Cameo is a platform that connects celebrities to their fans through their site and their app. 

Cameo allows users to pay certain celebrities for customized shoutout videos to share on their social media platforms. 

What features does Cameo include? 

The functionality of your Cameo app can only be limited by your imagination. However, there are certain features that beg to be included such as:

  • 1-on-1 video streaming 
  • Profiles to learn more about celebrities
  • Public Feed to share your videos and see what others share
  • Comments to chat with celebrities and ask them anything
  • Geo-location to find celebrities near you

After a thorough discussion with a Business Analyst you’d be better equipped with knowledge of what to include and what to leave behind in your Cameo app.

How Much Does It Cost?

As usual, the price of any app depends on the functionality. With Cameo, the price will vary depending on which talent you request! The cost of a Cameo video is set individually by each talent. 

The price is shown on the talent’s booking page when you make your request. Talent can change their price at any time, but you will be charged the price in effect when you book your video.

The richer the functionality, the most expensive will be the development process. Every feature costs extra to add and takes time and effort to integrate. 

The prices are individual for each celebrity and start from as little as $15 going up to $3000 max. Cameo takes 25% from each purchase.   

How does Cameo work?

The process to get your own personalized video is simple. Once you sign up to the service, then find a celebrity in the Cameo Marketplace. 

The marketplace includes everyone from B-list actors, big movie stars, television personalities, social media influencers, models, musicians, gamers, comedians, athletes, and even drag queens. You won’t find many A-list celebrities, but there are a few active on the site.

Once you find a celebrity, you either put them in your wishlist or you get started ordering your personalized video. If you’re wanting a video with special features and cool effects, you might want to check somewhere else. Most of the videos are pretty simple and straight-forward. 

When you are signing up for a “booking,” Cameo will ask you important questions like: 

  • Whether the video is for you or someone else 
  • What the occasion is (if there is one) 
  • Any specific instructions you want the hired celebrity to follow

If you own a small business, you can even get the celebrity to create a promotional video for you. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Mr. T “pity the fool” who doesn’t support your business through effective video marketing

Once the booking is complete, the celebrity has seven days to deliver your request. 

When the video is complete, you’re sent a link to it through the email address you provided or through a text. From there, you can watch, share, and download the video to your device. 

Remember: you only have the rights to post these promo videos for three months.

When you are ordering, you have the option to make your video public on Cameo. If you choose this option, your video will also be posted in the celebrity’s videos section on their profile. Other users can watch your video and like it or leave a comment.

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