Double Opt-In

In an email campaign, marketers send out an email or a series of emails to a brand or business’s mailing list to achieve specific business goals. These mailing lists are either bought or built organically. Organically created mailing lists allow audiences to opt-in to receive emails from the brand, while purchased mailing lists are ready-made and just need to be inputted into an email marketing platform.

It is highly recommended that brands build their mailing lists from scratch because this ensures the quality of their leads. To further ensure that the mailing list is filled with quality contacts, the double opt-in process was developed.

What Is Double Opt-In?

Double opt is a method used for adding new contacts to your mailing list. Before an email address becomes part of your list, the owner signifies that they want to join the mailing list by confirming their email address.

This step validates the contact details of the email address owner. By using this system when adding new contacts, you are assured of better deliverability rates and higher-quality leads. This helps your brand achieve your email campaign goals more easily.

How Does Double Opt-In Differ From Single Opt-In?

These two email subscription methods are effective for building your email list. They are easy to implement, and they help you securely gather contact details from your audience. 

In the single opt-in process, a user immediately becomes a part of your mailing list when they subscribe. They would not have to confirm their details, and they would start receiving emails from your brand once you run an email campaign. 

The double opt-in process, on the other hand, is a two-step process. Marketers collect email addresses through a form. After a user submits their email address, they will receive a confirmation email that asks them to validate their subscription. When they confirm, they will become a part of your brand’s mailing list.

Why Is an Opt-In Process Necessary for Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

As mentioned, an opt-in process qualifies your leads. Whenever you create an email campaign, your email gets marked as promotional. Most email channels require consent from the recipient before a marketer can send them a promotional email. In this case, the opt-in process serves as the user’s consent.

If you do not get the consent of your audience for promotional emails, your emails can get marked as spam. This means that your recipients do not get to see your email, sinking your deliverability rate. It is also counterproductive to achieving your email marketing campaign goals.

Improving Your Double Opt-In Rate

Many steps go into the double opt-in process. They must be handled well for the process to go smoothly. Here is how you can optimize your double opt-in process to improve your email list.

  • Incentivize your audience to opt-in to your email list

Give your audiences a compelling reason to submit their email to be a part of your mailing list. You can give them an exclusive discount or gift in exchange for signing up to your mailing list, or you can establish a loyalty program. A double opt-in process requires more effort on the part of the recipient, so you want to make sure they think it is worth it.

  • Polish your confirmation email

Your brand story should be evident in your confirmation email. Make sure that your branding is evident so there is consistency throughout the double opt-in process. Add in a button that users can click to confirm their details. This is better than a link because it is more eye-catching and less confusing to view.

  • Add an option to opt-out of your mailing list

Providing your audience with an option to unsubscribe from your mailing list is a great way to show them they have agency and control over what they receive. Additionally, this is a good way to clean out your mailing list if a user is no longer interested in being a part of it.

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