11 Guerrilla Marketing Agencies To Transform Your Brand in 2024

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In today’s largely distracted world, it can be challenging for advertisers to grab their audience’s attention. The average person consumes between 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day and forgets a majority of them in a matter of seconds.

To keep audiences from scrolling past your ads, your brand needs to be memorable. However, choosing from a myriad of advertising techniques can be overwhelming, especially when they’ve all been done before.

Marketing strategy agencies can help you stand out from the saturated advertising market. In particular, guerilla marketing agencies will guarantee that you dominate your competitors, boost your following, and grow your campaign.

Top Guerilla Marketing Agencies:

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing is an advertising technique that makes use of unconventional strategies to promote a product or service. This method intends to create an emotional reaction or a lasting impression among audiences so that they’ll be able to remember one product better. That memorable experience can then prompt consumers to tell their friends about the product, increasing its reach.

The different types of guerilla marketing are:

  • Street: Brands leverage public areas or cityscapes, like bus stops and sidewalks.
  • Indoor: Advertising takes place inside private property locations that the public can access, such as college campuses.
  • Ambush: Brands associate themselves with larger events without permission.
  • Experiential: Campaigns rely on public engagement and participation.

Some popular guerilla marketing techniques include street installations, flash mob performances, signage placements, marketing activations in trade show events or festivals without paying sponsorship fees, public stunts, and unauthorized pop-up stores.

But which guerilla marketing type and strategies should you use? That’s where guerilla marketing agencies come in. They help you develop an ad campaign that addresses your company’s objectives, generates buzz, delights your audiences, and delivers fantastic results.

Top Guerilla Marketing Agencies

guerrilla marketing agencies

1. Traina


Since 2005, Traina has been placing brands at the forefront of their design. This creative agency mainly focuses on branding to help its clients inspire and connect to their audiences. Moreover, Traina is known for developing e-commerce solutions that allow consumers to interact with their favorite products. With award-winning designs and a highly collaborative process, Traina stands out amidst the noise.

To help brands capture their audience’s attention, Traina uses three core services: brand architecture, design activation, and digital experiences. Overall, the agency offers engagement and storytelling backed by data-driven insights and advanced technology. Traina has worked with both startups and big brands, including the University of California San Diego Health, Facebook, John Deere, Qualcomm, and Brooklyn Brewery.

Traina helped turned Taylor Guitars’ printed magazines into an immersive digital experience. Instead of just reading about guitars, audiences were able to hear guitar sounds, watch their favorite artists perform, and interact with digital elements that were incorporated into the online articles. The website is also flexible and readily open for integrations, allowing Taylor to easily make changes and deliver fresh updates.

Traina’s services include:

  • Audit and analytics
  • Brand strategy and identity
  • Content strategy and search engine optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Launch strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Tradeshows

2. Tool


Tool is a creative production agency that helps brands develop ideas, content, and experiences that create interest. It has reached 101 million people on social and 3.8 billion public relations impressions. Tool’s roster of talented directors, designers, and technologists uses nimble storytelling, experiential marketing, and augmented and virtual realities (AR/VR).

Tool’s capabilities stretch from ideation and content to experience and creative technology. Its specialties are film production, live action, branded content, and AR/VR.  Its expertise has won it over 1,000 awards, including 72 from the FWA, 63 from Cannes Lion, and 42 from The One Show. Situated in Santa Monica, some of its clienteles are Verizon, Pizza Hut, Twitch, Geico, and Veteran’s United. 

Most recently, Tool helped clothing line Yeezy Gap launch its new fashion line through an interactive web-based game. Global users were able to interact with the new apparel by creating avatars and dressing them up with Yeezy Gap outerwear. Those avatars had campaign billboards in nine different cities across the world. Yeezy stores also showcased the game through interactive installations.

Tool offers the following services:

  • Activations
  • AR/VR
  • Concept development
  • Comms and execution strategy
  • Content design (two-dimensional and three-dimensional)
  • Event logistics and management
  • Live streaming
  • Shoot and post-production

3. Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing is an international marketing firm that offers comprehensive service and focuses on data-driven results. Although it was founded only in 2019, its team of accomplished marketers and entrepreneurs have 25 years of experience among themselves. Klint aims to scale both large and small companies by streamlining their growth and reducing the likelihood of making expensive mistakes.

Klint’s guerilla marketing campaign focuses on forming a mission plan, narrowing focus, executing the strategy, and launching omni-channel campaigns. In its short run, Klint has already earned several awards and recognition, including being one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Copenhagen. Its client list includes Funderbeam, JTI, Novo Nordisk, Ocean.io, and Pinsquare.

Recently, Klint helped cryptocurrency company WeGro generate 395 conversions in one month using banner ads. Instead of using a traditional banner display, Klint developed a series of banner ads that made use of GIFs, videos, still images. Aside from conversions, those ads also earned over 10,000 impressions daily. As a result, WeGro’s revenue significantly increased.

Klint’s guerilla marketing services are:

  • Ideation workshop
  • Target audience activation
  • Technology integration
  • Developing creation schedule
  • Pre-launch
  • Creation and building
  • Multi-channel formats
  • Pitfalls analysis

4. Alt Terrain

Alt Terrain

Since 2003, Alt Terrain has been creating experiential ads to supercharge brands in their audience’s communities. Public participation and interaction are key ingredients in Alt Terrain’s guerilla marketing strategy. To make it work, the marketing firm leverages local cityscape and culture and designs ideas to fit specific communities.

With headquarters in Brooklyn, Cambridge, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Alt Terrain implements on-the-ground marketing production in large to mid-sized cities across the United States. The firm has also worked with some notable brands, including Universal Music Group, Wieden+Kennedy, Greenhaus, Peppercom, and Turner Public Relations.

Alt Terrain is the team behind Listerine’s “Bring Out the Bold” experiential marketing activation event in New York City. Over 10,500 people engaged with the street marketing activities, Listerine stations, and brand performances. “Bring Out the Bold” stages across Union Square also garnered at least 50,000 consumer impressions, with the event’s social media reaching more than 200,000 users.

Some of Alt Terrain’s guerilla marketing services include:

  • Developing unconventional ideas to boost brand awareness
  • Designing ideas to fit your target neighborhood or community
  • Planning and recon
  • Manufacturing marketing assets
  • Recruitment, training, and equipping the marketing team
  • Capturing the campaign’s process and execution
  • Delivering recap and assessment reports

5. Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation began in 2014 as the first influencer talent agency. Today, the global digital and social innovation firm continues to fuel the creator economy with top-notch technologies. Using a strategy-first approach backed by hard data, it aims to shape positive brand experiences through concrete hands-on experiences. The goal is to build brand awareness through experiential and disruptive advertising.

Viral Nation specializes in influencer, creative, and social media strategy that is tailored after the clients’ needs. Its end-to-end approach covers content creation, distribution, and community management. With offices in Ontario, New York, and Barbados, Viral Nation caters to a wide range of global brands, which includes Baidu, Disney, Eight Seven Media, Meta Quest 2, and The Coca-Cola Company.

Most recently, Viral Nation helped Activision-Blizzard Esports reach a 32% year-over-year fanbase increase by developing the Call of Duty League 2021 Ambassador Program. It brought together content creators from multiple networks, driving thousands of audiences to the official esports broadcast. The effort won the firm a Platinum award for Best Social Campaign at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards.

Viral Nation’s services include:

  • Blockchain and the World Wide Web
  • Creative and content
  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid and performance media
Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation unlocks the full power of social-first marketing to scale brands into the future.

team size



USA, Canada, Caribbean

Best for:

Enterprises and Large brands

Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+
Twitter (X)
YouTube Advertising
Social-First Transformation
Influencer Marketing
Social Experiential Marketing
Social Content Studio
Community Management
Performance Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Growth Marketing
Strategic Paid Media
Data-driven Optimization
Talent Representation
Measurement and Data Analytics
AI Powered Brand Safety Analysis
Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+
Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation unlocks the full power of social-first marketing to scale brands into the future.

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6. NeoReach


NeoReach is an agency that specializes in influencer marketing and social intelligence. Its platform helps brands and marketers find and handle influencers that complement their goals. Thanks to its built-in automation, brands can maintain influencer partnerships, contact details, remarks, agreements. They can easily archive influencer marketing information. Marketers can also instantly verify influencer reach, brand consistency, and tailored message delivery using easy KPIs. They’re able to keep an eye on how an influencer’s post is doing in real time.

NeoReach’s database has over 3 million influencers, making it ideal for guerilla marketing. The extensive library makes it easy for brands to find the influencer who will be a valuable asset to their marketing strategy. NeoReach uses segmentation tools to find the right influencer to do the job. They also design and implement innovative tactics to engage and surprise their target audience.

NeoReach revolutionizes how companies build and launch influencer marketing campaigns. The agency places a high importance on creativity as a key component in boosting awareness about the campaign. The agency’s diverse technology and team of experts cover everything from influencer sourcing to performance reporting. Starting with the client’s goals, the team will reverse engineer a rollout strategy based on a wealth of data, like competition audits, audience demographic comparisons, and channel-specific prospects across all major social networks.

NeoReach has collaborated with scores of well-known brands, huge corporations, and active social influencers. Airbnb, Amazon, Walmart, NVIDIA, SearchKibble, Macy’s, Netflix, Casper, TikTok, and the FIFA World Cup are among the agency’s previous clients. 

The Qatar-hosted FIFA World Cup 2022 scored big with NeoReach’s 10-million-plus reach. With the 2022 World Cup fast approaching and skepticism increasing among soccer fans around the world, FIFA worked with NeoReach to create buzz and bring attention to all that Doha, Qatar, has to offer. NeoReach used 17 influencers to generate enthusiasm worldwide.

NeoReach’s services include:

  • Work with the top influencer marketing team
  • Develop a data-backed strategy
  • Source top-performing niche creators
  • Coordinate campaign logistics
  • Amplify paid media


NeoReach creates world-class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2013 and managing over $250 million dollars in influencer spend to-date, their team is responsible for creating some of the mos...

team size



Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Tokyo

Best for:

Large Companies

Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+
Twitter (X)
Campaign Strategy & Direction
Creative Brief Development
Influencer Sourcing & Scheduling
Influencer Contracts & Negotiation
Content Licensing & Compliance
Product Shipping & Logistics
Influencer Payments
Detailed Reporting & Insights
Fraud Detection
Paid Social Amplification
Experiential Activation
Social Account Management
Crypto & NFT Marketing
Talent Management
API Integrations
Minimum Campaign Size: $50.000+


NeoReach creates world-class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2013 and managing over $250 million dollars in influencer spend to-date, their team is responsible for creating some of the mos...

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7. Evolve Activation

Evolve Activation

Founded in 2013, Evolve Activation is an event marketing activation agency led by a group of experiential marketing experts. It offers event marketing services for both small and large businesses, guiding them through every stage of planning and initiation. Some of Evolve’s expertise includes mobile tours, global product sampling, retail marketing (pop-up stores and kiosks), and event logistics.

With Evolve’s knowledge in supply chain management and network of freight vendors, you’ll never worry about shipping logistics. The agency also offers a database of brand ambassadors, who receive brand training for every client. You can even see real-time results for each campaign using the agency’s cloud-based reporting system. Some of its clients are Equinox, Google, Cisco, Fox, and Amazon.

Evolve Activation was responsible for ZOA Energy’s guerilla marketing street team campaign. Brand ambassadors made stops at various locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston to hand healthy energy drinks to frontline workers. Following the campaign run, sales for ZOA drinks within those locations grew significantly, and the street team gained 82,600 impressions

Evolve Activation’s services include:

  • Event logistics management and services
  • Event field reporting and measurement
  • Event staffing and brand ambassadors
  • Marketing program development
  • Mobile tour vehicle management
  • Retail marketing services

8. Pro Motion

Pro Motion

Pro Motion is an award-winning marketing agency that provides experiential marketing services to enterprises across the globe. From 1995, it has been helping close to 400 brands deliver captivating and engaging advertisements. With more than a proven track record in brand experience, Pro Motion also has a proven capability in increasing a company’s return on investment.

Pro Motion works with only 10 clients at a time with the sole focus of growing their customer’s businesses. The agency develops its programs with the end result in mind, even providing and training the best field representatives in the industry. With their headquarters in Missouri, Pro Motion has a wide variety of clients, including Campbell’s, Gatorade, HP, NBA, and TBS.

Pro Motion developed the Bosch Big Blue Tour, which aimed to increase brand awareness among professionals and do-it-yourself consumers. The 30 mobile workshops on wheels generated over 500,000 audience engagement and $75 million of additional retail trader sales. Because of the campaign, Bosch further recruited 29 brand ambassadors and ended up hiring 11 of them for full-time work.

Pro Motion’s services include:

  • Brand ambassadors
  • Business-to-business experiential marketing
  • Event marketing and pop-up shops
  • Experiential marketing tours and content
  • Sampling campaigns and street teams

9. GoGorilla Media

GoGorilla Media

GoGorilla Media calls itself an alternative media distribution machine. In 25 years, it has worked with over 50 industries and on more than 25,000 locations. It is an expert in strategic thinking and choosing a distribution strategy that tailors to the brand’s goals. Its team of marketing experts are constantly thinking out-of-the-box to create interactive experiences that draws attention to their clients.

The agency guides brands throughout the entire campaign process, from ideation and execution to completion. Clients will have over 50 guerilla media vehicles to choose from, including trade shows, street teams, and branded box trucks. Some of GoGorilla’s noteworthy clients are Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Amazon prime, American Eagle Outfitters, Netflix, and PETA.

GoGorilla helped the Hudson Square Business Improvement District to raise awareness on the community’s Pedestrian Safety Guards (PSG). GoGorilla hired “crossing elves” or promoters dressed in elves to sing modified Christmas carols about their community. The campaign not only helped pedestrians cross the street safely but also helped them recognize the importance of PSGs. 

GoGorilla’s services are:

  • Event marketing
  • Experiential media
  • Print marketing
  • Street marketing
  • Venue marketing

10. MAG


Formerly the Michael Alan Group, MAG has been engaging audiences both online and offline since 2001. Its goal is to place consumers in the spotlight by way of experiences, constantly experimenting with different formats and events to connect brands to their audiences. The agency has received numerous awards, including being named one of the Top 100 Event Agencies in the country for 12 consecutive years.

MAG’s end-to-end solutions begin with strategy and ideation. It also develops designs for its clients and takes charge of production. Furthermore, the agency provides a detailed analysis at the end of each project. MAG is in New York City, with a clientele that ranges across industries, from healthcare and tech to entertainment. Notable names include VH1, Scholastic, Google, Northwell Health, and Target. 

One of MAG’s remarkable projects is the promotion of the hit television show Broad City. MAG developed an RV that resembled the main character’s apartment, which made stops around New York City for seven days. Thanks to a partnership with Lyft, audiences received complimentary rides on the vehicle. It resulted in almost 460,000 social media impressions, 16,000 RV requests on Lyft, and a week-long trending period of #BroadCity.

MAG’s solutions include:

  • App development
  • Content creation
  • Custom installations, mobile tours, and pop-ups, and virtual event environments
  • Gamification
  • Home viewing kits
  • Immersive brand storytelling
  • Livestreaming and video-on-demand
  • Press release stunts
  • Pre-event virtual engagement
  • Sampling and demos
  • Sponsorship activations
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Web and live hosting

11. Torke CC

Torke CC

Torke CC has been providing creative solutions to brands for 17 years. It houses Torke Guerilla Agency, a pioneer of guerilla marketing in Portugal. It has worked with over 100 clients in over 10 countries, earning a total of 22.5 million views on YouTube. Aside from guerilla marketing, Torke also specializes in 360 marketing campaigns and co-creation methodology-based design thinking.

Torke CC is located in Portugal and Timor-Leste, but it has talents from different parts of Asia, South America, and Africa. It has also worked on 300 projects across 16 countries all over the world and has received over 100 awards, including two Promo and Activation Agency of the Year from Clube de Criativos. Some of its clients include Heineken, Unilever-Rexona, National Geographic, KIA, and Axe.

Some of Torke’s projects include a social campaign for Oceanario de Lisboa, which impacted over 6 million people, earned more than 40,000 interactions, and sparked at least 1,500 commentaries. Previous campaigns include placing cargo boxes with parachutes around Lisbon to promote the TV show Lost and hiring promoters to walk around the city dressed as prisoners to launch Prison Break.

Torke CC’s services include:

  • Guerilla marketing
  • Co-creation thinking methodology
  • Mentorship and creative training
  • Creative potential assessment tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What companies have used guerilla marketing?

Companies like Red Bull, Sony, Coca-Cola, and Oreo use guerilla marketing tactics to market their products and services. Guerilla marketing strategies are impactful, cost effective, and eye-catching.

What is an example of guerrilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing is also known as “stealth marketing.” Marketers will disguise themselves as members of their target audience and assimilate. One example is Sony’s 2002 campaign where actors were hired to wander around big cities and ask people to photograph them.

Does Nike use guerilla marketing?

Nike uses guerilla marketing, and it is one of the best examples of Guerilla marketing. Nike’s guerilla marketing techniques embody the brand values. The company is known for its “Just Do It” attitude.

How does Coca Cola use guerrilla marketing?

Coca Cola has been known to use guerilla marketing to pull publicity stunts. Those publicity stunts involve using modified vending machines, and taking people by surprise to film their reactions.

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