11 Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Japan

Influencer marketing has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last couple of years, and this growth isn’t restricted to just a few Western countries. While it is easy to think of influencer marketing as being predominantly American/European-focused, that is far from the truth. It is just that many people in those parts of the world, only tend to notice English-language celebrities and influencers.

We have already looked at some of the top influencer marketing agencies in France, Scandinavia, and South Africa. In this article, we turn our attention to some of the influencer marketing agencies that operate in Japan.

Japanese people like most of the same social platforms popular in Western countries. For example, the most popular social platform for influencers in Japan appears to be Instagram, as it is in the USA and most of Europe. You can find many Japanese influencers in fields like fashion and beauty. YouTube has also gained a tremendous following in Japan, and many Japanese-language YouTubers have audiences in the millions.

Both Facebook and Twitter are popular with the Japanese, but as in the West, these networks are less popular for influencer marketing. 

One notable difference appears to be the absence of much Snapchat use in Japan. It doesn't seem to have gained popularity with the young in Japan as it has in the USA and Europe. Generation Z has found a love for TikTok, however, and Japan is one of its leading countries.

There seems to be less emphasis on specialist influencer marketing agencies, however. Most of the agencies we look at below are multi-purpose and offer influencer marketing amongst a range of services.

11 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Japan:

1. JPN Buzz

JPN Buzz helps brands and agencies expand to Japan by using the power of influencers and publishers. They have built knowledge and connection with Japanese influencers that allows you to find places to market across all major social media channels used in Japan: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Magazines, Ameblo, Snapchat, Online Portals, and more. 

They have experience in dealing with the unique Japanese market. Things that work in a global campaign may not be relevant in the Japanese market. 

JPN Buzz can also offer partnerships for agencies looking to improve their Japanese footprint.

They include as clients: The United Nations, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and Happn. 

2. Tokyo Creative

Tokyo Creative is an influencer-driven digital and social media marketing agency that's dedicated to creating high-quality Japan-related content. They work with both brands and Japanese local governments to promote services, products, and events to a global audience. 

They manage some of Japan's most popular and talented social media influencers. Their team of around 30 influencers has amassed over 17 million combined subscribers and over 1 billion combined views. Some of the influencers that work exclusively with them include Abroad in Japan, AkiDearest, and Sharmander.

Tokyo Creative offers services that aid businesses wishing to promote their products or services to the largest possible Japan-interested English speaking audience. These services are influencer marketing, content creation, and website marketing.

3. Info Cubic

Image via icj-global.com 

Info Cubic offers influencer marketing services using a network of more than 10,000 influencers. These individuals have earned trust among their followers, which plays a vital role in the ability to promote any products or services their sponsors want to market. Info Cubic connects you with influencers who best suit your business's needs. Through these connections, they help you to achieve your exposure goals by:

  • Helping you to research and identify your target audience
  • Identifying key influencers in your industry
  • Establishing connections with influencers
  • Building relationships to promote your product
  • Developing content and strategies with you and your identified influencer

They can have influencer-generated content created and posted in just four weeks, depending on your needs. They work with clients and influencers one-on-one to ensure their campaigns meet your quality standards and launch on time.

4. RealCRO

Image via realcro.com

RealCRO offers a wide range of digital marketing services in Japan. These include influencer marketing. 

RealCRO is a Japan-based integrated marketing agency composed of senior global communications professionals who believe that "Together Everyone Achieves More." 

They are a full-service agency with in-house video & music production capacity. Their team includes motion graphics, color grading, aerial/drone shooting, and music production specialists. They also work directly with models, actors, thought leaders, and celebrities from their network. This enables them to match talent and roles efficiently and provide their clients with tailored full-production services.

Their vision is to encourage brands to achieve ethical and sustainable performance by creating reciprocal opportunities. Their mission is to bring great ideas to life using technology and creative solutions and provide unique and meaningful experiences to people.

5. Wasabi Creation

Wasabi Creation operates out of both Japan and Singapore. As a company that has an extensive network and understanding of Japan and Singapore, they are passionate about delivering a high impact on their clients. They offer a wide range of marketing services in both nations, including business consulting & local support, market research & business matching, trade show support, event marketing, seminars & networking, speaking & corporate training, translation & interpretation, and, of course, influencer marketing.

One example was for TABIRAI, an online car rental portal from Japan that provides price comparison and booking services in English, targeting foreign travelers to Japan who wish to go for driving trips. Wasabi Creation engaged five travel bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia to try out the online booking system, and each gave their review of the online portal on their blog.

6. The Japan Influencer

As the name of this agency indicates, The Japan Influencer offers Japanese influencer marketing services. Their services focus on the UK and other private business owners or talented creators who would like to promote brands into Japanese markets at low cost in an agile and effective way without any language barriers.

They believe their personal approach provides bespoke care allowing your business to penetrate Japanese markets using online influencers. 

They specialize in the Japanese market, and their native Japanese teams can converse with influencers to ensure a perfect marketing strategy for your business. They mainly select micro-influencers who have substantial followings but with a specialist focus on the sectors that your company wants to target. They work intimately involving influencers more in the strategy and planning process of campaigns.


Image via bsmo-net.com

BSMO is primarily a dedicated Japanese social media advertising agency. However, they include influencer marketing amongst their offered services. From casting to advertisement delivery, they take care of connecting your brand with matching influencers.

BSMO considers its principal business activities as being social network growth hacking, internet consulting, eCommerce, inbound social network operation, and owned media management.

8. Dentsu

Dentsu offers a wide range of marketing, digital marketing, creativity, promotions, media, and content creation services in Japan. Included among their PR services is influencer marketing. 

They believe that more effective relationships can be created with consumers by combining direct communication, aimed by companies at consumers, using indirect PR through influencers with the power to persuade consumers and shape public opinion.

Dentsu provides services targeting the organic flow and distribution of information. It does this by disseminating messaging through an influencer with the power to persuade consumers. They also develop information, distributed by companies and organizations, which Dentsu combines with information of social interest transmitted both offline, in the mass media, and online, using digital and social media.

9. Gushcloud

Image via linkedin.com

Gushcloud aims to provide optimal influencers for advertisers. They work with 12,000 influencers across eight Asian countries. 

Gushcloud’s mission is to create and operate a network of the world's most significant influencers and creators. Their vision is to create a new ecosystem of media and entertainment in Asia.

They work with influencers in many fields, including sports, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, tech, travel, food, music, parenting, and fitness.

10. UUUM

Image via en.uuum.co.jp

UUUM  considers itself Japan's leading online creator network. They offer the industry's first YouTuber-focused management production services.

In Japan, promotional activities that utilize YouTubers have expanded beyond product reviews, extending to a diverse range of online and offline activities from store visits and event participation to campaign tie-ups. The presence of YouTubers that come across as accessible to anyone has amassed a great deal of influence.

UUUM claims to lead YouTube-centric influencer marketing as the first YouTuber platformers in the video business and offers creative promotion plans that utilize YouTubers possessing exceptional reach and unifying force. UUUM regards everything as content, including events, merchandise, and games.

UUUM also provides wide-ranging content creation services. This includes the joint operation of the “BonBonTV” channel and the production of original shows like “Video Pizza” run in collaboration with Jukin Media, Inc. These services include the development of games with a strong affinity for gameplay videos commentary, the sale of original merchandise, and the holding of offline events featuring appearances by UUUM creators.

11. Promo Japan

Image via promojapan.net

Promo Japan is an influencer agency located in Fukuoka, Japan. It dedicates itself to connecting great influencers with amazing Japanese clients. They actively search for opportunities for their influencers to work with a vast array of Japanese companies, local governments, and brands.

The agency has established relationships with many Japanese companies, city and prefectural governments, and ad agencies. They make sure to match clients with opportunities that are in line with their brand and style of content.

Promo Japan also looks for YouTubers who are interested in visiting Japan, sharing Japanese culture to the world, or are simply interested in Japanese products and services. They give these influencers priority access to sponsorship opportunities as they arise. They have been involved with more than 200 collaboration videos.

The agency is headquartered in Fukuoka, Kyushu, unlike most other agents who operate in the Kanto area.  They have built a cooperative system to promote collaboration with local companies and local governments.

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