33 Influencer Marketing Agencies To Work With In 2023

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising disclosure:

Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products or services we review (also where and how those products appear on the site), this in no way affects our recommendations or the advice we offer. Our reviews are based on years of experience and countless hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

Influencer marketing agencies act as a middleman in the influencer marketing process. To many brands, the process of discovering influencers, contacting, and selecting the most suitable ones, and then running campaigns with them, is too time-consuming. They would rather pay a specialist influencer marketing agency to do the work for them. Many influencer marketing agencies are full-service, meaning that they help brands through every stage of the influencer marketing process, from influencer discovery, through influencer management, assisting with content creation, to analyzing and reporting on a campaign’s success.

Agencies have been part of the marketing/advertising scene for many years. Dorothy Sayers even set one of her famous Sir Peter Wimsey murder mysteries (Murder Must Advertise) in an advertising agency, which she wrote more than 80 years ago. Therefore, it should be no surprise that agencies have spotted the increasing popularity of influencer marketing, with many traditional agencies widening their product offerings to embrace it.

It would be impossible to include every agency in this article. Many of the big-name agencies often include influencer marketing in their client campaigns, but don’t specifically advertise the fact. Over time we will expand this list to include as many influencer marketing agencies involved with influencer marketing as possible. Below are the Top Influencer Marketing Agencies to work with in 2022.

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies:

1. Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation plays a dual role, acting as a global influencer marketing agency, working with influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Musical.ly, as well acting as a talent agency for the influencers themselves. Although they work globally, they do have physical offices in Toronto and New York.

As a talent agency, Viral Nation represents and secures endorsements for top influencers. People who believe that they have influencer status can contact Viral Nation, asking the agency to represent them. Viral Nation also reaches out to others it believes to have influencer status, offering to work with them. They provide full social media representation for their influencer clients, helping them work with brands and ensuring they receive “proper” compensation.

Brands and other agencies contact Viral Nation to assist them with their influencer campaigns. Viral Nation’s specialists create campaigns based on specific goals. They then pick the most suitable influencers to tell the brand’s story to their audience. They claim to have the highest level of analytics in the influencer space, to better help brands judge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Viral Nation is the premier Influencer Talent Agency connecting brands to influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat. Influencer Marketing.

2. NeoReach


Neoreach is probably best known for its influencer platform. However, the company is a full-service influencer marketing agency that has run world-class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500s. Its team handles influencer sourcing, performance reporting, and everything in between. They reverse engineer a launch strategy derived from a myriad of data, including competitor audits, audience demographics matching, and channel-specific opportunities across all major social platforms.

They are happy to lead with all stages of the influencer marketing process from influencer introduction, contract negotiation, deployment, shipping, payments, and maintaining ongoing relationships.

They are also experts at creating in-person or influencer-specific activations designed around creative experiences that connect people, places, and events. Neoreach’s experts know how to connect your brand to online and offline experiences.

Neoreach offers a fully customizable enterprise platform, with available API access, designed for large brands and agencies that need a scalable influencer marketing solution backed by experienced support.

The agency can activate campaigns in as little as seven days, depending on your requirements.

NeoReach creates world-class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2013 and managing over $250 million dollars in influencer spend to-date, thei...

3. Moburst


Over the years, Moburst has expanded their presence and list of features significantly and today they’re known as one of the leading influencer marketing agencies. They’ve created award-winning influencer campaigns for top brands that include the likes of Samsung and Shopkick.

Their team of experts and strategists will take care of campaign briefing, real-time optimization, and everything in between. Using audience data and incredible insights into each influencer and past performance that they uncover with specific tools, they will help you to identify the right influencers for your brand and campaign. If you need help to create a brief, they’re more than capable of developing it with you too.

Not only can they help with the development of the brief, but they also have an in-house team of experienced designers and writers who are available to lend a hand when it comes to creating digital assets. So, the influencers that you decide to partner with will have everything they need to market your brand. 

Harness the power of influencers to achieve your growth goals with Moburst, a leading global performance influencer marketing agency that helps brands over-achieve their goals and become category lead...

4. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory

As The Influencer Marketing Factory‘s name suggests, they are an influencer marketing agency, creating influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. They create authentic, scalable, and ROI-oriented social media influencer campaigns for amazing brands on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Whenever the Influencer Marketing factory gains a client, they make a point of starting by understanding their KPIs, identifying the right influencers, working on the campaign narrative, managing the execution, and finalizing with tracking and in-depth reporting. Based on your company goals, they create a tailored and optimal strategy for your brand. This includes influencer identification, KPIs setup, authentic and native storytelling, management, contracting, and detailed reporting and analytics.

As well as influencer marketing, the agency creates and manages TikTok ads. They include demographic info such as gender, age, location, languages, and interests. Tell them your target audience, and they will create TikTok Ads to reach your goals. 

Also, they manage talents on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They help talents, creators, and influencers get the best deals, supporting their personal branding thanks to PR activities.

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global full-service influencer marketing agency that helps brands engage with Gen Z and Millennials audiences on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram....

5. LTK (formerly rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it)

LTK (formerly rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it)

Founded by a creator for creators, LTK (formerly called rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it) helps brands of all sizes with end-to-end creator campaign management. From planning to casting the right influencer to making sense of the data, they can do it all. Not only can they help with all aspects of campaigns, but they also serve across a number of verticals. During the 11 years that they’ve been around, they’ve created strong communities of creators across all the main lifestyle categories, including food and beverage, home, fashion, travel, and family. 

One of the features that deserve special praise is their data-driven approach. Backed by unmatched curated creator data that they’ve gathered over 10 years, they’re in the perfect position to help brands identify the best creators for their next marketing campaign. 

They also offer a consumer shopping app for sales. According to their website, the LTK shopping app attracts as many as 8 million shoppers per month on average.

LTK is the most successful influencer network that drives billions in brand purchases from the world's largest curated creator community. LTK was founded by a creator to give creators a significan...

6. Ubiquitous


Ubiquitous has positioned itself as the first tech-driven managed marketplace. This influencer marketing agency has set itself apart from others by creating a unified platform for brands, creators, and influencers. 

The agency has a TikTok influencer marketplace that helps brands find influencers whose niche and followers are aligned with their target audience. The marketplace also opens opportunities for creators to showcase their designs and be spotted by big brands.

For brands, Ubiquitous offers full service influencer marketing. They specialize in helping brands achieve growth in three of the top platforms today–TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They use proprietary data to match brands with the right influencers. Brands can easily source influencers and process contracts within the platform itself. In this way, Ubiquitous becomes a convenient single point of contact for all influencer campaigns. Every step of influencer marketing can be fully automated and streamlined.

Aside from brand-influencer matching, Ubiquitous also offers content creation, full creative services, end-to-end campaign management, data analytics, and tracking.

Unlock the power of TikTok with the first influencer marketing company dedicated to the world’s fastest-growing social platform. We are a full-service agency with over 5,000 creators that helps high...

7. Obviously


Obviously is a full-service influencer marketing agency, assisting their clients at all steps throughout the influencer marketing process. They are an international agency, operating out of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (USA), Paris (France), and Sydney (Australia). This gives them a base in three continents and the capacity to run campaigns anywhere in the world.

The company was founded by CEO, Mae Karwowski, and CTO, Max Domain. Max designed a proprietary platform, Studio, to assist with influencer identification and discovery. The database currently includes over 400,000 influencers, searchable by a wide range of demographic factors.

Being full-service Obviously can help with the entire influencer marketing process. This even includes their own fulfillment center, which handles packaging, shipping, and returns. If a brand wants to send free product to an influencer, they can organize it completely from within Obviously.

Obviously’s White Glove Service handles all aspects of the influencer marketing experience, from identifying influencers, all communication, shipping products, and analyzing the results of each campaign. Alternatively, you may prefer a more cut-down experience, for example, assistance with network management or creating your influencer and social strategy. They can even assist you with live events.

Obviously is the leading influencer marketing agency for Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in providing cutting-edge strategy and world-class service, no matter the complexity or scale of a campaig…

8. The Shelf

The Shelf

The Shelf prides itself on shying away from what they deem cookie-cutter campaigns. Focusing instead on unicorn influencer campaigns, the agency provides clients with distinct strategies depending on their marketing goals and customer segments. They rely on data obtained from both the client and the target market to figure out unique concepts that can deliver results.

The agency is connected with a wide network of creators and influencers all over the world, so if your brand has a niche market, chances are good that The Shelf will be able to match you with a suitable creator for your influencer campaign. They’ve run campaigns in every industry, from fashion to automotive to parenting and everything in between.

They are a full-service agency, so you’ll have access to everything you need to run an effective influencer campaign. Aside from influencer matching, their services also include fraud detection and campaign optimization. Their client portal allows you to monitor each campaign in real-time, gleaning important insights for improvement. The agency’s team of strategists, artists, and writers also give feedback—not just to you, but to the influencers as well—to ensure that the content will perform effectively and produce a good ROI.

The Shelf is an industry-leading, full-service influencer marketing agency that designs, executes, and optimizes data-driven campaigns from start to finish. With a focus on performance and ROI, our in...

9. LetsTok


Leverage the power of AI technology to enhance your TikTok influencer marketing campaigns with LetsTok—the first AdFluencers platform for brands and creators.

Founded in 2020, LetsTok uses proprietary AI-driven tools to help boost your brand and set you up with expert video creators under a wide variety of niches. 

With the help of global creators, you’d be able to create campaigns that can push your brand to the forefront. LetsTok connects you with micro- and macro-influencers, allowing you to request for a personal or business video or a video session. 

You can use these videos or video sessions in events or simply just have someone to talk to from the comfort of your living room. LetsTok makes interactions with influencers more engaging because it allows the influencers to also see their audience. 

Aside from offering services at more affordable prices, LetsTok also helps you measure your campaign performance using KPIs and other important metrics. Note that prices of the services offered can vary from one influencer to another. This is because the talents themselves determine the prices, which you can see reflected on their page and when you’re placing an order. 

How long it will take for a talent to fulfil your request can also vary. However, they generally have up to seven days to follow through your requests. 

If you’re requesting for a business video for TikTok, for example, you can use it on your website and on your preferred social media platform. It’s worth noting that this type of product has a video rights lifespan of only three months. After which, if you want to extend its use, you’d have to contact the LetsTok team to extend its validity. Furthermore, the LetsTok logo will appear as a watermark in both personal and business videos. 

Some of the brands that LetsTok has worked with for TikTok campaigns include telehealth platform Antidote Health and play-to-earn NFT game Time Raiders.

LetsTok is an influencer marketing agency offering a free, AI-powered technology for professionals and that allows you to run a real performance-driven influencer marketing campaign from idea to execu...



Inspired by the idea that great things happen when people come together, LEADERS was born. Founded in 2009, the company’s mission is to help brands and influencers work more efficiently through multiple social media platforms so they can focus on what really matters: creating meaningful content that engages their fans and followers and results in conversions. 

When you partner with the team at LEADERS, they develop creative strategies that drive success through KPIs that consistently track and analyze your brand’s performance. This allows them to adjust their approach on the fly to ensure you are always getting the best value from your investment.

Moreover, as influencer marketing continues to grow, LEADERS developed an Influencer AI-Driven Platform that provides its clients with insights into the demographics and psychographics of 120 million influencers worldwide, as well as their audiences on social media. This application can determine fake likes from real ones. It is also used to identify the most influential people in a certain industry, so that LEADERS can connect you with the best people to help promote your product or service.

From strategy to execution, LEADERS provides you and its roster of influencers a full suite of services to connect and create real relationships with your target market and audience. With their system, you can keep track of all your spending in one place.

Influencer Marketing Agency Logo

THE NEXT GENERATION OF ADVERTISING THAT TURNS LIKE INTO SALES. LEADERS is the world’s leading influencer marketing group. With more than 13 years of experience, we help brands and e-Commerce such as...

11. HireInfluence


HireInfluence is an award-winning full-service influencer marketing agency for the world’s most prominent brands. It has been delivering expert strategies and industry-leading results since 2011.  It is a full-service influencer marketing agency, specializing in customized promotional campaigns and consulting.

HireInfluence has become the go-to partner for Fortune 1000 brands and top creative agencies across the USA and further afield. They work with a team of influencers across 12 countries and seven industry verticals, to spread their clients’ messages. They share content across most social media channels, using the best channel for each brand. They believe in fully customizing their services around each client’s objectives.

They split their influencer services into:

  • All-inclusive content strategies
  • Influencer casting and placement
  • Event on-site engagement support
  • Creative influencer experiences
  • Ongoing UGC creation and promotion
  • Brand consulting and training services

HireInfluence has worked with influencers to document journeys across the Caribbean and Atlantic. Others influencers have become the center attraction at national trade events. HireInfluence’s influencers have even helped to build International exposure for characters like Batman and Scooby Doo.

Marketing Agency of the Year 2021 | U.S. Agency Awards

HireInfluence was founded in 2011, and soon became the influencer agency of choice for the world's most prominent brands. Leveraging a...

12. Audiencly


Founded only a few years ago in 2018, Audiencly’s initial focus was to create ad campaigns for the gaming industry. Fast-forward four years and their focus has changed. Now their goal is to connect businesses irrespective of their size or industry with content creators and influencers across the globe. 

While their network of influencers might not be that big compared to some of the other agencies on our list, it does include both established trendsetters and upcoming names and they also support all major social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook). From identifying your KPIs and target audience to planning and preparing a campaign strategy, they will work with you step by step to identify which influencers can help you to achieve your goals. Then, after the right influencers have been found, they will also work with the selected influencers to make sure that the marketing campaign gets launched according to plan. 

For influencers, they also offer management services. Whether it’s to help with managing channels or introducing influencers to brands, their partnerships with leading brands are growing steadily.

Influencer marketing means significantly more than sponsoring hilarious videos or glamourous Instagram posts. With Audiencly the right influencer marketing strategy enables companies to reach their ...

13. Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners has the expertise to help you scale your business with innovative but tailored solutions. They focus on collaborating with you, addressing your needs for each customized campaign they create by providing deep insights in global markets. This allows a more bespoke approach to influencer marketing that considers cultural differences and unique consumer behavior. 

As a marketing agency, Acceleration Partners is also well-equipped to deal with the technical aspects of an influencer marketing campaign. They can provide you with access to their platform so you can see all your data in one place. This includes their proprietary data and analytics platform that leverages big data, business intelligence, and predictive modeling to give you insights into your influencer marketing campaigns. With this platform, you can track your progress, optimize your strategies, and make data-driven decisions that will help you achieve desired results. 

In recognition of their culture and performance, Acceleration Partners has received several industry awards. Their talented team contributed to these accomplishments, as did their partnerships with the world’s most innovative brands and technology leaders. If you are looking for an agency that is not only experienced but also recognized for their excellence, then Acceleration Partners is the right choice for you.

Acceleration Partners specializes in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to accelerate their performance. As the industry leader in partnership marketing, AP delivers integrated and ...

14. Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners has the expertise to help you scale your business with innovative but tailored solutions. They focus on collaborating with you, addressing your needs for each customized campaign they create by providing deep insights in global markets. This allows a more bespoke approach to influencer marketing that considers cultural differences and unique consumer behavior. 

As a marketing agency, Acceleration Partners is also well-equipped to deal with the technical aspects of an influencer marketing campaign. They can provide you with access to their platform so you can see all your data in one place. This includes their proprietary data and analytics platform that leverages big data, business intelligence, and predictive modeling to give you insights into your influencer marketing campaigns. With this platform, you can track your progress, optimize your strategies, and make data-driven decisions that will help you achieve desired results. 

In recognition of their culture and performance, Acceleration Partners has received several industry awards. Their talented team contributed to these accomplishments, as did their partnerships with the world’s most innovative brands and technology leaders. If you are looking for an agency that is not only experienced but also recognized for their excellence, then Acceleration Partners is the right choice for you.

Acceleration Partners specializes in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to accelerate their performance. As the industry leader in partnership marketing, AP delivers integrated and ...

15. inBeat Agency

inBeat Agency

If you’re looking specifically to work with micro-influencers, be sure to check in with inBeat. With offices in multiple locations across the globe including Montreal, Paris, and Singapore, they describe themselves as a performance-driven micro-influencer agency. 

They work with more than 25,000 micro-influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram and have helped well-known global brands like New Balance, Nordstrom, and Disney to reach their business goals. In addition to their big network of influencers, you’ll also be able to take advantage of their in-house social media skills and tech. 

One of the big benefits of partnering with inBeat is that you’ll also get an in-house creative director assigned to your campaign. Together you’ll come up with a unique angle that will put your content and brand in the spotlight. After all, two heads beat one. 

Also, before any collaboration starts, you’ll get to approve the influencers and creators who’ll help you with your marketing campaign. So, if you feel that one of the influencers isn’t a perfect match for your brand and its target audience, you’ll get a say. 

Another useful service that they offer is influencer focus groups. So, if you’re not quite ready to launch a campaign yet and would rather just get to know the habits of your customers better, inBeat’s network can help. The groups can also help to generate many more creative ideas that you can use for future influencer marketing campaigns.

inBeat Agency leverages micro-influencer collaborations to create winning social media strategies drive down customer acquisition costs and scale ad budgets. We offer a fully managed service to help ...

16. ApexDrop


ApexDrop is a North American marketing agency that specializes in building powerful communities of consumers who believe in and support your brand. With over 500 clients, the trust and credibility that the agency has built with both its clients and influencers is unrivaled. 

Their affordable services include influencer content creation and distribution, which can be customized according to your budget and needs. You can also take advantage of their management system that makes it easy to keep track of deadlines, payments, and performance metrics. 

Not only does ApexDrop have a massive network of influencers at its disposal, but they also have the tools and resources to ensure that your content reaches the right people at the right time. With their cutting-edge technology, they can track data and analytics in real-time so you can see the ROI of your campaigns almost immediately. 

Their team of experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that takes into account your unique goals and objectives. With that said, you can rest assured knowing that your influencer marketing campaigns are in good hands.

Save time and budget when scaling up with micro influencers in the United States. Most agencies pay influencers to promote your products. We don’t. We rigorously screen influencers who genuinely car...

17. inCast


inCast Inc. specializes in working with influencers, micro-influencers, celebrities and other key contacts across the world. They offer a wide range of services including influencer outreach, content creation, digital marketing, and social media management. 

In addition to their extensive experience, inCast Inc. has a team of experts who are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices in influencer marketing. This allows them to create tailored strategies that are designed to achieve your specific goals and objectives. 

Also, as an official TikTok partner for content creation, inCast Inc. has access to the world’s most popular social media platform and its more than 500 million active users. This gives them an increased ability to reach your target audience and deliver your message in a way that is both effective and engaging. With inCast Inc., you can be sure that you are working with an agency that is at the forefront of influencer marketing and that is committed to helping you achieve your desired results. 

Digital Influencer Marketing...



HypeFactory operates at the intersection of technology and creativity. They are a one-stop-shop influencer marketing agency that delivers your promotional goals. The agency has created the HypeAuditor tool, which they use to discover the best influencers for their clients. In addition, they use advanced artificial intelligence technologies to select from millions of influencers and find the best fit for your objectives.

HypeFactory uses comprehensive and accurate data to identify influencers best suited for your marketing campaign. They measure Audience Quality Scores, Channel Quality Scores, and many other factors. They apply a wide range of unconventional parameters to find the right audience before taking target action. As a result, they can accurately predict the outcome before a campaign even starts. In turn, the agency shares the results of its campaigns with HypeAuditor to continuously enhance analytic potential.

They adapt their campaigns to use the advantage of each social platform. With Instagram, they recognize the majority of users best interact with colorful and engaging content. So HypeFactory uses stunning images, engaging swipe-up links, as well as paid social and promo codes. On YouTube, the agency develops intriguing and engaging content to introduce your product. They make sponsored videos, game reviews, pre-roll ads, major worldwide launches, and more. They recognize that TikTok is the number one platform to run sponsored challenges. HypeFactory creates viral content to engage as many users as possible and applies promo codes. Finally, they see Twitch as the perfect choice to reach gamers and cyber athletes. They see that integrated content in streams can deliver incredible levels of engagement, with up to 30% of the audience engaging directly with ads.

HYPEFACTORY - An Influencer Marketing agency that creates full-scale advertising campaigns based on data analysis gathered through Artificial Intelligence and exceptional expertise in marketing....

19. August United

August United

August United is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They set out to rid the world of boring marketing, and ever since, have been uniting impressive brands with impressive people.

They provide structure to identify influencers, develop campaign concepts, and maintain guardrails to create a sustainable influencer marketing strategy for brands. They also build influencer communities of passionate brand advocates, allowing their clients to leverage influencers for ongoing activations.

One of August United’s unique offerings is organizing influencer brand retreats where clients can meet influencers to set up strategies for their future influencer marketing campaigns.
They include PetSmart, Persil ProClean, Ralphs, and Valley of the Sun United amongst their clients.

August United provides end-to-end influencer marketing support—from influencer strategy to influencer activations and ongoing influencer management….

20. Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media won the Social Agency of the Year award at the 2016 Incite Group’s Corporate Social Media Awards. That sums up Ignite’s all-encompassing social media focus.

They have a long pedigree (in social media terms, anyway) beginning as The Original Social Media Agency in 2007. They set themselves up as what at that time was a very new style of agency, with an exclusive social media focus.

They believe that social media is uniquely suited to allow brands to really connect with their customers on a deeper level and that quality content is necessary to speak to the passions of an audience.

One of the ways they do this is through using their influencer network to generate and syndicate genuine branded content that is on-message but in the influencers’ voices and relevant to their particular audiences.

Social First. Social Only. Social Partners. Ignite Social Media is America's original social media marketing agency that specializes in servicing large consumer brands across the globe. Since 2007, we...

21. Lytehouse


Lytehouse is the agency of choice for businesses who want to tap into an influencer’s powerful network and succeed through their digital influence. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to connecting brands with the right influencers and helping them achieve their desired results. 

What sets Lytehouse apart from other agencies is their focus on quality over quantity. With sister company Socialyte, an influencer management platform, they have access to a global network of more than 10,000 influencers. This allows them to hand-pick the right influencers for your specific campaign and ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. 

In addition to their large network of influencers, Lytehouse also has a provides comprehensive reports and tracking to ensure your campaigns are performing at the highest level. They also offer a full-service production team that can produce high-quality strategy, content, and ideation for your social media channels. 

Lytehouse is a creative, full-service influencer marketing agency with 10+ years of experience that works with brands at every stage of the influencer marketing campaign process, from guiding strategy...

22. MoreInfluence


MoreInfluence aims to help you drive more sales, attain higher revenue, and have more Influence. They offer 35 years of marketing strategy experience combined with cutting-edge data analytics. 

In early 2022 MoreInfluence merged with and restructured independent influencer marketing agency Boomopolis. Their strategy involves using popular influencers to create and distribute engaging branded content across the web, giving their clients brand visibility, awareness, and increased online reach. The two agencies have grown their collective network of influencers and industry experience to create an expanded team with specialized, in-depth influencer marketing knowledge.

Their team of industry-specific social media experts offers each brand a customized solution and unique strategies. They work with influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and other up-and-coming platforms.

MoreInfluence’s data-driven internal analytics process combines with comprehensive external search platforms to ensure you team up with the best influencers to set your brand up for present and future success. They see influencer marketing as a six-step process: Discovery → Proposal → Influencer Approval → Content Approval → Posts Go Live → Data and Reporting.

At MoreInfluence, our mission is to help brands close more sales, attract more customers, and generate more influence within their market. At the heart of our strategy is a world where the art of infl...

23. Zorka.Agency


Zorka.Agency describes itself as being an influencer and performance marketing agency. They offer both influencer marketing and media buying services.

They claim to have combined the best of both worlds—a classic creative agency and a digital technology company.

They are European-based, with offices in Minsk, Belarus, Moscow, Russia, and Limassol, Cyprus.

They work with influencers to promote products over YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Twitch. Zorka.Agency will find clients’ audiences in more than 80 countries using a selection of the 350,000 influencers in their database. They use an in-house campaign management platform, Zorka.Video. It combines a database of content creators and a wide range of filters to pinpoint the right influencers for any audience.

Smart. Efficient. Worldwide...

24. The Motherhood

The Motherhood

As their name suggests, The Motherhood is an all female agency, utilizing the power of women online. It was founded in 2006, on the basis that a group of women online could make a big impact. Somewhat appropriately, their first campaign was for Huggies Diapers and was strongly targeted at online moms. Since that initial campaign, The Motherhood has worked to connect prominent organizations with women.

They emphasize that they are not interested in automated influencer marketing. They consider themselves to be a boutique agency that applies the human touch to vetting their influencer lists, to the point of checking to see if a blogger’s child has lactose intolerance before suggesting they blog for a dairy campaign. The Motherhood views influencer marketing as a very human, very personal discipline.

The Motherhood is a full-service influencer marketing firm staffed by PR agency veterans and has a proven track record of producing strategic campaigns that blow industry averages out of the water. E...

25. Sway Group

Sway Group

Sway Group is a 100% self-financed, women-owned company. Indeed, every manager and employee shown on their website is a woman. They offer full-service partnerships to their clients, giving them hands-on strategic service throughout the course of a campaign, with all their work designed to serve big-picture business goals.

They specialize in delivering best-in-class content for their clients. From creative services to influencer activation, every campaign starts with a customized content strategy.

Every campaign is allocated a team dedicated to the client’s business goals: a typical influencer program includes 6-8 Sway professionals, from client services to quality assurance.

Sway sources influencers who specialize in the subject matter best suited for each campaign, from the fantastic food blogger to the Instagram fashionista. They demand a high level of quality from their content creators, but they also supply them with the resources they need to drive their own engagement and grow their audience. Each of Sway’s shopper-focused influencer programs has 6-8 dedicated staff members managing daily tasks through completion, including a comprehensive post-campaign report.

Sway has launched its Social Content Studio to bring clients the option of securing compelling brand-owned influencer-driven content. Their skilled in-house creative team can quickly produce either photography or video assets (or both!) as needed.

Sway Group delivers the influencer strategy and ROI your brand is looking for. Our network of over 30K US and Canadian-based influencers consistently produces top-quality branded content that exceeds …

26. Stargazer


Stargazer was established in 2016 with the goal of providing businesses with an easy and effective way to connect with their target consumers. Since then, they have become one of the leading marketing agencies that specialize in working with influencers. They are not your typical marketing company because they focus not just on creating long-term relationships with their clients but also with the content creators they work with. When they find social media talent they believe in, whether in a niche community or with a large following, they invest in them and help them grow their personal brand. This allows you to tap into new markets and reach consumers that you wouldn’t be able to reach through traditional marketing channels.

Stargazer is distinguished by its team of marketing experts who are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices in influencer marketing. Consequently, they can develop strategies that are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. In addition, they offer a wide range of services including influencer outreach, content creation, digital marketing, and social media management. 

Even with the latest trends when it comes to marketing, Stargazer believes that it is more important to have a smaller group of high-quality influencers than a large group of mediocre ones. If you decide on partnering with Stargazer, you can be confident that you are working with an agency that provides you with the best possible results that will drive conversion and ROI.

Stargazer is the only performance agency that connects brands and creators. We offer full-service campaign management and use our proprietary technology to understand your audience, match you with th...

27. The Outloud Group

The Outloud Group

Detroit-based, The Outloud Group is a full-service influencer marketing agency that creates and executes strategic campaigns to deliver measurable results at scale. They partner with brands and influencers to deliver highly effective and authentic marketing campaigns.

They don’t restrict themselves to just midwestern clients, however. They also work with clients in Los Angeles, New York, and abroad. They have worked with brands on influencer campaigns since 2008.

The Outloud Group’s bread and butter is direct response ads. Brands are involved in crafting the message, but creative control ultimately rests with the influencers to ensure authenticity. The company also helps with campaigns involving branded content, using suitable influencers and their captive audience.

The Outloud Group also works with the other half of the influencer equation. They provide talent representation services to quality influencers. They bring brand campaigns to influencers they know, like, and trust.

Nationally & internationally renowned influencer marketing agency that creates & executes strategic campaigns to deliver measurable results at scale....

28. Upfluence Inc.

Upfluence Inc.

Although Upfluence is probably best known for its influencer marketing platform, it also acts as an influencer agency. Although a dedicated team of influence experts manages your campaign, Upfluence provides its agency clients with full software access to have 100% transparency on the progress.

It finds the perfect content creators where your audiences overlap: Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Blog. 

Upfluence is also happy to assist with influencer event management. Its content creators can match the needs of your client for any special events. Upfluence prevents no-shows by entering into long-term agreements with their influencers. They offer on-site tracking and host management.

Some of the steps that Upfluence takes in its influencer agency role include:

  • Discovery call – learning about client needs
  • Strategy design & ideation – setting up a solid plan
  • Campaign Kick-off – agenda, emails, dashboards
  • Content creator’s curation – reaching out to content creators to create high-quality content through influencer marketing
  • Brief endorsement – highly detailed with content guidance
  • Influencer Marketing and partner relationship management – ensuring smooth communication and high response rates
  • Content creators onboarding – signing agreements
  • Influencer Generated Content – with drafting and approval from both Upfluence and the client
  • Influencer Payment – making sure that the influencers met the expected content guidelines before they pay them
  • Reporting and recommendations

Drive more sales from influencer marketing with Upfluence. Find the perfect influencers for your brand, manage your campaigns, & measure your results in one platform....

29. Veritone One

Veritone One

Veritone One is a full-service advertising agency incorporating podcast, radio, digital, tv, and analytics. They also claim to be the world’s largest performance audio agency. Importantly, they also act as a YouTube influencer marketing agency. They claim to be the industry leader in performance-based YouTube influencer marketing.

The agency uses a proprietary discovery platform and valuable partner relationships to pair you with the right talent for the maximum return on investment.

Veritone One is powered by Veritone aiWare. This is a proprietary platform that processes and organizes unstructured audio and video data using AI-based cognitive computing. The technology helps the company collect real-time actionable intelligence to better optimize your media and brand’s messaging to improve your campaign’s performance.

Veritone One creates impactful advertising for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. We were built on a simple, yet powerful premise: that an advertising agency should place measurable resul...

30. Post for Rent

Post for Rent

Post For Rent offers a collection of solutions to cater to all your influencer marketing needs. You can either use it as an influencer platform, searching through its extensive database of influencers, or let the company handle everything for you.

If you opt for Post For Rent’s managed services, all you have to do is set your campaign objectives. They deliver you a plan that matches your brand values and tone of voice. They give you a dedicated campaign expert, prepare a competitor analysis, and come up with estimated results.

Through analysis of audience interests, behaviors, and more, Post for Rent filters, analyzes, contacts, and contracts the most suitable influencers for your campaign. Once you have a team of influencers, it’s time to put your influencer marketing into practice. The agency handles all content, from formulating the original concepts to full content production and optimization.

Post For Rent’s reports give clear insights into the ROI your campaigns have generated. They even provide detailed information on each piece of content posted by your influencers.

Post For Rent is a technology-powered solution bringing value to all players in influencer marketing. With a team of long-time influencer marketing experts, Post For Rent brings your marketing objecti...

31. Engage Hub

Engage Hub

UK-based EngageHub considers itself a socially led influencer marketing agency that will take your product to market and influence the “new” generation. They offer brands a range of marketing options to reach out to busy target customers. They can assist with influencer marketing, creative & production, paid media, social commerce, and social media management.

They describe themselves as product-led creatives who plug into your brand to send your commercial, social, creative, and influencer marketing sky-high.

EngageHub delivers a full-service, integrated approach to influencer marketing, meaning they cover all the elements needed to provide campaigns that turbocharge your commercial goals. They ensure you spend your budget for maximum reach and ROI. The agency pairs your brand with influencers that will deliver maximum results, including nano, micro, and mid-level influencers with highly engaged audiences.

They work with influencers across all the popular social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, meaning that they should find suitable influencers for you, no matter what market you target.

Engage Hub is a brave social media agency changing the way brands interact with consumers, through effective and strategic campaigns that deliver results. An Influencer Marketing Agency that takes you...

32. Kairos Media

Kairos Media

Kairos Media is an award-winning, social-first creative agency which enables brands to be seen and heard by Millennial and Gen Z consumers on a global scale. Leveraging its understanding of the social space, Kairos builds and executes strategies which see more than 5x the success of traditional media buying. 

Believing that it’s not just about boosting content, it’s about creating an authentic place on the internet to stand out amongst the rest, Kairos combines science (data) and art (creative work) into a unique 360-degree approach. The agency also works with over 75,000 influencers across 55 countries in 20 languages. 

Across its HQ in London, regional office in Manchester and US office in Los Angeles, Kairos Media has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands across a variety of sectors including Facebook, Kelloggs, Pizza Hut, Tencent, Samsung AliExpress, Kraft-Heinz, Krispy Kreme, AMD & Gigabyte. 

Alongside its creative and strategic work, Kairos Media has also developed its own data and insights service, KLabs. Through this, Kairos uses in-house data analytics tools, fused with primary and secondary research to understand audience interests, pain points and watering holes to inform their approach.

Kairos Media, one of the founding agencies of the influencer marketing scene, is now one of the fastest growing social-first creative agencies in the UK. And they’ve bagged the awards to prove it. …

33. MG Empower

MG Empower

MG Empower is a global influencer marketing agency that empowers brands to go #AboveAndBeyond.

We help brands grow their businesses, reach new audiences and make an impact with digital and influencer marketing.

We believe in the power of people to drive business value through social, experiential and innovation. Our 360* approach to brand storytelling and co-creation overcomes the initial brief and encourages greater ROI.

MG Empower is present in five global markets: Europe, LATAM, USA, SEA, India and Russia. It allows us to offer a diverse team – strategic, innovative and results-driven with a personal human touch on every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an influencer marketing agency do?

An influencer marketing agency acts as a middleman during the influencer marketing process. Many influencer marketing agencies are full-service and can assist brands through all the stages of the influencer marketing process. This means they can help them with influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting on the success of a campaign.

Is there an influencer marketing agency that specializes in gaming?

You can check out Cloutboost. It is a specialist gaming influencer agency that markets brands by taking advantage of the power or Twitch streamers and YouTube influencers. Their services include contacting, recruiting and negotiating with influencers; creating large-scale ambassador programs and predicting trends.

What are the best influencer marketing agencies in New York?

You can try Kairos Media, Obviously, Open Influence, The Outland Group, and Team Epiphany. These are some of the leading influencer marketing agencies with offices in New York. Kairos Media, Obviously, The Outland Group and Open Influence are full-service creative influencer marketing agencies, while Team Epiphany specializes in creative services, brand strategy, influencer engagement and public relations.

What are the top influencer marketing agencies in Europe?

You can check out Zorka, Jin, Passion Digital and Ykone. These are some of the leading influencer marketing agencies with offices across Europe. Zorka has offices in Minsk, Belarus, and Cyprus. Jin and Ykone have offices in Paris and Germany, while Passion Digital operates in Spain. In addition to influencer marketing, these agencies also offer other digital services that include reputation management, media buying services, web design and pay per click.

Should you work with an influencer marketing agency?

If you find the process of discovering influencers, contacting them, picking the most appropriate ones and running campaigns with your chosen influencers takes too much time, it is a good idea to work with an influencer marketing agency. Many influencer marketing agencies are full-service, in other words they can help brands with every stage of the influencer marketing process. Agencies have been part of marketing for many years and can offer valuable services.

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