced innovation through cloud migration or VR app creation.

In addition, Innowise Group offers IT consulting services. Clients can leverage the company's extensive tech background to create a comprehensive IT strategy, streamline and digitize operations, optimize software portfolios, and integrate cutting-edge solutions.
Innowise Group offers UI/UX design, mobile and web development, 3D designs, software testing and quality assurance (QA), business analysis, and DevOps services.

The company also provides Blockchain, NFT, metaverse, AR and VR, IoT, data engineering and visualization, cloud, and big data solutions.
Healthcare and life sciences, finance, banking and insurance, eCommerce and retail, hi-tech and innovations, eLearning, and education are among the top industries that use Innowise Group services.

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  • Staff Augmentation
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