What to Tweet: Here are 23 Great Ideas

On an average day, Twitter users send out 500 million tweets. So there is a lot of noise on the platform and it can be difficult for brands to connect with their followers. You need to know what to tweet, when to tweet it, and how to get your audience’s attention to achieve this goal. But as you may have already experienced, that’s easier said than done.

Sometimes, you may tweet something that you thought would really engage your audience but you get nothing more than a few likes.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at some great ideas that will help you come up with tweets that will capture your audience’s attention and get them to engage. This will ensure that you always have something to tweet on any given day, and help you improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

What to Tweet: 23 Great Ideas

#1: Share Industry News

Provide your followers with regular updates about what’s going on in your industry. Are there any recent or upcoming changes that will intrigue your followers? Are there any new regulations that may affect how your brand functions? You could provide valuable information and/or tips related to the update, but it’s best to avoid controversial topics.

Kinsta, for instance, is a WordPress hosting provider. The brand shared news about HTTP/3, the new UDP-based protocol, to help their audience understand it better.

#2: Give Recognition to Your Employees

One of the best ways to humanise your brand is by showing the people behind it. So tweet about your employees and what they do. You could even spotlight individual stories every week, along with photos of your employees. Not only will this engage your audience, it will also make your employees feel appreciated.

Coupa showcased their employees participating in a walk to raise awareness about arthritis. This is an excellent example of spotlighting your employees and humanising your brand.

#3: Ask Relevant Questions

Asking relevant questions to your audience is a great way to engage them. You’re not just shoving information at their faces through this method, but rather getting them to actively participate.

You could ask them about:

  1. Their favourite products/services
  2. What problems they’re facing with your products
  3. What they like about you
  4. Company-related trivia questions
  5. Their opinion about a certain subject
  6. Their opinion on who will win a trending topic

These are just a few examples of the kind of questions you can ask your audience. But whatever you do, try to avoid controversial subjects like political views, trending criminal cases, etc.

Here’s an excellent example of Taco Bell UK asking a relevant question to their followers.

#4: Share Positive Brand News

Is your brand joining an important social cause? Are you getting a new CEO? Maybe you’ve been given an award to recognise your good work.

If there’s any positive news about your brand, make sure you tweet about it. This is a great way to create a positive brand image while keeping your fans updated about what’s going on with your brand.

Five Guys UK made an announcement of a new store opening in Peterborough.

#5: Share Your Blog Content

You always want to get more readers for your blog content. So what better way to promote it than through your tweets?

Share relevant and informative blog posts that your followers would find interesting or helpful. This could include how-to blog posts, guides, tips, ideas, etc. that could address their pain points.

OptinMonster, for instance, regularly shares helpful blog posts that will be relevant to their audience.

#6: Talk about Industry Events

Tweet about any industry events that your brand is going to be a part of by showcasing, speaking, or simply attending. This is a great way to notify your followers about opportunities to meet you in person. You can provide them with dates, location, and other crucial information that will help your fans find you.

Here’s WordPress Engine updating their followers about the WP Engine Summit.

#7: Participate in Trending Topics

Are there any trending topics that everyone is talking about? Find a way to participate in the conversation to keep your audience interested.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your brand or industry, but something that everyone will find relevant. It could be about TV shows, movies, or any other pop culture topic that almost everyone seems to be interested in.

For example, Baskin Robbins keeps tweeting about the upcoming Season 3 of “Stranger Things” because it’s a trending topic and they have even partnered with the show for new flavours.

#8: Share Relevant Fun Facts

Any interesting or fun facts relevant to your brand, products, or services would also make for great tweets. You could talk about how a certain product originated and a brief history of its evolution. You could also talk about current stats relevant to your industry.

Kelly Services is an agency that provides guidance on employment and recruitment. They’ve shared the following stats about occupations with the highest annual earnings.

#9: Provide Answers to FAQs

Twitter is an excellent platform to provide your customers or prospects with answers to their questions about your brand. So if you get multiple people asking the same question, you could answer them through your tweets. If it needs a more comprehensive explanation, you could even share it in the form of a blog post.

Here’s an example of BuzzSumo guiding their followers to use the platform’s backlink monitoring feature.

#10: Share Relevant Quotes

If you ever run out of ideas on what to tweet, you could always share relevant and relatable quotes that will resonate with your audience. Choose quotes that fit your brand image – whether you want to be inspirational, funny, etc.

The Honest Company tries to maintain an authentic and relatable brand image. So the following funny and relatable quote makes for an excellent tweet.

#11: Share Appreciative Customer Tweets

Show the world how much your customers love you by sharing tweets praising your brand. This is a great way to establish social proof, while showing your appreciation for loyal customers.

You could even go so far as to respond to them and thank them for their loyalty. You’ll need to closely monitor your brand mentions and get instant updates about new mentions.

Here’s an example of Zappos sharing a tweet praising the brand’s quick delivery.

#12: Feature Influencers

Influencers have recognisable faces among social media communities. So featuring them in your tweets is an excellent way to immediately capture your audience’s attention.

If you partner with influencers, share their tweets, repost their sponsored images, or feature them in your promotional videos.

For example, Reebok got “Game of Thrones” actress, Nathalie Emmanuel, to model their products in the following tweet.

#13: Make Announcements about Open Positions

Some people may be vying to work for you but may not always be aware of vacancies. So it’s important to advertise your open positions through social media channels for more visibility.

Twitter is an excellent platform to announce open positions at your company and attract more viable candidates.

Vival Media actively shares their open positions with instructions on how to apply.

#14: Showcase Your Work in Progress

Build excitement for your upcoming products and events by showcasing your work in progress through tweets. You could share the latest updates and progress, what’s going on behind the scenes, how it’s being made, etc.

This is a great way to make your followers feel like part of your brand because they’re watching something being developed from the start. It also helps you maintain transparency, which can instil trust in your brand.

Lush UK uses their Lush Kitchen account to give their fans a behind-the-scenes look of their products being made. The following tweet shows Lush manufacturers working on the brand’s Valentine’s Day range.

#15: Embrace Visual Content

Visuals are a huge hit on social media because they immediately capture the audience’s attention, which increases the chances of driving engagement.

A BuzzSumo analysis even found that having at least one image in your tweet will result in more shares. So include relevant original graphics, infographics, product images, etc. in your tweets.

Here’s a great example of visual content from JetBlue. They’ve included a visual example of their offer i.e. handling everything including out-of-office emails.

#16: Highlight Your Brand Milestones

Twitter is an excellent platform to update your fans about notable milestones that your brand has achieved. Usually, brands tweet about their brand birthdays, but you can also tweet about other milestones. For instance, you could celebrate planting 1000 trees if your brand is involved in such causes.

IBM tweeted about the company’s 108th birthday and invited fans to view the brand’s notable Twitter moments.

#17: Retweet Your Favourite Twitter Accounts

You don’t always have to talk about your brand or your products in all of your tweets. You could also share important updates, interesting news, or useful tips from your favourite Twitter accounts even if it’s not about your brand.

This is a great tactic to follow if you run out of ideas. Plus, it’ll help you establish a strong relationship with the account owner.

For example, here’s Innocent Drinks re-sharing YouGov’s tweet about their latest survey on the best classic British foods. They even put a hilarious twist to it by adding their own product at the top.

#18: Share Promotional Codes or Coupons

You can reward your followers for following you by sharing your latest promo codes and discount coupons with them. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged and win their loyalty.

Accompany the update with an attractive image of the product on sale and the expiration date of the coupon code.

Here’s PHB Ethical Beauty providing their followers with an attractive discount code.

#19: Provide Product Launch Updates

Make sure people stay updated about your upcoming product launches by tweeting regular updates. You could provide them with updates on the launch date and time, location, etc.

This is different from showcasing your work in progress in that you’re only providing your followers with reminders rather than showing what’s going on behind the scenes.

EA UK, for instance, provided the following update to remind their followers about an upcoming gameplay reveal.

#20: Share Relatable Memes/Jokes

You can’t go too wrong with relatable memes and jokes on a social platform. It’s an excellent tactic to humanise your brand and engage your audience simultaneously.

However, it does have to fit your brand image. If you’re maintaining a professional brand image, you may want to avoid this.

Here’s an excellent example of a relatable joke from Chipotle UK in reference to the differences in brand images on Twitter and LinkedIn.

#21: Participate in Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays are a great way to show your followers how far your brand has come. This is extremely popular among celebrities, but your brand can participate in it as well to engage your audience. You can better acquaint them with your brand by sharing old images or images of your old branding.

PDSA, for instance, takes advantage of Throwback Thursdays by sharing throwback stories of brave pets and pet rescue attempts.

#22: Participate in Hashtag Holidays

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your tweets is by participating in hashtag holidays. Other than the common ones, there are tons of unusual holidays that you can tweet about – whether it’s National Donut Day, Best Friends Day, or even National Popcorn Day.

You can stay updated about unusual holidays on Days of the Year. If you’re more into cause marketing, you can also refer to Awareness Days for international awareness events.

BMW, for example, used National Clean Air Day to promote their range of BMW i3.

#23: Create Polls

Polls are a great way to understand what your audience likes and what they want to see from you. Create polls asking people to vote for their favourite type of content, what products they want from you, how they use your product, etc.

You can also use polls to simply engage your followers, even without collecting customer insights.

Here’s an example of Glossier asking their followers about their skincare routines through polls.

Final Thoughts

These are 23 excellent ideas on what to tweet next. Most of these ideas can help you improve engagement on your brand’s tweets, while some of them can even increase the visibility of your tweets. Make the most of these ideas to create a compelling tweet schedule and improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

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