Teespring is a print-on-demand service that's considered to be the leading social commerce platform for creating and selling custom products online. All products are made on-demand, so there are no upfront costs or risks involved. 

Teesprings has a complete collection of selling tools integrated into users' account dashboards, including tech integrations with sites like YouTube and Twitch and top brand collaborations with companies like Champion. When you get a sale, Teesprings makes the product, ships it to the buyer, and sends you the profit. That's it! They even take care of customer support, returns, and refunds so you don't have to. 


Like most Print-on-Demand services, Teespring is free to use. You can set up an account, upload your designs, and start selling without any financial risk. Teespring earns its money by keeping a portion of the total sale price. Rather than a percentage of the sale, there’s a fixed cost for each item: users are able to set their price wherever they want it, and Teespring’s cost remains the same. 

Because there are so many items available, it would be much too time-consuming (and ugly) if we listed them all here. Here’s a general idea of what items will cost you, with the stated range being dependent on style and fabric. Teespring offers volume discounts on a month-to-month basis. That is, if you cross a sales threshold by the end of a month, your next month's pricing is based on that. You can see the full pricing for all Teespring products, in US dollars and Euros, here.

Popular Features of Teespring 

Teespring offers Same Day printing and 2-Day shipping options, so anyone can create an Amazon-like shopping experience. They also handle taking payments, eliminate the need for merchants to hold inventory, and take ownership of the customer service. Beyond that, they’ve added some pretty innovative features that have been a major part of Teespring’s resurgence in recent years. 

  • Boosted Network — When you set up a store with Teespring, there’s a lot you can do to promote your products and increase sales. But then there’s also some stuff that Teespring does behind the scenes, as an included benefit. Teespring integrates with seven different online marketplaces to create multiple sales channels for its customers.  
  • Basic and Boosted Retargeting — If someone views your design but doesn’t buy it, Teespring will target ads at them, reminding them of your awesome product.
  • Email Marketing — Using the “Messaging” feature, you can send promotional emails right from your Teespring dashboard to anyone who’s purchased from your shop before. You can send emails to all customers, or create segments of them based on past purchases for more targeted emails.
  • Specialty Items — In addition to the standard print-on-demand products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and phone cases, you also have the option for many of these products to have the design printed all over, or just on sleeves, rather than simply centered on the front or back. They also offer beanies, trucker hats, keychains, pop sockets, backpacks, pins, and even fully custom plush dolls of your own design.

Teespring Go — You aren’t limited to just print-on-demand products. With Teespring Go, you can sell literally anything you want. To do this, you can either buy a bunch of inventory and ship it to Teespring’s warehouse, or work with them directly to source whatever it is you want to sell. In both scenarios, Teespring handles all the payments, shipping, and customer service, just as they would with their POD line of products, taking a flat 15% of the sale prices as their fee.

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