Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

Graphic design is an essential part of marketing, but it can also be resource-intensive. A Piktochart survey of over 1,000 business professionals found that 55% of respondents use graphic design to communicate better with audiences. On the other hand, 67% of companies that don’t use graphic design said they would do so if it were easier and more cost-effective.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the digital marketing industry. In fact, businesses have been utilizing AI tools to optimize their processes and hit their goals faster. Similarly, AI is learning how to design and perform creative tasks in a quick span of time, making the life of designers easier.

Here are some AI graphic design software to help you create professional-looking assets within minutes.

Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Boost Your Efficiency:

What is an AI Graphic Design Tool?

AI simulates human intelligence processes in machines and computer-controlled robots. This allows computer systems to perform laborious tasks, helping humans focus on more important things. As a result, the demand for AI integrations in the workplace has increased over the years. In fact, experts predict that the overall AI software market will reach $791.5 billion in revenue in 2025. 

Likewise, AI is rapidly becoming part of the design industry. In graphic design, AI helps optimize work processes, enhance creative assets, and analyze customer preferences. AI graphic design tools are trained to determine the visual asset that you need and provide it in a single click. This is a win for marketers, who don’t need a design background to create visuals that boost brand engagement.

Why You Need an AI Graphic Design Tool

  • Reduce manual work

Last year, almost 18% of surveyed marketers revealed that they spend an average of over 20 hours per week creating visual content. AI graphic design tools can ease up the workload by automatically refining your work and generating design ideas. Many can also suggest design alternatives, which eliminate repetitive tasks like removing backgrounds and creating mockups. 

  • Automatically generate multiple designs

In a survey, marketers revealed that autogenerating multiple design types is the biggest design workflow that they want to automate. AI tools generate multiple versions of graphics based on your preferences, needs, and previous designs. They can also create unique and alternate versions of visual assets without compromising your brand’s integrity.

  • Approach design from a data perspective

AI can help you analyze your audience’s profile and suggest designs based on that data. Some AI tools can also identify best-converting designs, user preferences, and usability metrics that can work well for your brand. This not only personalizes your design but also improves user engagement. You can then choose an effective design from the suggestion and run it with your audience through an A/B test.

What Makes a Great AI Graphic Design Tool?

What Makes a Great AI Graphic Design Tool?

  • Intuitive interface

Most designers and content creators start with no background in design. In fact, more marketers use an online tool or graphic maker than hire a designer or use advanced design software. For this reason, it’s best to choose an AI graphic design tool with little learning curve. Many AI applications are easily navigable, even for beginners. 

  • User-friendly design assets

A Venngage survey reveals that producing consistent content is the biggest struggle in creating highly engaging visuals. Other challenges included finding the right layout and creating great designs. A robust graphic design tool will not only help you generate a variety of outstanding visual assets but also wow your audiences while professionally representing your brand.

  • Ideation tools

Over 36% of marketers agree that original graphics is the most popular visual content. Moreover, it was the best-performing type of visual in 2021. This means that many marketers are designing from scratch to boost engagement with customers. Some AI tools are capable of handling creative ideations, while others perform various tasks to let you focus on conceptualization. 

  • Desktop and mobile optimization

41% of content creators are churning out visual content between two to five times a week. A good AI graphic design tool helps you efficiently create and edit artwork from any platform and device. Some tools allow you to edit or update your designs with just a tap so that you can repurpose your content across multiple channels and share it on the go.

Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tool

1. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning design tool

Adobe Sensei uses AI and machine learning to enhance creative assets, speed up business operations, and deepen marketing insights. Adobe introduced the application in 2016 to make businesses work faster and smarter. This helps designers focus on the more important things, like ideating, creating, and engaging with clients.

Adobe Sensei makes images discoverable and lets you create high-quality graphics that automatically adjust to screen size and resolution. Aside from streamlining work processes, Adobe Sensei also helps you make better design decisions for marketing. Its performance forecasting feature predicts your future performance and helps you optimize your campaign strategies.


  • Automated Forms Conversion
  • Business and real-time intelligence
  • Content creation and intelligence
  • Image discovery and manipulation
  • One-to-one marketing personalization
  • Workflow automation

Pricing per month

Prices are available upon request from the vendor.



Reliable integration with various software

Geared more toward design professionals

Comprehensive and high-quality design features

Not included in the Adobe Creative Cloud

Features are accessible to most Adobe programs

2. Uizard

Uizard machine learning research project

Uizard began as a machine learning research project in 2017. Today, the AI-powered prototyping tool has over 400,000 users and more than 8,000 user-created projects each week. Its goal is to democratize design by helping both designers and non-designers create digital products that audiences can interact with.

With Uizard, you can professionally design websites, desktop interfaces, and web and mobile apps within seconds. It automatically converts your scanned hand-drawn sketches into a prototype and applies them to your project. Moreover, Uizard’s pre-made design templates and drag-and-drop components allow you to edit your designs quickly.


  • Rapid product prototyping and ideation
  • Digital product wireframing
  • Pre-made and personalized templates
  • Real-time design collaboration
  • AI-powered design assistant

Pricing per creator per month

  • Free: $0 
  • Pro2: $15 ($12 per month if billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: $39 (billed yearly)



Intuitive interface

One misclick can mess up the entire design

Fast collaboration

Limited export options

No software installation required

Clunky drag and drop

Reliable customer service


    Designs ai design software is an online-based design software that is making design accessible to all. It promises to help you create your marketing portfolio in less than two minutes, even if you don’t have a design background. Moreover, its smart editor and wizard tool save you time brainstorming design ideas for your marketing content.

    With, you can create logos, graphics, videos, mockups, and speeches. You can choose from a library of over 20,000 templates and 10,000 icons. The platform also uses AI to generate thousands of design variations and millions of design assets. You can create a logo and design template just by putting your brand information and preferences. 


    • Assistive tools
    • Brand identity package
    • Color matcher
    • Font pairer
    • Scalable Vector Graphics
    • Team collaboration
    • Unlimited downloads

    Pricing per month

    • Basic: $29 
    • Pro: $69
    • Enterprise: Customized



    Clean and intuitive interface

    No mobile app

    Works on multiple browsers and devices 

    Website tends to be slow

    No software installation required

    4.  Fronty

    Fronty AI powered tool

    Fronty is an AI-powered tool that creates source codes based on a user-uploaded image. It offers a new way of creating websites. The AI graphic design tool has over two decades of front-end experience and currently uses 11 technology products and services, including HTML5 and Google Analytics.

    Fronty generates an HTML CSS code based on your draft. Simply upload an image of your webpage design. The AI identifies the different elements of the image and then automatically generates your HTML/CSS code. You can also use its online user interface (UI) editor to modify your webpages. Fronty takes pride in its clean, speed-optimized, and accessible codes.


    • AI-powered image-to-code converter
    • Online layout editor
    • Website hosting
    • Custom domain
    • Customized Bootstrap Theme
    • Sassy Cascading Style Sheets
    • Search Engine Optimization

    Pricing per month

    • Freemium: $0 
    • Pro: $4.52
    • Advanced: $9



    Provided codes are 100% W3C valid and ISO/EIC compliant

    Still in its developmental stage

    95% customer service uptime

    HTML processing can be long

    Variety of templates to choose from 

    5. Khroma

    Khroma design

    Multi-disciplinary designer George Hastings set out to create Khroma when he realized there weren’t any tools that allowed him to browse and compare color combinations easily. Khroma is an AI-based color combination generator that draws from your selection of colors and thousands of human-made color palettes across the internet.

    To generate a personalized list of color combinations, you must first choose 50 colors on the Khroma website. You can view them as gradient, palette, typography, and image. You can also discover and search for new combinations, as well as build your collection. In addition, you can upload your own custom image and test the colors on it.


    • Color search option
    • Infinite combinations and viewing options
    • Personalized algorithm
    • Search and filter
    • Unlimited favorites library

    Pricing per month

    Khroma is free to use.



    You can use different parameters to search for colors

    Choosing from a huge selection of colors can be tedious

    The color combinations are limitless

    Infinite scroll UI can be overwhelming

    Straightforward design

    6. AutoDraw 

    Auto Draw design tool

    AutoDraw is a web-based AI-powered drawing tool. It was created by Google Creative Lab’s Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips to make drawing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It helps you draw fast and refine your artwork by pairing machine learning with drawings from various artists.

    Simply make a doodle on AutoDraw. Its suggestion tool will then attempt to guess what you’re drawing. Then it will offer drawing suggestions created by different artists and designers to make your artwork look better. You can download your work as a PNG file and share it on social media from any device. Some of the designs are also available for you to download.


    • AI-based suggestion tool
    • Basic drawing tools, including freehand drawing, color picker, shapes, fill, text, resize, zoom, and rotate tools
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Download and share options

    Pricing per month

    AutoDraw is free to use.



    Absolutely free

    Not collaborative

    Straightforward interface

    Lacks more advanced drawing features

    Availability on any device

    7. Deep Art Effects

    Deep Art Effects AI based image processing tool

    Deep Art Effects is an AI-based image processing tool that turns your design into works of art with a single click. With over 120 art styles, this graphic design software has more than 2 million global users and 200 million created artworks under its belt. Some of its partners include Samsung, Huawei, and Globus.

    Deep Art Effects not only learns different art styles but also refines your images. You can edit just the background or foreground of an image, create your own art styles, render images at any resolution, and design using your favorite artists’ styles. You can even integrate filters and image technology into your apps using the software’s Application Programming Interface (API).


    • Automatic cropping and bokeh
    • Automatic grayscale
    • Desktop software and mobile app availability
    • Generative Adversarial Networks
    • Intelligent scaling
    • Offline and German data protection
    • Selective render for background and foreground


    • 1 Month Subscription: $9.90
    • 3 Month Subscription: $25 ($8.33 per month)
    • 1 Year Subscription: $80 ($6.66 per month)
    • One-Time Purchase: $129



    Intuitive and easy to use

    Image processing takes time

    Responsive customer support

    Plenty of design varieties

    8. Let’s Enhance

    Lets Enhance imge enchncer and upscaler

    Let’s Enhance is an image enhancer and upscaler. It was founded in 2017 to meet the challenges of user-created images. While many brands want to maximize user-generated content (UGC), most of these are shot on mobile phones by ordinary people. When uploaded online, these pictures compress and pixelate because of their size.

    Thanks to Let’s Enhance’s cutting-edge image processing algorithm, you can upscale images up to 16 times without compromising their quality. You can cleanse your images, resize your logo, and adjust tones and colors with one click. You can do all that from any online platform. This AI tool for graphic designers also lets you process up to 20 visual assets at a time, speeding up your workflow.


    • Accurate face detection
    • Automated presets 
    • Batch processing
    • Color and tone enhancement
    • Cloud storage
    • Custom algorithm
    • Image upscale
    • Smart Enhance algorithm

    Pricing per month

    • 10 free credits: $0 
    • 100 credits: $12 ($9 billed annually)
    • 300 credits: $32 ($24 billed annually)
    • 500 credits: $45 ($34 billed annually)



    Availability on any device

    Lacks advanced functions for complex images

    Intuitive interface

    Pricier than other software

    High-quality processing

    Image processing takes time


    remove bg image remover

    Whether you’re processing 50 or 1,000 images at a time, can automatically remove each photo’s background with just a drag and drop. It even handles challenging edges, giving your photos a professional look. Over 28,000 customers from more than 200 countries are using the application. Some of its clients include AT&T Sportsnet, Canva, and Samsung.

    Aside from removing backgrounds in photos, also lets you edit your work within seconds so that you can create highly effective visuals on the go. You can even replace background images and create professional-looking product photos using its design templates. Furthermore, the software fully integrates with Photoshop, which can hasten your work process. 


    • Adobe Photoshop extension
    • API documentation
    • Design templates
    • Downloadable app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
    • Integrations, tools, and apps

    Pricing per month

    • Free Account: $0
    • Subscription Plan: Starts at 40 credits for $0.23 per image 
    • Pay as You Go: Starts at one credit for $1.99 per image 



    Free unlimited previews for all plans

    May remove other photo elements that you can’t tweak

    Fast and easy to use


    10. Sketch2Code

    Sketch 2 Code AI converter

    Microsoft’s Sketch2Code converts your hand-drawn design into an HTML prototype. The tech behemoth created the application to empower brands and developers to maximize AI. It was a solution to the time-consuming process of manually drawing a wireframe or app design and sending it to a professional who can create an HTML code based on that.

    Sketch2Code uses AI to detect your design patterns, decipher written text, and understand structures. You can use your own design to upload or choose an image from the gallery. The AI will identify the elements in the image and transform your work into a codebase, and you can even customize their presets to fit your needs.


    • Computer Vision APIs
    • Custom Vision Model
    • Dynamic design
    • Text Recognition Service

    Pricing per month

    Sketch2Code is free to use.



    Fast iteration

    Logic may be improved

    Easy for front-end developers

    Output is sometimes slightly wrong

    Free to use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is AI used in graphic design?

    AI is used in graphic design to simplify your creative workflow. Machine learning helps make less manual work and allows people to focus on the bigger picture. You can create full marketing campaigns in 2 minutes with AI graphic design tools.

    What is AI design tool?

    An AI design software tool are computer programs that help power artificial intelligence, or AI. These AI design tools use machine learning to save you time, provide inspiration, or simply do the work for you. 

    What is the best AI tools?

    The top artificial intelligence tools and frameworkers you need to know: 

    1. Adobe Sensei
    2. Uizard
    4. Fronty
    5. Khroma
    6. AutoDraw 
    7. Deep Art Effects
    8. Let’s Enhance
    10. Sketch2Code

    What is AI in graphics?

    AI files are native vector file type for Adobe Illustrator. An AI file can help designers scale their graphics, drawings, and images infinitely with no impact on resolution.