22 Instagram Travel Influencers to Follow

There’s no denying that travel Instagram influencers get to do what few can. They are able to jet off to new places, experience new cultures, taste new foods and make new memories. It’s the ultimate lifestyle experience that many people aspire to. 

If you’re itching for adventure, but can’t get away, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 22 travel Instagram influencers blazing a trail across the globe. Following them won’t just give you a chance to see the world through their lens, you’ll also get to see parts of the world that are often off the unbeaten track. 

Here’s our list of 20 travel Instagram influencers you should follow in 2019: 




In 2014, Eric Stoen ditched his job in the healthcare industry for travel. To date, Stoen has visited over 90 countries and 7 continents. What makes his adventures so fascinating is that he’s a dad and he travels with his kids.

It may seem like a bit more than most parents can handle, but Stoen’s mentioned that his kids love the experience. 

Follow @travelbabbo on Instagram.




Being a photographer and Instagram travel influencer aren’t mutually exclusive, they pair rather well. In Callum Snape’s case, he happens to be both and does a really good job at making these titles work for him. 

Snape is a travel freelance photographer who’s done work for very large brands. His client list includes Toyota, SanDisk, IcelandAir and Google. 

His work is inspired by adventure, landscapes, lifestyle and sports. As you browse through his Instafeed, you can’t help but feel like you’re being transported to a lesser-known part of the world. 

Follow @calsnape on Instagram.




Travelling the world solo can be fun, but it proves to be more so with your partner. Danilo and Anna are an Italian travel and content creator duo. They’ve been to Malta, Amalfi, Paris, Tbilisi and Athens. Along the way, they’ve captured some of the most vibrant and awe-inspiring images. 

Follow @ournextflight on Instagram.




Walking along a quiet and peaceful road in Lauterbrunner, Switzerland is nothing shy of picturesque. For Francesca and Tommaso, an Italian couple, this experience and many more like it in different parts of Europe appear to be common.

Together, they’ve visited New York, Paris, Rome, Alsace, Venice, Mykonos and Switzerland. When you visit their profile, be sure to check out their Instagram Stories. You won’t be disappointed.

Follow @takemyheareverywhere in Instagram.





Capturing breathtaking landscapes is no simple feat. You need to have an eye for the perfect shot and the patience to wait to capture nature in all its splendour. Daniel Kordan’s been able to take some of the most captivating images of landscapes. 

As you scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll see images of majestic mountain ranges and hidden waterfalls from his travels.

Follow @danielkordan on Instagram.




A self-confessed “flashpacker” - a backpacker with a little bit of money in their pocket - Karilyn had visited 39 countries before the age of 30. She met her husband in Mumbai where she spent 8 years. Since then, Karilyn has become a mom, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the world. 

Today, she travels with her family. Some of their most memorable destinations include Costa Rica, Israel, Jordan, and way too many spots on their US road trip adventure. 

Follow @nobackhome on Instagram.




“Have Camera, Will Travel.” That’s what you’ll see when you read Chris Burkard's bio on Instagram. And when it comes to his feed, there’s ample proof that Burkard isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

He’s not just a photographer either. Burkard’s an author, creative director and speaker. Looking at his feed inspires a sense of nostalgia, something we think is done on purpose and gladly fall for every time.

Follow @chrisburkard on Instagram.




What if your honeymoon lasted 3 years and it was spent traveling the world? That’s exactly how this Instagram travel influencer’s spent her days. Melissa’s also turned her travels into a thriving business. She’s represented the like of Walt Disney Pictures, The Ritz-Carlton and the Mexican Tourism Board.

We can’t help but be transfixed by the variety of images she posts. From the multicoloured apartment buildings in Tokyo to the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

Follow @melissa on Instagram.




There’s something special about Louis Cole’s Instagram profile. It just oozes authenticity. And when you look closer, you begin to understand why. Cole is on a mission to inspire social change. 

In June 2019, he helped support an 18-year old’s dream of becoming a motivational speaker. Cole partnered with Google Pixel and friends from his personal network to give RJ Roberts (@realtalkwithrj) the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd and get lessons from an international speaker.

Beyond his drive for social change, you’ll also get to see Cole’s adventure spirit shine through his images. Be sure to watch his Instagram Stories to really get a feel for how he’s helping inspire the world.

Follow @funforlouis on Instagram.




Looking at Jack Morris’ Instagram profile, it’s a stretch to imagine that he’s been anything but a traveller. Truth is, he was a carpet cleaner for 4 years before he grabbed a backpack and decided to see the world. 

Morris has been travelling since 2012 and has been to over 50 countries and counting. His travels aren’t all about luxury spots either. He’s used to roughing it out and living out of a backpack in far-off places. 

Follow @doyoutravel on Instagram.




Turkey, Istria, Dubai, France and Greece. These are some of the destinations that Jennifer Tuffen has visited. She documents her travels on her blog along with the many images she captures.

It’s hard to miss how colourful her Instagram feed is. She does a great job of getting about when visiting new locations, something anyone looking for new ideas of where to go will find both alluring and interesting.




Looking at Jessica Stein, you might not believe that she’s got more going on than meets the eye. Beyond running a successful clothing line, she’s an inspiration for mom’s across the world who care for children with rare chromosome disorders. She took on this mantle when her daughter was diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 3. 

Today, she shares what it’s like for her and her husband to care for their beautiful daughter Ru while they explore the world as much as they can.   

Follow @tuulavintage on Instagram.




Looking at this image should spark a memory or two. It’s one taken by Murad Osmann, the Instagrammer that made this pose famous across the world. Featured in this, and all others like it, is his wife Nataly. 

Together the couple travels the world, sharing some of the most striking visuals of their destinations. 

Follow @muradosmann on Instagram.




As far as travel duos go, Tyler Stalman and Ania Boniecka (@aniab) are a solid team. Together, they share what it’s like to get about both locally in Canada and internationally. They also work together as photographers and videographers.

When you see their work you’ll spot an unmistakable quality. Each image they take, whether on the road or of projects their working on, seems measured and perfectly captured to give the viewer a moment to take it all in. 

Stalman also takes a lot of videos, so be sure to check his Instagram Stories to follow his travels.

Follow @stalman on Instagram.




Alen Palander’s work is bold. He’s images share his unique filter that you automatically become immersed in. Whether somewhere in Asia or in Europe, Palander’s eye is always ready to capture a great shot.

Palander is also a creative director and videographer. He’s worked with leading brands like Longines and Mercedes Benz. The best part, he got to showcase their products in his work. 

Follow @alenpalander on Instagram.




Chris Hau is more than an Instagram Influencer. He’s a YouTuber and Creative director. His work has been featured on Good Morning America and Huffington Post, and his partnered with large brands like Mercedes Benz, Corona and Google. 

But what really makes his Instagram profile worth following is the variety of images and locations he shares. His work is edgy and makes you want to almost reach out and grasp each still. 

Follow @thechrishau on Instagram.




While his Instagram bio reads, “french boy working on trying to become who I am supposed to be. still haven’t quite figured it out though,” Benjamin Ortega seems to be doing a good job of living an adventurous life. He’s also the recipient of the Blogger Awards Best Artistic Blog Award for 2018. 

Ortega is a filmmaker and photographer. His Instafeed shares a well-balanced combination of action photography and location stills. Following him will definitely make for an interesting viewing experience as he’s always up to something involving water, his boosted board or a cool car.

Follow @benjaminortega on Instagram.




Janni Olsson Delér launched her blog in 2013. Her goal was to capture and share memories from her travels. Today, she’s amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram, has been to some of the world’s most exotic destinations and launched a clothing line. 

If you’re looking for an over-the-shoulder experience that takes you from Dubai to Coachella, check out her Instagram profile.

Follow @jannid on Instagram.




If the name Jon Olsson Delér looks somewhat familiar, it’s because he’s married to Janni. Besides being a world traveller, Jon’s also an entrepreneur and professional skier. 

Unlike Janni, Jon’s profile is filled with more adventurous and adrenaline related posts from around the world. You’ll catch him taking to water on a speed boat in Sardinia or hopping into a Formula E race car in France.

Follow @jonolsson on Instagram.




Riley Harper is a stuntman. When he’s not taking hits for well-known actors, he seizes the opportunity to travel the world and partner with brands on special projects. 

As a stuntman, his feed definitely corresponds with his career. He loves anything with an engine and isn’t shy to leap off of peaks and into water.

Follow @lifeof_riley on Instagram.




Graeme and Theodora called it quits on their successful interior design and project management company in the UK. Their reason was to pursue their wildest dreams of making a living while travelling the world. 

That was in 2016. Today, they have worked with resorts around the globe, shooting video and taking photographs, all while taking in new sights and sounds.

Follow @babewheresmypassport in Instagram.




There are tons of amazing stories about trials and adversity. Keira Rumble’s involved a love for skiing that was snatched away by a horrible accident. The accident left her with a shattered shin and broken arms. 

But that didn’t stop her. She managed to bounce back, building a food brand of her own and sharing healthy living and her travel experiences with the world. Keira’s been from Africa to Spain and many places in between. 

Follow @krumble on Instagram.

We hope our list of 22 travel influencers inspires you to get out there and blaze a trail of your own. When you hit the road, don’t forget to document it all on Instagram!


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