Why You Need A Crypto Talent Management Agency (Plus Our 3 Picks)

In this gig economy, there are more nuanced ways to create work and flourish in different industries. As the post-pandemic workplace becomes more fluid, talent pools must also support this trend of gaining talent for both short- and long-term needs.

One of the fastest-growing fields right now is crypto. With nearly 100% confidence from consumers towards cryptocurrency, it is now a preferred mode of investment, income generation, and payment for services. 

And as global interest moves towards blockchain-powered technologies and services, crypto talent management has scaled to a higher level. Established institutions (e.g., Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York) are now embracing blockchain and crypto, and there is a demand for talent who will be well-versed in the technology.

Why You Need A Crypto Talent Management Agency (Plus Our 3 Picks):

Crypto Talent Management in the Gig Economy

Crypto industry has never been more in-demand, and this has led to a scramble for crypto talent. Businesses of all sizes and across industries, like finance, technology, entertainment, and more, are looking to hire blockchain experts to help explore how the tech applies to their enterprise.

Crypto talent management coincides with today’s trend of a gig economy. Professionals are no longer tied to one work post, or one type of expertise. The gig economy paved the way for individuals to create content, build influence online, share their field expertise in a more personalized way, and generally attract a large following through original content.

How does this relate to crypto talent? 

Because the gig economy has now become the central pillar of the workforce, it’s important to create fluid networks of specialized talent, especially for blockchain experts. The gig economy is much more dependent on tech tools and on a more fluid setup. An institution cannot simply monopolize the work of a crypto expert if he or she already has an influencer status. 

The balance between sourcing talent and building an element of commitment from qualified workers is key to fostering the crypto industry.

What Type of Crypto Talent Is In Demand?

Financial institutions are understandably pooling crypto talent to meet clients’ demands. Majority of jobs require “hard skills” like Java, machine learning, Python, AI expertise, and C/C++. These are software developers and programmers who could introduce a blockchain-based system that traditional enterprises need to keep up.

But crypto talent does not only involve the tech-savvy. Because crypto is a new frontier in finance and services, there’s a big demand for legal and compliance experts. Businesses that aim for a long-term crypto service will have to stick to what is legal. Experts in checks and balances could guide the organization in the process. 

In addition, companies are recognizing the benefit of marketing and PR. Crypto investment and payment will keep steadily gaining ground if customers are constantly exposed to its features. For companies, this means recruiting marketing talent to build its own cross-section branding. 

Crypto Talent Management Strategies

Crypto talent management involves disrupting the standard talent acquisition system that industries have grown accustomed to. Through blockchain technologies, hiring the best talent for finance, marketing, and other fields can be more efficient and fluid if done via crypto talent management.

The key to success is developing a comprehensive crypto talent management strategy that takes into account both sourcing the best talent, and also incentivizing and retaining them. Here are some strategies to achieve that balance: 

Crypto Talent Management Strategies

  • Define your company's needs.

The first step is to clearly define your needs. What specific skills and knowledge are you looking for in a crypto talent? What kind of experience do they need to have? 

While cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are inherently linked, there is a broader range of different applications for blockchain. From engineering, decentralized finance, to governance, blockchain can deliver a more transparent and permissionless system.

The very nature of crypto and blockchain is also a consideration. The industry rewards people who are willing to push boundaries. If your organization is open to paving the path for new tech to replace or complement existing methods or assets, your crypto talent will foster in their craft. 

You may want to consider what is the core skill in crypto or blockchain that your organization needs.

  • Identify the right sources.

There are a number of different sources you can tap into when it comes to finding crypto talent. These include online job boards, specialist recruitment firms, and social media platforms. Of course, the most customized platform would be a crypto talent management agency. They will have a pool of experts who can deliver the work for a premium. 

  • Create an attractive package.

Once you have identified potential candidates, it’s important to assemble an attractive package that will incentivize them to join your company. This should include both financial and non-financial rewards. 

Having a worthwhile arrangement will ensure that your employees will stay on board. Whether you have a project-based or a regular position offered, you’ll benefit from a high retention rate because there’s less time spent on training and onboarding.

  • Implement retention strategies. 

It’s not enough to just hire crypto talent—you also need to keep them. To do this, your company has to have effective retention strategies. This doesn’t only involve salary. These could include flexible working arrangements, clear career progression path, relevant training, and development opportunities.

  • Find workers who believe in crypto.

Even though the crypto industry is booming, there are still a chunk of qualified employees that may be on the fence about working in crypto. One big reason may be that companies still struggle to provide a consistent message in the labor market. If a company itself does not make the stance and the goals specific, how can prospective talents be attracted to working on that project? 

Clear objectives, strong branding and employer voice, and a legitimate move towards blockchain and crypto adaptation are critical to attracting the right talent.

  • Train and develop your team

It’s also important to invest in the training and development of your crypto staff. While they are experts in their own right, it’s crucial to have a unified approach to work and for each staff member to understand the business. These workers will likely come from diverse backgrounds, and will need direction even if they are sourced from all parts of the world. 

Even if you are hiring on a project basis, your crypto professionals will be able to make sense of the work if the company has a coherent strategy. This ensures that they are able to hit the ground running and make a positive impact on your outcomes.

Why You Need A Crypto Talent Management Agency

Some companies are new to the crypto, DeFi, and NFT world of transactions and investments. Partnering with a crypto talent management agency helps understand the nuanced needs in crypto, and finding workers that match your business.  

Here are benefits of hiring a crypto talent management agency:

why you need a crypto talent management agency

1. Convenience

One of the main benefits of a crypto talent management agency is that it provides a more straightforward way to find the top performing workers in crypto. With a crypto agency, businesses can access a larger pool of potential workers without having to go through the hassle of posting job ads and sorting through resumes. The agency itself has the main task of doing the necessary checks and balance, which can be a tedious and lengthy process if done in-house.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring a crypto talent management agency can be cheaper than other recruitment methods. When you partner with an agency, you only pay for the services you need. No work and added costs relating to advertising, recruitment process, and research costs. Everything is handed to your organization ready for your decision.

3. Access to the best

When you work with a crypto talent management agency, you’ll have access to some of the top crypto talent in the industry. Crypto talent agencies have their finger on the pulse of the latest crypto trends and technologies. You can consult and customize your requirements to find the workers who can deliver for your business.

4. Customization

Crypto talent management agencies aren’t limited to pooling prospective employees for your company. These bodies can actually assist you in building a more crypto-focused organization that promotes blockchain use in day-to-day business. This is what’s usually missing from businesses: a clear agenda on what type of blockchain capabilities will be implemented in the company. 

Partnering with crypto talent agencies helps you navigate what can be a tough and confusing transition towards a permissionless, decentralized system. 

Crypto Talent Management Agency: Our 3 Picks

Here are our three crypto talent management agencies worth considering for your crypto expansion:

Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit Crypto Talent Management Agency

Crypto Recruit is the world’s first recruitment agency. It specializes in the blockchain and crypto industry. The international firm provides services across the globe, and has one of the most effective networking platforms relating to crypto. 

Crypto Recruit offers talent that specialize in DeFi (decentralized finance), GameFi (metaverse gaming projects), Layer 1 and 2 Solutions, NFTs and other areas that require specific crypto knowledge and skills. The effective networking and sourcing ecosystem garners the best potential recruits.

Apart from the talent recruitment service, it’s worth partnering with Crypto Recruit because they give a more intimate understanding of each sector. If you want to, say, adopt the financial aspect of crypto in your business, Crypto Recruit can give a holistic overview as well as a more specific target of goals and skills your company will need. 

Crypto Recruit caters to various industries, like marketing and events, finance, IT infrastructure and telecommunications, customer relations and sales, social media, to name a few.


WorkInCrypto crypto talent agency

WorkInCrypto is a London-based crypto talent agency that caters to companies new to the technology. It works with traditional organizations that are making their first foray into the crypto and blockchain landscape. In these cases, the firm helps the company understand the basics of crypto, how to navigate a crypto-adaptation strategy, and find the right talent to recruit.

Organizations that are looking for various technical crypto positions will appreciate the ease that this agency provides. It supports a wide range of companies, from billionaires to simple startups. The agency offers a comprehensive framework on recruitment strategies, retention methods, and going global with crypto capabilities.

The caveat is that WorkInCrypto works on an exclusive project basis, which means it would not allow another recruiter to simultaneously work with you during your engagement with it.

Blockchain Talent Agency

Crypto Talent Management Strategies

Blockchain Talent Agency has a two-way convenient process that allows companies to screen and gather a selection of highly qualified and interested candidates. Its first option is the Contingency process. It can facilitate scheduling of interviews and negotiations with potential crypto staff. You will have a more efficient way of screening and interviewing candidates. In addition, you are only required to pay if you hire their recommended talent. Contingency is a good option to take if you want to fill a vacant crypto post right away.

Meanwhile, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows your organization to not only get a selected pool of talent, but also institute a new, more effective internal recruitment process. The agency will virtually improve your in-house practices to improve the acceptance and retention rates when it comes to crypto talent.

Blockchain Talent Agency is worth considering because of their flexible options when it comes to sourcing crypto professionals. It has experience partnering with startups, VC firms and accelerators, and major industries. 

Final Thoughts

Blockchain and crypto tech remain volatile, but are continuing to make an impact across fields. There is a higher demand for professionals that can move startups and companies into a crypto-based system given the advantages in transparency, efficiency, and value.

This is now a prime moment for companies, because everyone is in the early stages of adoption of the blockchain tech. Much of the adjustments and figuring out of processes will require support from crypto talent management agencies that have the experience assisting organizations and industries make the leap. By engaging a crypto talent management agency, your startup will be well-positioned to score the most qualified personnel, and be successful in capitalizing on crypto’s transformative technology.

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