10 Great Snapchat Sticker Memes To Make You Laugh

Nearly a dozen years after its launch, Snapchat remains to be one of the most popular apps today. Admit it, you still spend hours on end decorating snaps and creating awesome stories to share. We bet you also while away the time scrolling through videos on Spotlight or looking for Snapchat sticker memes. Well, so are most consumers. This makes Snapchat a good marketing channel for your business.

Boost your online visibility on social media by creating a unique brand presence on the Snapchat platform. Use Snapchat stickers for more customization that enable you to add your brand personality to your snaps. Add witty captions to popular sticker memes to make your Snapchat stories shine.

Make the most out of your Snapchat account by using it to boost your online visibility and enhance customer engagement. Here are some of the best Snapchat sticker memes you can use for more engaging stories and conversations.

10 Best Snapchat Sticker Memes:

10 Best Snapchat Sticker Memes

Confused Nick Young

Who hasn’t seen the confused reaction of Nick Young on GIF? This meme is a popular favorite for reacting to anything that just doesn’t seem right or is utterly confusing. Befuddled over something? Express your confusion with this comical Nick Young meme.

Source: giphy.com

You’re Welcome

One way to grab the attention of your audience is by using a You’re Welcome meme. It’s a creative way to pique curiosity and start an interaction. Most people will be curious enough to see just what you shared that’s worthy of their gratitude. Use this when you are releasing a new product, starting a new promotion, or giving your customers first dibs on the latest collection.

Source: awwmemes.com

That Smug Smile

Gavin with a coffee mug is one of the most recognizable images online. There’s just something about the smug smile on this young boy’s face that makes this image very meme-worthy. That smile and look can mean so many things. It could be the face of someone about to spill the tea and cause havoc. Or maybe someone who’s successfully managed to do a nearly impossible feat. Perhaps someone who has gotten away with doing something mischievous without getting caught. With the right caption, you can make this meme your own and use it to spark conversations with your audience.

Source: imgflip.com

Jackie Chan’s WHY????

Confused? Confounded? Totally bewildered? Caption this meme with whatever’s got you all confused. Why this make no sense? Why you don’t have a personal brand? Why you not getting a [product]? Why, just why? Remember to give it that Jackie Chan touch by matching the actor’s comedic tone.

Sleepy Boo

Want to say that something is so boring without sounding rude? Send this sticker meme of cute little Boo struggling to stay awake. It’s a cute way to say you’re bored out of your mind. You can also get a little cheeky and post this as your reaction to a competitor’s marketing campaign. Just make sure to keep the captions friendly to keep the competition healthy.

Source: tenor.com

Eating Popcorn

When some action’s about to break, it’s time to grab some popcorn and wait for the events to unfold. Show how eager you are for what’s about to happen or just how riveting an issue is. Add an equally captivating caption to turn this Landon Moss GIF into a sticker meme.

Source: giphy.com

Some Jedi Wisdom from Baby Yoda

Capture audiences from the Baby Boomer and Gen X crowd. Let Baby Yoda help you share some Jedi wisdom in a hilarious way. With countless ideas for captions for this image, you can make an infinite number of sticker memes with it. So be one with the force and let the creativity flow through your veins.

Source: picsart.com

Sooooo Excited!

Get everyone hyped with this sticker meme. Share your excitement over an upcoming sale or product release. Let your customers know that you’ve got something cooking that will make them go crazily thrilled as this little boy.

Source: tenor.com


Made a mistake? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Say sorry and win the hearts of your followers with this cute sticker meme. With the charm of this cute little cat, your customers would let your faux pas slide in a wink.

Source: tenor.com

Baby Winner

There are no small feats! Celebrate every goal and target reached with this uber cute meme. You can also use this sticker to cheer your followers on.

Source: giphy.com

How to Get Sticker Memes on Snapchat?

You can make your own sticker memes on Snapchat using your own photos, captions, and music. Customize your snaps using any of the available stickers in the sticker gallery. There’s a plethora of stickers to choose from, giving you endless possibilities for creating sticker memes that have the potential to go viral.

You can also get more stickers using third-party apps or other digital tools. Many of the popular Snapchat sticker memes can be downloaded from the internet and added to your snaps. Just check for copyrights or permissions needed. But you’ll find a lot available for free use.

Using Snapchat Sticker Memes for Marketing

Younger millennials and Gen Zs may form the majority of meme and GIF creators, but even the older generations love browsing through these hilarious images. So don’t undervalue the power of Snapchat sticker memes in marketing your brand.

While you can’t really use existing memes for your own marketing purposes, you can use them as stickers on your messaging platforms and social media networks. Sticker memes can’t be edited easily but are easy to insert in private messages and forward to other people. As people constantly see your sticker memes popping up in comments, tweets, or chat boxes, they’ll eventually recognize your brand. The image will stick to their mind and trigger brand recall. Sticker memes convey positive emotions that consumers can associate with your brand.

Sticker memes also have lots of potential in reaching the younger market. They add fun and excitement to otherwise dull messages and dry interactions. They can also be more memorable and engaging than Bitmojis and emoticons.

So go ahead and create custom Snapchat sticker memes for your brand. Re-use them on multiple snaps and share away. If you’re lucky enough, your sticker meme can go viral and give your brand a big boost in online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Snapchat sticker memes?

Snapchat sticker memes are GIFs or static images that express moods and reactions in a funny way. They make chatting online more fun and engaging. Snapchat sticker memes can be created using your own personalized snaps or downloaded from meme sites online.

How to add a Snapchat sticker?

After you take a picture, tap the sticker icon on the right toolbar. It’s the square icon with the folded corner. Tap on the sticker you want, then drag it to where you want to place it. You can change the size of the sticker by pinching two fingers over the image. You can also add multiple stickers to your snap before sending it to friends or adding it to your stories.

How to search for stickers on Snapchat?

Searching for funny stickers on Snapchat is pretty straightforward. Just open the app, take your snap, and tap on the square icon on the right. This will open the sticker gallery where icons are categorized according to style and nature. You can use the search bar to find stickers that match a keyword or scroll through the different tabs.

How to delete stickers on Snapchat?

It happens. You add a sticker, then realize it doesn’t fit the vibe you want to exude. Good thing you can easily delete stickers right before publishing your snap. Simply tap on the sticker you want to delete, then drag it toward the trash can. The trash can isn’t always visible, but it appears once you drag a sticker around.

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