Unveiling the Top 10 US Mobile App Development Companies

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The intuitive user interface, seamless user experience, and innovative features of mobile applications have accelerated their widespread adoption. Mobile apps have evolved into a favorite medium for businesses across the globe, functioning as the next generation of digital storefronts. The swift surge in downloads and page traffic has proved to be highly beneficial for businesses looking to increase their sales and market visibility. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and geo-location tagging are just examples of advanced technologies on mobile apps that can attract a new slew of audiences.

The potential income stream from mobile apps through in-app purchases and paid downloads is projected to reach $935 billion by 2023. As such, businesses looking to further connect with their target audience must utilize customized mobile apps that are purpose-built to suit their unique business needs. By using this strategy, they can not only expand their customer base but also build an engaged following.

Expert Mobile App Development: 10 US Companies to Trust:

What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development refers to the process of designing and building programs and features that have been optimized to run on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The method is divided into many phases, from extensive research and creative thinking to rigorous development, extensive testing, and streamlined execution.

Developing a mobile app requires the use of many languages, tools, and frameworks. To guarantee the app runs properly, it is vital to understand market and user behavior. These important insights are critical for designing an app that effectively serves the demands of the company's target audience.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the US

Below are the best mobile app development companies in the United States.

us mobile app development companies

1. Moburst


Moburst is a full-service app marketing agency that helps companies achieve exceptional mobile growth and reach key performance indicators. With offices in New York City, San Francisco, London, and Kfar Saba in Israel, the agency has worked with a broad range of clients, from major global companies to fledgling startups. Moburst’s team has the expertise to combine a data-driven plan with a creative perspective. The teams of developers, designers, and strategists collaborate effectively to ensure a cohesive client experience and develop impactful mobile marketing campaigns.

Moburst offers a range of mobile app development services that cover app store optimization, media buying, creative production, and mobile strategy.

Notable clients: Samsung, Dunkin’ Donuts, Uber, Reddit, Pfizer

Other services: digital marketing strategy, social marketing strategy, BI and analytics, SEO, CRO, video production, email marketing, website development, digital transformation, and more


Moburst is a full-service agency that helps companies scale and become category leaders. We love user experience and truly believe in creating memorable experiences through high-end design and development. We won 32 awards for our work in 2022 as we ...



New York City, San Francisco, Miami, London, Tel Aviv

Best for:

Small Business, Midmarket, Enterprise

Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+
Native App
Digital Transformation
Website Development
Influencer Marketing
Media Buying
OTT Advertising
Creative and Video Production
Social Media Management
Strategy (Mobile, Digital, Social, Product)
App Development
Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+


Moburst is a full-service agency that helps companies scale and become category leaders. We love user experience and truly believe in creating memorable experiences through high-end design and development. We won 32 awards for our work in 2022 as we ...

2. 10Pearls


10Pearls is an acclaimed app development company with headquarters in Washington and offices in key cities around the world. The agency employs an experienced team of developers, designers, business analysts, and other specialists who each contribute their skills to come up with unique and modern mobile applications.

10Pearls focuses on developing digital products and experiences that have an enormous impact on both companies and consumers. Its emphasis is on creating value and encouraging innovation, enabling more rapid and scalable product creation. It also makes the most of its clients’ existing technology by re-architecting its framework as required. The team at 10Pearls focuses on modernizing platforms and applications to improve speed, user experience, scalability, and security.

Notable clients: Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, National Geographic, Capital One, Docker

Other services: web development, UI/UX design, data & analytics, AI, IoT, chatbots, and more


10Pearls is a software development company and an end-to-end technology services partner. Its highly technical team has worked with businesses of all sizes, offering a range of solutions, from software development and digital marketing to data and an...




Best for:

Enterprise, Midmarket and Small Business

Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+
Microsoft SharePoint
Ruby on Rails
Software Development
Web development
Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+


10Pearls is a software development company and an end-to-end technology services partner. Its highly technical team has worked with businesses of all sizes, offering a range of solutions, from software development and digital marketing to data and an...

3. Appinventiv


Appinventiv, an award-winning company with an office in Manhattan, NY, is renowned for providing impeccable technological services to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. This digital product engineering one-stop-shop offers a comprehensive suite of services, including mobile app development, AR/VR, blockchain, cloud and DevOps, and other cutting-edge technologies. With a team of over 1,000 skilled developers, engineers, and professionals, the company is committed to transforming client ideas into reality through its agile approach.

Appinventiv’s main goal is to provide customers with rich experiences and innovative solutions through timely delivery and post-development support. The company’s customer-centric and design-led engineering approach has enabled a global clientele to digitally transform and scale their operations with innovative solutions. Appinventiv’s other offices are located in the UK, UAE, Australia, and India.

Notable clients: KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Domino’s, Pizza Hut

Other services: blockchain, AI, machine learning, UX/UI design, NFT, IT consulting, digital transformation, IoT, product launch and growth hacking, and more

4. Naked


Naked (or Naked Development) is the top creative development agency in Orange County and Los Angeles. With its focus on simplicity, the company’s team of experts highlights the importance of not skipping any steps in the mobile app development process. Their approach involves paying close attention to the customer’s idea and breaking it down to identify the fundamental business goals. And then the design process starts.

Naked’s strategy is to design in a way that supports the user’s overall experience from the beginning to the end. Its development team works together with the creative team to guarantee precise coding. The post-dev team then works with the support team for the launch of the new mobile app.

Notable clients: Vigor Fitness, Guac, Car Blip, Snap MD

Other services: brand strategy, UI/UX product design, product strategy, software development, digital marketing

5. Fueled


Fueled, a tech company based in New York City, has been recognized for its role in creating and sustaining multiple award-winning mobile and web applications. Its focus is on helping businesses build or transform their mobile presence and accelerate their growth.

The company’s Android app development team is certified by Google and specializes in designing apps for both large corporations and startup clients. The team collaborates with app designers and product strategists to produce Android apps that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. Fueled also has a dedicated global team for creating iPhone apps. The team handles all aspects related to their projects, including development, design, and coding.

Fueled also demonstrates impressive expertise in integrating customer requirements, business goals, and technological skills to challenge existing norms. The company’s strategists employ an approach centered around Design Sprint to uncover prospects, stimulate creativity, and explore fresh digital endeavors that can propel expansion beyond primary business goals.

Notable clients: MGM Resorts International, Apple, 9Gag, WSJ, Crunchbase, United Nations, Happify

Other services: web development, smart contract, branding, web3, DeFi

6. Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media is a mobile app development company with offices in San Francisco, New York City, and London. It provides end-to-end mobile development services through a professional team of developers and cutting-edge technology to explore the most recent trends in mobile app development. Dogtown Media provides tailored packages that cater to an array of business needs and financial plans. These packages range from rapid prototyping for startups to comprehensive designs for large enterprises.

Dogtown Media offers a combination of technical expertise and strategic planning to transform innovative ideas into thriving mobile applications, ensuring its clients’ businesses stay ahead of the competition. It provides a wide range of native apps and cross-platform solutions that can help businesses scale globally via the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s also known for delivering exceptional UI/UX design services with an eye on creating digital experiences that are user-centric.

Notable clients: Merlin AI Chatbot App, NIH, Moffitt Cancer Center, Udemy

Other services: IoT, UI/UX design, augmented reality apps, AI apps, machine learning app development, and more

7. Mercury Development

Mercury Development

Mercury Development has been a reliable provider of mobile apps and custom software since 1999. The company’s impressive workforce has produced over 1,500 mobile apps and services for the iOS and Android platforms. These apps have been used by a staggering 40 million users and have earned the team numerous awards.

Based in Palm City, Florida, Mercury Development caters to a wide range of clients, from early-stage startups to multinational organizations. It seamlessly integrates into any business workflow, whether it involves creating a new application or requiring assistance with the development or quality assurance of an existing solution.

The company has teams that can enhance the speed of a project’s development process and expand its technical features. They streamline the code and design of mobile applications, whether native or hybrid, to ensure that they meet the latest technical requirements. iOS and Android developers and designers place a premium on graphic design, ensuring that each app they create is visually striking, user-friendly, and accessible to a wide range of users.

Notable clients: Mercedes-Benz, Fitbit, HSBC, Burger King, Mayday Safety, Cisco

Other services: web development, desktop development, staff augmentation, IoT/emerging tech, and more

8. Utility


Utility is a New York-based mobile app design and development company. It has an experienced team of developers, analysts, designers, and specialists who have worked with a broad spectrum of customers, from startups to global organizations. Utility was formed by industry veterans who thrive on developing and deploying safe and scalable Android and iOS apps for businesses.

With a portfolio that includes successful initiatives in entertainment and media, fintech, medical and wellness, and fashion, the company excels at developing research-based product strategies. Its technique assures that the execution phases are completed efficiently, with no backtracking required.

The in-house creative and design team at the firm is committed to producing aesthetically attractive and user-friendly solutions. They keep up with the newest trends while also developing distinctive designs to help them stand out in the market. The engineering staff is made up of seasoned individuals with vast industry expertise. They use their expertise to protect and support their client partners.

Notable clients: Airbnb, Samsung, Verizon, BuzzFeed, Care.com, University of Miami

Other services: brand design, UX/UI design, web development, backend and API development, QA testing, and more

9. Blue Whale Apps

Blue Whale Apps

Blue Whale Apps is a digital innovation agency that operates out of several locations, including Washington, D.C., New York, and Florida. It is recognized as one of the leading mobile app development companies in the industry and offers full-cycle app development and digital transformation solutions to a variety of clients. Blue Whale Apps creates value for businesses throughout the entire product lifecycle. Its team is proficient in designing intuitive web interfaces, developing unique mobile apps, providing app marketing services, and providing digital transformation engineering services.

Blue Whale Apps specializes in cutting-edge digital products and experiences that establish a brand’s identity. The team’s approach involves utilizing the most advanced technology available while also prioritizing user-centered design and strategy.

Blue Whale Apps offers a wide range of customized development services, including native and hybrid app development, content-rich website creation, and e-commerce store development. Furthermore, the company provides innovative solutions in AR/VR, AI, and big data to help businesses compete in the modern world.

Notable clients: Max & Molly, Redban, Sobio, Spirilite

Other services: blockchain, web app development, AI, VR, UI/UX design, product design, app concept testing, app quality testing, and more

10. Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies is an Arizona-based custom web and mobile app development company. It offers top-level solutions to some of the world’s most prominent brands, businesses, and enterprises. The company, with other offices in Canada and India, has produced an impressive portfolio of more than 4,000 Android and iOS-based mobile applications in various industries.

Space-O Technologies’ teams describe themselves as strategists and innovators. They strive for creative methods to elevate businesses to the next level. They offer end-to-end services, including planning and strategy, UI/UX design, app development, QA testing, and product delivery. The teams utilize cutting-edge technologies to build first-rate mobile and web apps.

Notable clients: Nike, Saint-Gobain, McAfee, Ferrari, Mobstar

Other services: web development, machine learning consulting, AI consulting, WordPress development, custom CMS development, software development, and more

Final Thoughts

In today's fast-paced business landscape, if your company doesn’t have a mobile app or has a subpar application, you’re losing customers and revenue. By having an intuitive mobile app, you can consistently enhance your service and provide greater value to both existing and potential clients. This instills trust and strengthens your relationship with them.

The US is home to numerous mobile app development companies catering to diverse industries and business needs. The company you collaborate with must thoroughly understand your business’s values, objectives, targets, and finances. Explore the choices above carefully to select the one that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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