TekRevol Digital, founded in 2014 by Abeer Raza and Asim Siddiqui, is a global award-winning custom software development company. TekRevol Digital facilitates innovative problem-solving through emerging technologies and market insights. For startups, small to medium organizations, and enterprise-level businesses, the company creates innovative avenues and pushes the boundaries of digital transformations.

The Silicon Valley venture focuses on offering innovative digital solutions to businesses of all sizes to assist them in developing high-performance systems. With its user-centric software solutions, TekRevol Digital helps organizations with research, design, and product development.

The company, with a huge presence in the US, Canada, Pakistan, and the UAE, offers a wide range of app development services for mobile (iOS and Android), web, games, and wearables. TekRevol Digital also offers protection for intellectual property, maintenance and support, and prototypes for startups. The company provides customized digital products and solutions for multiple platforms with sophisticated functionalities and impressive aesthetics.

TekRevol Digital creates custom, high-impact software solutions with experienced and skilled professionals that empower businesses and enable them to compete and lead with automation. Custom software development services from the company allow its partners and clients to thrive and expand at an unprecedented pace.
TekRevol Digital takes a relentless approach to creating exceptional digital experiences with an initiative-taking team. It combines the team's collective skills and abilities and innovative approaches to test new and deploy software solutions that function efficiently and surpass their client's expectations.

The staff constantly learns, innovates, develops, refines, and scales solutions. These continuous learnings allow the company to provide powerful digital solutions. TekRevol Digital’s expert software developers leave no stone unturned when creating and developing software systems and solutions. The team creates robust, performance-focused, and unique software solutions while keeping the client's requirements and goals in mind.
It is no surprise that TekRevol Digital serves a broad range of industries and domains, mainly focusing on education, sports, mass media, gaming, and healthcare. The company's previous clients include The Papp App, AMJ Workplace Wellness, TeeMates, High Def Events, Stop Vaping, and Ether Legends.

  • Maintenance and Support
  • Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Hybrid, and Native App)
  • Web Design and Development
  • Startup Consultancy and Prototyping
  • App Marketing
  • Product Discovery
  • Offices:
    Austin, New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Miami
    Brands we have worked with: