11 Best Marketing Campaigns on TikTok

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With its highly visual and engaging nature, TikTok offers marketers the opportunity to create ingenious campaigns that drive clicks and sales. That’s also why most marketing campaigns on TikTok tend to be highly creative because you can’t just rely on the same old tactics if you’re going to stand out.

Need inspiration on creating a winning campaign on the platform? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the 11 best marketing campaigns on TikTok to inspire you.

11 Best Marketing Campaigns on TikTok:

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1. NYC Votes

@itisjor Gorgeous gorgeous girls participate in the upcoming NYC primary election #nycvotes @nycvotes #nyclife #nycrecs #newyorker ♬ original sound – Jordan 🤠

When the city of New York wanted to encourage young voters to vote, they realized that traditional marketing channels weren’t going to cut it. With TikTok being the go-to social media platform for the younger generation, they decided to leverage it to get the message out.

And the best way to achieve this goal was with the help of TikTok creators who had influence on the local (read: New York City) community. The NYC Votes campaign involved 10 hand-picked influencers from different backgrounds who each discussed the importance of voting in their own unique voice. It also made use of Spark ads to reach the relevant target audience and amplify the message.

The campaign generated a collective view of 2.5 million. Moreover, the average view-through was 70%, indicating that the audience was highly engaged with the content. 

Leveraging the right platform and the right influencers was the key to the campaign’s success. Moreover, having content creators use their authentic voices helped to build a genuine connection with each creator’s audience.

2. O-Cedar

@mamalindy Post prank cleanups with @O-Cedar 🎄#OCedar #OCedarClean #OCedarPartner #OCedarPacs ♬ original sound – Lindy and Jlo

O-Cedar wanted to leverage TikTok to showcase their products’ practicality in everyday life. For this, they needed to partner with influencers who could add a unique perspective to the brand’s products through engaging content. So the brand collaborated with The Influencer Marketing Factory to recruit a diverse array of influencers to help promote O-Cedar’s famous spin mops.

The campaign involved 83 influencers with a combined following of over 50 million. Each influencer added a unique touch with content ranging from post-prank cleanup videos to soothing clean-with-me videos.

In total, the campaign drove more than 47 million combined views along with over 1.6 million engagements. It also generated 45.5k conversions while the brand’s account earned more than 114k followers.

The campaign’s success relies heavily on the creativity and unique voices of different influencers. It emphasized a tone that’s simultaneously hilarious and relatable, helping to connect with the target audience.

3. Invisalign

@invisalignofficial Did you know that your insurance may be able to cover part of your Invisalign treatment? @marysantoracomedy ♬ original sound – invisalign

TikTok has a number of useful lead generation tools that advertisers can leverage to boost the impact of their marketing campaigns. The Question Card Instant Form, for instance, transformed the lead generation campaign for Invisalign by allowing prospects to take a quiz that would determine if the brand’s treatment would work for them.

They came up with a Smile Quiz that took people through a series of questions where they’re required to select an answer. Users could select what their smile looked like and what questions they had about the treatment. This enabled users to seamlessly submit forms without having to leave the TikTok app.

As a result, Invisalign was able to effectively generate leads, seeing a 28% higher form submission rate compared to their website form. There was also a 113% higher page load rate compared to their website form. Eventually, their cost per lead was also 11% compared to the cost of generating leads through their website form.

A seamless lead generation experience utilizing TikTok’s various tools played a vital role in the campaign’s success. Similarly, you can check out other TikTok tools and features to see how they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

4. Hers

@lizseibert #ad Trying to get my hair (and myself) healthy again 😮‍💨 @hers @hims #herspartner ♬ original sound – Liz Seibert

For Hers, advertising on the internet was a tricky subject since their skincare products required a prescription. That meant that they had to deal with advertising restrictions, which wasn’t the case for their haircare products. For starters, they couldn’t use the word “prescription” when advertising their skincare products on TikTok. So they approached Ubiquitous Influence, a TikTok influencer marketing agency to help them come up with an effective TikTok marketing strategy to get their name out and drive traffic to their site.

Hers wanted to reach a Gen Z audience based in the U.S., which meant they had to activate TikTok influencers who could connect with this target audience. So the agency helped them hand-pick influencers who had already been sharing their hair and skin journeys online.

Each of the campaigns (for hair and skin) involved five influencers – a mix of both hero and micro creators. These influencers started sharing various types of content such as get ready with me, unwind with me, hair updates, skincare journey, comedy, and games revolving around the product.

The Ubiquitous team found a workaround to the restriction on the word “prescription” and reframed the language around sharing skincare journeys instead. They also leveraged Spark ads that prominently featured engaging influencer content to draw in visitors to the brand’s website. The campaign generated a total of 5 million impressions, funneling 11k users within just six weeks. 

Moreover, the CPC was 20% lower than the industry average at just $0.62. Meanwhile, the Spark ads had a $2 CPM on the awareness campaigns while the traffic campaigns had a $5 CPM.

5. MG Motor

@mgmexico Like si eres de los que siempre se le olvida dónde dejó su coche 😕 #EnjoyStyle #MG5 #parati #trend ♬ sonido original – MG México

MG Motor was the first brand on TikTok Mexico to leverage Lead Generation campaigns and generate car sales. They made use of higher intention Instant Form to create a campaign where users didn’t have to leave the TikTok app, meaning that the brand could easily turn them into leads instead of losing them to an external site or landing page.

They also used Display Card to highlight their sales and offers while strengthening the message of the campaign. Between November 2022 and December 2023, MG Motor reached a total of 432.6 million users while driving 20 million website visits.

Within just two months of the Lead Ad testing (between September and October 2023), they had already generated 830 leads along with two conversions to sales. This resulted in an ROI of 110%. 

Making use of TikTok’s valuable Lead Ad campaigns allows you to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted ad click experience. This improves your chances of generating leads as users don’t ever have to leave the TikTok app to submit a form.

6. TikTok for Small Businesses

TikTok for Small Businesses

TikTok wanted to empower small business owners to leverage their marketing solutions such as “Promote,” which lets you put media spend behind your existing content. So they started working with Socially Powerful agency to tell authentic stories that showcase the platform’s impact on small businesses.

This involved creating a dedicated account to help small business owners navigate the platform more effectively. The agency leveraged real people behind small businesses who helped to craft authentic narratives to establish the value of TikTok for their businesses. These entrepreneurs shared first-hand accounts of how they leveraged the platform and used a relatable voice that helped them connect with the target audience.

These authentic stories and engaging videos allowed the campaign to generate 32 million views with 2 million likes. Moreover, the dedicated TikTok page for small businesses ended up with 400k new followers.

Relatability and relevance are the name of the game in this B2B TikTok marketing campaign. They told real stories or real people that the target audience could relate with. This enhanced trust and helped the audience realize how the platform could add value for their business. 

7. JVN

@jvnhair It’s important to have a #HairCare routine according to your #HairPorosity. #JVNHair #FloatTest #fyp ♬ When I Ride – Ashley Mehta

JVN is a haircare brand founded by Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. For the brand’s official launch, they needed to instantly build authority and credibility in a market that was already saturated. The challenge lied in raising awareness beyond JVN’s existing fan base without diluting Van Ness’ personal brand. So they approached NoGoo agency to help achieve these goals while navigating the unique challenges.

One of the key strategies for the launch campaign involved using user-generated content from influencers and community members on TikTok. These videos helped to highlight real results experienced by real people, establishing credibility in the space while enhancing relatability.

These creators shared videos busting haircare myths, teaching viewers how to discover their haircare needs, and more. The top-performing TikTok content was also repurposed for top-of-funnel campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

At a CAC of just $0.12, the NoGood team helped to accrue 100k followers in under two weeks by experimenting with key content pillars including haircare education, trendy and reactive content, and product use tutorials and tips. There was a 298% quarter-over-quarter increase in orders while conversion rate increased by 45%. The brand also experienced a 451% increase in TikTok advertising revenue.

The campaign’s success relied heavily on content experimentation. Putting out high-quality informative content along with real stories allowed JVN to quickly build authority and credibility in the haircare space.


@ericanic0le If you’re acne prone, but also like to wear makeup, the @JOAH Beauty Heal Me CICA Patches are a game changer! #JOAHBeautyPartner #JOAHSpotThePatch #JOAHBeauty #acne #acneskin #pimples #pimplepatch #ad ♬ original sound – ERICA NICOLE

When JOAH wanted to promote their Heal Me CICA Spot Patch, they came up with the perfect campaign to showcase the product’s benefits. With the help of Hire Influence, the brand came up with a #SpotThePatch campaign involving influencers in beauty and lifestyle content. The main focus was on creators who could authentically showcase the product and reach the brand’s target demographic of females aged between 18 and 24.

These influencers then created highly engaging videos highlighting the product through TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. Whether it’s through a get ready with me style video or an informative video, they asked their viewers to guess where the pimple patch was on their faces. This was the perfect approach considering one of the key features of JOAH’s spot patch is how invisible it is. The influencers also explained the ingredients and benefits to help their audience understand the product’s role in healing acne.

The campaign involved influencers with a collective reach of 3.1 million. It managed to generate 4 million impressions and 4 million video views. Moreover, there were 14.4k clicks, indicating the campaign’s success in driving action.

9. Cesar Canine Cuisine

@adventureswithmase Make mealtime extra special for your dog with Cesar Simply Crafted toppers – especially after those long days of activities! 🐶 Made with 5 key ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours, fillers or preservatives, this is nutrition that you can trust.❤️ Treat your dog & find Cesar at Walmart or the link in my bio!😋 #CesarDogFood #ad ♬ original sound – Goldenmase

Cesar Canine Cuisine wanted to raise awareness of their products and promote the benefits of their wet food options among Canadian pet parents aged between 25 and 44. So they tapped into TikTok’s growing community of pet owners to expand their customer base.

Their campaign involved partnering with the TikTok Creative Exchange portal to generate high-quality creative that aligned with their brand goals. This allows advertisers to share briefs and choose the right creative partners based on their needs. In other words, you don’t have to maintain an in-house creative team to develop your ad content.

Additionally, Cesar leveraged TikTok Marketing Partner and #paid to find more creators who could relate to the brand’s target audience and authentically share educational content about the products. The campaign’s creative focused on highlighting the versatility of the brand’s offerings such as the emotional benefits of having well-fed pets as well as the functional benefits of having a wealth of recipes to choose from.

During a three-week campaign, the brand leveraged high-impact and premium placements to effectively reach their target audience. This involved Top Feed and In-Feed Ads as well as TikTok Pulse ads.

The In-Feed Ads generated a reach of 2.8 million along with 58% higher engagement than the benchmark numbers. There was also a lift in view-through rate of 155%. Moreover, the Brand Lift Study found a 7.2% increase in Ad Recall along with a 2.4% increase in Brand Association. 

10. T-fal

@maycineeley Making the BEST Cajun fries with @tfal_canada 😍 #TfalPartner #CookingWithTfal #airfryer #YouCanAirfryThat ♬ Yosemite – Official Sound Studio

When T-fal wanted to promote their air fryer products, they decided to work with top-tier TikTok influencers to spread the message. With the help of Obviously agency, the brand recruited influencers who could build awareness for the product launch through diverse, playful, and engaging content.

The campaign required influencers to create videos making use of the T-fal cookware or air fryer products. They were encouraged to get creative with their videos by thinking outside of the box with the types of foods they could create, and the influencers delivered. Some used the air fryer to cook fries for their family while others used T-fal cast iron pan to bake cookies.

With a total of 12 videos created, the campaign generated a combined view of more than 1 million. These videos reached a total of 6.2 million viewers, resulting in a view-to-follower ratio of 16.60%. Moreover, the campaign resulted in 1,889 total clicks. Even with this campaign, giving influencers the creative freedom to authentically connect with their audience played a key role.

11. Netflix

@damiendoylejr It’s Cobra Kai time! @netflix #AD #NETFLIX #cobrakaichop ♬ original sound – Damien Doyle Jr

As Netflix prepared to release the third season of “Cobra Kai,” they wanted to focus their marketing efforts on TikTok. Since they wanted to reach a wide audience, this meant partnering with an engaging and eclectic roster of influencers. So they worked with NeoReach to activate a range of distinct TikTok creators from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The campaign involved an interactive Cobra Kai Chop filter and each influencer was tasked with putting their own creative spin on it using the hashtag #CobraKaiChop. And the influencers delivered with a wide variety of content to engage all types of audiences. Some put together comedic skits while others engaged in a competition of sorts. 

In all these instances, the influencers were able to authentically express themselves, which allowed them to connect with their followers. This sparked massive engagement from audiences who felt compelled to try out the TikTok filter and create their own content using it. As a result, the campaign’s reach amplified beyond the original influencer partnerships.

The influencer content generated more than 2.8 million views along with 24k+ engagement value and an ROI of 2.76x. Moreover, the #CobraKaiChop hashtag received a whopping 4.6 billion views, giving testimony to the engaging nature of the campaign. 

TikTok gives brands the opportunity to drive engagement and awareness through creative filters relevant to their campaign. Making the most of these filters will allow you to encourage more user-generated content and exponentially grow your reach, especially with influencers to kickstart the campaign.

Start Building Your Own Marketing Campaign on TikTok

Now that you have an idea of some of the best marketing campaigns on TikTok, you can clearly see the importance of leveraging the platform’s top resource – content creators. Many of these brands relied solely on influencer marketing while others leveraged influencer content for their paid advertising campaigns. Take inspiration from these ideas to build your own successful TikTok campaign.

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