11 Up-and-Coming Influencers to Watch in 2019

Social media is still rising in popularity. While Facebook may have reached a plateau in support, other networks, such as Instagram and YouTube, are still beloved, particularly by the young. We saw in our recent Influencer Marketing 2019: Benchmark Report  Instagram now has over 1 billion users, and its users now post 95 million photos and videos per day. Brands use it for 79% of all influencer campaigns. New up-and-coming influencers make their name there almost daily.

It’s not just Instagram that provides a platform for talented posters to become tomorrow’s influencers, however.  Our survey found that 46% of campaigns still use Facebook, and a further 36% involve YouTube. This gives many opportunities for aspiring social media stars to build their names with a respectable following and earn an income from their influencer meeting activity.

We have scouted the internet and found 11 talented and knowledgeable people who we believe will become the up-and-coming Influencers to watch in 2019.

11 Up-and-Coming Influencers to Watch in 2019:

Women’s fashion

@blondeblissblog - 15.7k followers

Who: Jozy is a college student pursuing journalism and retail merchandising at the University of Minnesota. From a young age, she has had a “passion for fashion” and her content displays it all! Her Instagram and blog document her stylish attire and fresh finds. Some of her previous brand collaborations include Sugar High and Poshmark.

What we love about Jozy: Despite her busy schedule, she serves up weekly doses of style inspiration. Her content provides an inside scoop to all the latest trends, including special details like how to wear and where to buy certain items. She uses her platform to share her favorite fashion pieces and inspire others to develop their own unique style that speaks for them.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: trendy clothing, accessories, and budget-friendly shopping
  • Most mentioned brands: TJ Maxx, Old Navy, and Primp Boutique
  • Audience location: Minneapolis, New York City, and Chicago

Men’s fashion

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@poloshyyt - 70.6k followers

Who: Louis Polo is a GQ Insider, Vogue Insider, and influencer on multiple platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. He has worked with brands like Fossil, Original Grain, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

What we love about Louis: Louis is not afraid to show off his bold and unique style. He sports everything from velvet boots to stylish leather clutches. You can also follow his adventures around the world, learn about a variety of men’s products, and gain outfit inspiration through his resourceful YouTube videos.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: luxury watches, sunglasses, and shoes
  • Most mentioned brand: H&M
  • Audience location: United States and Saudi Arabia


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@juicesandberries - 31.1k followers

Who: Jordan is a tastemaker from Southern California, who lives by the phrase “health and wellness is what real beauty is all about”. She runs a blog and a YouTube channel, where she shares her passion for natural beauty, health and wellness. She has worked with a variety of brands including Yuni Beauty and Briogeo Hair Care.

What we love about Jordan: In 2012, Jordan started a journey to embrace her natural hair. And in her quest to find the right hair products, she also found a desire to be a healthier version of herself. Now, her hair, makeup, and lifestyle all show off her natural beauty, which she hopes inspires other women to love their natural selves.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: Organic beauty, hair care, and health food brands
  • Most mentioned brand: Carol’s Daughter


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@hommeboys - 27.7k followers

Who: Austin and Alex are talented interior designers who refine homes in Northern California. Their Instagram and blog show off their current and completed home transformation projects, including their own gorgeous barn-turned-dream home. In the past, they have worked with brands such as Parachute Homes and Year & Day.

What we love about Austin & Alex: Austin and Alex are truly in love with designing homes and they bring that passion to their followers, getting them invested in and excited about the projects they’re working on. Additionally, their gorgeous feed showcases their creative concepts and unique approach to design.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: interior design, wine-country homes, DIY projects
  • Most mentioned brands: Apartment Therapy and West Elm
  • Audience location: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago

Food and beverage

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@hungryhungryheejin - 46.2k followers

Who: Hee Jin is a content creator from California who documents the food lover’s lifestyle on her Instagram feed. She says her content is for “anyone who loves food and a good noodle lift!” In the past, she has worked with brands such as Flora and Waterloo Sparkling.

What we love about Hee Jin: Hee Jin features a diverse range of food, from Korean buckwheat noodles and uni sushi to margherita pizza and avocado toast - so there’s something for everyone! She also likes to share recipes from time to time due to her culinary background.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: food delivery companies, trendy restaurants and cafes
  • Most mentioned brands: Infatuation and Thrillist
  • Audience location: San Francisco and Los Angeles


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@yogi_goddess - 79.6k followers

Who: Phyllicia is a NYC-based yogi and crystal lover who promotes mindful living on her Instagram and blog. She has created beautiful content for brands including HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, iHerb, and many more.

What we love about Phyllicia: As a certified yoga instructor, Phyllicia posts photos and videos of her performing a variety of poses on her own or with other yogis. On her blog, she also shares how she practices mindfulness in every aspect of her life, including eating and bathing.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: yoga clothing, accessories brands, and wellness supplement brands
  • Most mentioned brand: Alo Yoga

Health + Wellness

@init4thelongrunblog - 65.1k followers

Who: Georgie is a coffee-loving, positivity-spreading, health and wellness influencer from Nantucket, Massachusetts. She has teamed up with brands such as Kura Nutrition, Health Ade Kombucha, and iHerb in the past.

What we love about Georgie: In addition to her Instagram, she runs a blog and a podcast where she shares tips, tools, and lessons learned from her personal growth, wellness, and spirituality. Her goal is to inspire joy and self-discovery in others.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: coffee products, health supplements, and self-care products
  • Most mentioned brands: Well+Good, MindBodyGreen, and Whole Foods
  • Audience location: New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles

Outdoors + Travel

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@katcarney - 28.1k followers

Who: Kat is a bi-coastal outdoor adventure photographer, currently residing in Rhode Island. Her Instagram acts as an informal portfolio of her amazing work, featuring mountains, canyons, waterfalls, beaches, and many more landscapes around the world. On her website, you can find her actual portfolio, journal, and photo presets. She has worked with a number of brands, including L.L. Bean, REI, and Powerbar.

What we love about Kat: Kat’s photography expresses her obvious love for the natural world and all it has to offer. As an experienced photographer, she is able to capture candid moments of her adventures outside. She also writes life updates, gives photography tips, and provides campsite cooking recipes on her website.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, camping, and organic/health foods brands
  • Most Mentioned Brand: REI

Mom + Family

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@joyfullygreen - 61.4k followers

Who: Joy Green is an influencer based in Houston, Texas. Her Instagram and blog typically feature her and her daughter Kai eating healthy food, traveling, and matching in mommy-and-me outfits. Joy has worked with brands such as Olay, Kroger, and Maya Toys.

What we love about Joy: Not only is Joy’s content always very high-quality, it’s also relatable for other moms. She is passionate about connecting with mothers around the world and provides useful #MomHacks on her blog. She discusses everything from decor and travel to healthy living and fashion, all while spreading positivity.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: baby clothes, family food subscription boxes, and household items
  • Audience location: Houston, New York City, and Los Angeles


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@mycaninelife - 82.7k followers

Who: Gumbo, Maple, and Aslan are three retrievers living with their owners Hana and Jared. Their content typically includes the three of them camping in the forest, getting sandy at the beach, and playing with some of their dog friends. Their past collaborations have been with brands such as SmartyPaws Vitamins and Dyson.

What we love about Gumbo, Maple, & Aslan: Besides these three being irresistibly cute, they are also expert explorers of the Pacific Northwest. Their content is diverse, featuring many different locations and numerous dog friends. Their Instagram documents their fun adventures perfectly in high-quality, in-action shots.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: dog food and treats, dog-friendly home appliances, outdoor dog products
  • Most mentioned brands: Kurgo, Barkbox, and Target
  • Audience location: Bangkok, New York City, and London


@codingblonde - 48.6k followers

Who: Masha, a former Google employee from Denver, makes tech more fun and accessible through her YouTube videos and blog posts. Masha has collaborated with Netgear and eBay in the past.

What we love about Masha: Masha empowers women in tech through her content. She uses her platform to teach her followers how to code, inspire them through interviews with other women in tech, and educate them on general industry topics.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: cyber-security tools and robotics
  • Most mentioned brands: Girlboss and Google


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