4.8 out of 5 stars
Best for:
Content creators, small and large enterprise businesses
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4.8 out of 5 stars
Best for:
Content creators, small and large enterprise businesses
from $0

What is it, Exactly? has recently expanded from offering 3 creator tools (link in bio, media kits, and invoicing) to offering 14 tools as part of an all-in-one platform for creators to run their businesses. 

Here's what Beacons offers to creators:

  • A suite of easy-to-use tools made for creators to run their businesses
  • All tools integrated with each another and connected to the Beacons Cortex (an intelligent data layer) that helps surface insights on how creators can optimize the ways they work and make money
  • A single interface to manage all tools (which creators can mix and match to build their ideal workflow) from one free Beacons account
  • is a suite of three products for creators: A Link-in-Bio tool, a Media Kit builder, an Invoicing tool, and other advanced tools.
  • Now with Pro Plans, creators can access additional features for individual tools, ensuring a fully customizable and scalable platform for every creative need.
Beacons is a suite of three products for creators: A Link-in-Bio tool, a Media Kit builder, and an Invoicing tool.
Pros and Cons
One link in your bio offers visitors everything you want them to see
Collect email addresses and contact numbers 
Digital storefront
Can accept donations
Can link TikTok product feeds
Custom domains
Referral program
Best for: Content creators, small and large enterprise businesses
Ease of Use
Overall Score:

What’s the Cost? now offers a more versatile pricing structure that includes a Free plan and various Pro Plans. Here’s an updated look at what each plan includes:

Free Plan:

  • Free forever, includes usage of all 14 creators tools on Beacons.

Pro Plans:

Available for users to upgrade to Pro tiers of different apps on a per-app, as-needed basis.

  • Link in Bio Pro ($10/mo): Advanced marketing features like a custom-branded domain
  • Media Kit Pro ($10/mo): Daily automatic syncs for all of your social engagement stats for the most up-to-date media kit with no manual work
  • Email Marketing Pro ($13/mo): Import your existing subscriber contact list to streamline all of your fan communications through Beacons
  • Store Pro ($10/mo): 0% take rate on all transactions


  • Marketing Bundle ($24/mo): Link in Bio Pro + Email Marketing Pro + Store Pro
  • Brand Deal Bundle ($14/mo): Media Kit Pro + Link in Bio Pro

The expanded range of pricing options provides creators with the flexibility to choose the services they need and pay for only what they use. Whether you are a budding content creator or an established influencer, has a suitable and scalable solution for you.

Is It Easy to Set Up and Use?

Beacons set is powered by AI. That means you’ll do very little work to get set up. Sure, there may be aspects of your profile creation that may not be accurate or feel personalized enough, but you can change them as you go. The setup process is 6 steps long. In it, you’ll add your username, social media handles, pick a theme, share what your primary interest is and whether you’ll be selling digital products.

A feature we appreciate about Beacons is the chance to secure a custom domain name, especially crucial when building a personal brand. Owning a custom domain simplifies the process for audiences to find you and your content. Beacons streamlines this process, allowing you to link your custom domain name to a Beacons page. Now, with the Link in Bio Pro plan, you can access advanced marketing features like a custom branded domain, thus making your brand more memorable to your fans. If you opt for the Free plan, Beacon will host your page on their domain (, still a convenient option for those starting out.

There’s now an opportunity to upgrade to Pro plans on a per-app, as-needed basis. Depending on the tools you find most valuable, you can opt for the Link in Bio Pro, Media Kit Pro, Email Marketing Pro, or Store Pro, each priced at $10/month. For those seeking to combine features, the Marketing Bundle or Brand Deal Bundle offers a cost-effective solution. With features like $0 digital product transaction fees with the Store Pro plan, more professional and branded presentation, including the option to use your own custom domain with the Link in Bio Pro plan, and more seamless fan communications through the Email Marketing Pro plan, these upgrades can provide a substantial boost to your online presence.

Done with setup and need to make profile edits? Logging into your account will send you directly to a dashboard. It comes with 3 tabs that offer customization options. These include:

My Page: Shows all blocks where you’ll add content:

Appearance: Change the theme, page style, and more:

Advanced: Link a custom domain and upgrade to use marketing features:

How to Make Money With Beacons

Beacons is all about links that send people to specific destinations. And when it comes to monetizing your profile, there are a number of ways to use links that make the platform a smart choice. These include:

  • A Shoppable TikTok feed that allows you to link products from your TikTok profile on Beacons
  • A digital products store
  • Creator support lets you accept donations 

These are helpful monetization options, and there are others you can use for long-term income growth, like collecting email addresses for email marketing. A list of subscribers can be lucrative. You can reach out to fans and make product recommendations or sell your own merchandise. The same goes for SMS. By collecting contact numbers, you can run SMS campaigns to drive traffic to special offers or promotions.


Beacons incentivizes creators to recommend its platform. Each sign-up will earn your $20 in credits and 30% of the revenue generated by your referral for the next year.

The Bottom Line

One-page link sites are straightforward products. They are designed to share your most important links with visitors. Beacons does that and offers a handful of monetization and marketing features that we think all serious influencers should have access to. We like how easy the platform is to work in, and that you can use a custom domain that can be acquired through Beacons. If you’re looking for an alternative to LinkTree, give Beacons a try. 

Last Updated:
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best for:
Content creators, small and large enterprise businesses
from $0
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best for:
Content creators, small and large enterprise businesses
from $0