10 of the Best Digital Marketing Agency Ad Campaigns to Inspire You

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From search engine optimization to social media management – there’s a lot that digital marketing agencies can help you with. One of the key areas where a digital marketing agency can help is digital ad campaigns. Some may help you strategize and execute your campaign whereas others may even take on the entire creative production process. Regardless of the specifics, digital marketing agencies can help you launch powerful ad campaigns that deliver results.

To help you get a better idea of the kind of campaigns these agencies can execute, we made a list of the best digital marketing agency ad campaigns. These campaigns come from a wide variety of businesses – from global brands to neighborhood bars. So you can understand the kind of value these agencies can deliver regardless of business size. Let’s take a look.

digital marketing agencies ad campaigns



BEARPAW is an American footwear brand most popularly known for their sheepskin lining and boots. While the brand was already well-known and well-loved, they wanted to take their social media presence to another level. So they approached Sociallyin to ramp up their social advertising efforts with the goal to lower CPC and boost ROI.

The agency took advantage of the brand’s existing website visitors and ran dynamic catalog retargeting campaigns via Facebook and Instagram. This allowed them to target interested or potential purchasers who had items left in their carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases. They also upsold some of these potential buyers on an item during the winter season.

By targeting people closer to the end of the purchase funnel, BEARPAW was able to minimize their ad spend while maximizing ROI. For an ad spend of $41,339.94, the brand drove $257,636.75 in sales – a 6.23 ROAS.


  • Make the most of retargeting to recapture lost sales and reach people closer to the end of the purchase funnel to lower ad spend while maximizing returns.



OUAI is an award-winning luxury haircare brand created by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin. When the brand approached Major Tom, it had millions of social media followers and a devoted customer base with a growing year-over-year revenue. However, they had been witnessing a slowdown in user growth, which the agency identified as a leading indicator that the brand will experience a bottleneck in future revenue growth.

With a focus on user acquisition, the agency created ad campaigns targeting segments of users who had never visited the brand’s site or placed an order. They shifted between interest-based and lookalike audience targeting to reach potential customers who were most likely to take an interest in OUAI.

During the course of the campaign, the agency was constantly evaluating which content resonated best with the audience while simultaneously refining their targeting using new data. As a result, the brand witnessed a 63% increase in user acquisition along with a 73% increase in revenue. Moreover, 58% of OUAI’s monthly customers were new to the brand.


  • Use interest-based targeting and lookalike audiences to reach people most likely to connect with your brand.
  • Constantly monitor and refine your ads to maximize their impact.

3. Superior Honda

When Superior Honda, a New Orleans-based Honda dealership, approached Online Optimism, the business had existing paid marketing efforts that were delivering substandard results. Their ads were only appearing for very unique keywords and branded search terms. Even worse, those ads weren’t driving conversions.

Online Optimism took over with the goal to increase the dealership’s visibility in a saturated market, thus eventually boosting sales. To reach a larger audience, the agency created dynamic ads to match searches for a purchasable vehicle. They also used variations in SEM advertising through search, display, mobile, and remarketing, leveraging the ad networks of both Google and Microsoft.

Furthermore, they created video content to freshen up Superior Honda’s brand image to better relate with the target audience. The video generated more than 1.4 million views while the search ads saw a 7.7% click-through.


  • Leverage dynamic ads to effectively reach people searching for specific products from your offering.
  • Use video to drive audio-visual engagement for your digital ads. 

4. Good American


Good American is a well-known fashion brand most popular for their jeans. When the brand initially worked with Power Digital, they were experiencing impressive results. However, the original approach was hit hard by the iOS14 update, which meant that they had to pivot and reconsider their strategy from the ground up. This created a need to hyper-focus on new customer acquisition and increase their spending on cold prospecting audiences. 

For this new approach, Power Digital closely tracked performance in relation to revenue and other key metrics. They also evaluated performance over a longer timeframe so that they could make predictive, rather than reactive, optimizations. To reduce the reliance on pixel data, the agency vigorously tested new audiences and deployed new creatives more frequently to find what resonated best.

As a result of these efforts, the brand gained 90% new customers year-over-year. They managed to exponentially increase return on ad spend while driving unprecedented results for Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.


  • Closely monitor data to create winning ad campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Keep testing new audiences to improve your new customer acquisition.
  • Test your ad creatives frequently to find new wins. 

5. Toyota Global Olympics


Upstream was a campaign launched to promote the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games in partnership with Toyota. The campaign was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the U.K

The team strategically leveraged the biggest media day of the year to tell the story of a Team Toyota athlete named Jessica Long. The team put together a powerful video about how Jessica was born with fibular hemimelia and went on to earn 13 Paralympic Gold Medals. The video ended with an inspirational message about how there’s hope and strength in all of us.

From the first week of launch, the campaign saw huge success and was covered by major media outlets. There was a total of 1,660 press mentions along with 1.6 billion earned media impressions. It garnered 125 million+ Facebook impressions and 25 million+ Twitter impressions.


  • Tell powerful stories and appeal to the emotions of your audience.
  • Include a message that includes your audience and resonates with them.

6. Niko’s Neighborhood Bar

Niko’s Neighborhood Bar

Bad Rhino is a leading digital marketing agency for small businesses. Before the agency began running Google ads for Niko’s Neighborhood Bar, they had an existing partnership with the local establishment. In their first year, they focused on building engagement through social media and driving new customers to the bar. They wanted to continue building momentum and expand their reach to a new audience, with Google ads being the perfect solution.

The Bad Rhino team focused on conversions by targeting very specific keywords and customers in close proximity to the bar. Overall, they saw 246 direct visits to Niko’s from Google ads, with 131 clicks to call and 918 asking for directions. The agency reported a 589% return on investment from running these targeted Google ads.


  • Drive foot traffic by targeting people using highly specific keywords in close proximity to your location.

7. Livability

Livability is a niche media company that serves economic development organizations. While the company had a strong client roster, they mainly relied on in-person relationship building. So they got hit hard by the pandemic, pushing them to take a digital-first approach to attract new leads. As a result, Livability approached Sculpt to help them pivot.

Since the company targets a very niche audience, the existing targeting options at paid social platforms didn’t suffice. Realizing that LinkedIn would be the ideal platform to reach Livability’s target audience, they focused on the platform and utilized its Matched Audiences feature. The team built a custom audience list fitting the company’s ideal client profile parameters. They further segmented the source audience comprising 123,000 members by role, location, and industry.

Sculpt then tested multiple content offers and ad creatives to fine-tune the campaign based on how the audience responded. They even refreshed their CTAs continually to keep them from going stale. The campaign eventually generated 218 leads at $47.19 cost per lead and a click-to-conversion rate of 18.55%.


  • Make the most of the right targeting tools to get highly specific with your ad targeting.
  • Test and monitor continuously to understand what resonates with your audience and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

8. Nikura


Nikura is a reputable essential oil company based in the U.K. The brand approached Our Own Brand for help raising brand awareness and promoting their products. So the agency put together a paid ads strategy in alignment with their organic social efforts. They capitalized on high-quality assets and seasonal trends to deliver ads that resonated with the target audience.

Our Own Brand leveraged videos featuring real people, behind-the-scenes footage, and informative how-to content. They also made use of reviews and ratings while highlighting some of the key benefits people can enjoy. Some ads promoted attractive 20% discounts while others focused on wholesale pricing to target business owners. These paid social efforts generated a 121% increase in monthly purchases with an average ROAS of 94% and a 42% decrease in CPA.


  • Focus on relatability and humanize your brand by featuring real people in your ad creative.
  • Add social proof in the form of reviews and ratings as well as influencer content.
  • Create messaging that highlights the key benefits for your target audience.

9. Mokka Coffee

Mokka Coffee

Mokka Coffee offers coffee, fresh pastries, and a varied menu of signature food and drinks. The business approached Ninja Promo to increase brand awareness and attract new clients. The agency was also tasked with the job of creating social media content for Mokka Coffee. As part of a more comprehensive strategy, they developed a complex social media promotion plan and set up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Ninja Promo designed more than 20 target audience portraits and conducted a series of tests through 50+ ad campaigns. These tests helped them to determine the most profitable profiles to focus on. The agency also created 300+ visual pieces of content for the brand’s social media along with 20+ articles related to the brand’s offering. 

Overall, they were able to garner 120,000 impressions a month along with a 230% increase in brand awareness. In addition to gaining 400+ new customers, there was also a 110% average check increase.


  • Don’t be afraid to test your audience targeting multiple times to make sure you’re reaching the most relevant customers.

10. Krush Kandy

Krush Kandy

Krush Kandy is a boutique that sells women’s clothing and accessories. When they approached Nuanced Media, the business was primarily making sales through Facebook Live. While they had built a large following on the platform, the one-revenue-source approach was starting to create issues for the brand. Nuanced Media helped them establish a more sustainable revenue stream by exploring other channels.

After setting up a Shopify store for Krush Kandy, the agency ran ads promoting weekly Live videos that gave viewers a sneak peek of the products they could expect at the next session. This helped build anticipation and drive traffic to the brand’s website. Once their Live videos ended, the agency also boosted them to re-engage people who might have missed the session.

Furthermore, they retargeted people who had looked at a product or added an item to their cart and left without purchasing. They made use of the Product Catalog feature to remind people of their purchase intent by displaying ads with products that featured the exact items they had viewed.

  • Get more out of your Live videos by boosting them to re-engage people who might have missed them.
  • Strategically offer sneak peeks to build anticipation for upcoming events and product releases.
  • Make use of retargeting and product catalogs to get more specific with your targeting and deliver highly relevant ads to your audience.

Create Your Next Campaign with a Digital Marketing Agency

From the above examples, it’s clear to see that digital marketing agencies are capable of crafting powerful campaigns with impressive results. Take a closer look at the agencies we highlighted above and see how they can help you with your next digital ad campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital ad example?

A digital ad example is the “Sponsored” listing that shows up at the top of the page when you search for something.

What is an example of a digital marketing promotion?

An example of a digital marketing promotion is a fashion retailer creating visually stunning content to highlight their latest collection and promoting the content through multiple channels such as Instagram Stories.

Are digital marketing agencies worth it?

Digital marketing agencies are worth it as they enable you to make the most of your marketing dollars by crafting customized campaigns according to your business goals.

Are ad agencies dying?

Ad agencies aren’t necessarily dying, but with the shift to digital, many traditional ad agencies have pivoted to include digital ad placements as a part of their offering.

How do digital ads work?

Digital ads work by delivering advertising content to people who match the target audience profiles of a specific ad campaign.

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