15 of the Best Apps to Create Collages for Instagram

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Looking for fun ways to make your Instagram content stand out, but not sure what to do? Try using collages to tell interesting stories, share memories from a vacation, and a lot more. Collages are engaging, fun to look at, and easy to create, especially with the availability of numerous photo editing tools.

Here are some of the best collage maker and photo editor apps available on iOS and Android phones that you can use to create and share collages on Instagram.

Best Apps to Create Collages for Instagram:

1. Collage Maker (iOS)

Collage Maker (iOS)

This is a brilliant collage maker and photo editor that you can use to edit your pictures for Instagram. It provides you with a big collection of over 10,000+ layouts, stickers, and effects to make collages with your pictures. 

The app’s artistic filters can make your pics look like artwork by famous painters like Van Gogh and Picasso.

It lets you doodle on your collages to tell your story and engage your audience. Additionally, there’s a cutout feature that you can use to cut pictures by tracing shapes with your finger. 

Another great feature is the selfie editor that beautifies your selfies, making it the perfect tool for editing Instagram pictures.

2. Unfold (iOS)

Unfold (iOS)

If you are looking for minimalistic, elegant designs for your Instagram collages, then this is the app for you. It has beautiful, film-inspired layouts that make your collages look like a collection of vintage photographic films.

It has over 150 different templates that you can use to create your collages. While this may seem like less than the other apps on this list, these 150 templates are unlike any others. 

You can also use the 10 filters that it provides to edit your pictures and make them look more interesting. This is a paid app that comes with a seven-day free trial option. It also has in-app purchase options that let you buy some premium frames and filters starting with a basic price of $0.99.

3. PicCollage (iOS)

PicCollage (iOS)

This is an Instagram collage maker for making love-themed picture collages. If you have an Instagram page where you post similar content, then this just might be the perfect app for you.

The app has a decent collection of hundreds of stickers, background patterns, and photo grids. You can experiment with these to make beautiful and engaging picture collages for your Instagram page.

One of this app’s best features is that it has several card templates to create cards for your loved ones. It also has the option to cut out photos by tracing shapes with your fingers like a freestyle snipping tool. This provides you with a lot of flexibility while creating and customising your Instagram collages.

While there are a lot of this app’s features that you can access for free, there is a paid plan that allows you to access VIP templates and features. You can get these for $4.99 per month.

4. Pic Jointer (iOS)

Pic Jointer (iOS)

This is another great photo editor and collage maker that you can use to customise your Instagram collages. 

You can first edit your pictures using a variety of photo editing tools provided by this app. You can then arrange them together using the hundreds of grids and layouts provided on this app.

To decorate your collages, you can add stickers, text customised to your preferences. 

The app is free to download and start using but offers in-app purchases that you will need after a few days of free use. You can buy the complete upgrade pack for $4.99 per week.

5. SCRL (iOS)


SCRL is more than just a collage maker, as you can use it to create layouts, panoramas, mood boards, and more. It has a great collection of templates that you can use to create these without having to start from scratch.

Some of the most popular template collections on this app are:

  • Paper: It gives the effect of torn paper to achieve a zine look.
  • Film: This has classic analogue film frames that give a vintage look.
  • SCRL Essentials: A curated collection of basic layouts for everyone.

They also collaborated with the famous artist Louis De Guzman to create a whole template series designed by him.

Overall, if you are looking for tasteful, one-of-a-kind templates to make your collages, then this app will not disappoint. The app is free to download, but template collections have to be bought. Prices start from $0.99.

6. Photoblend (iOS)

Photoblend (iOS)

If you are bored with the typical collage makers and their grid-types layouts, you should try this app. As the name suggests, this literally blends two images to give a double-exposure effect. 

This is the kind of work that professional designers do by using software like Photoshop and Illustrator. This app makes it possible for anyone to achieve that level of perfection without using such advanced software.

Apart from this, the app has a good collection of frames that you can use to decorate your pictures and create different looks. It also provides you with the option to add text to your pictures or collages to tell your story.

The best part is that this app is available for free and can be used by anyone.

7. Collage Maker by InShot (Android)

Collage Maker by InShot (Android)

This is a popular collage maker app used by Android users and is, in every way, a good counterpart for the Collage Maker available on iOS. You can take several pictures and have this app automatically create a collage for you in your preferred layout.

You can combine up to 18 pictures in a single collage and use one of their 100+ grids and layouts to do so. They also have a decent collection of background images, fonts, stickers, and other design tools to help you customise your images.

Another great feature of this app is that it can help you create Insta-ready square pictures with blur backgrounds. 

The app is free to download but has in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

8. Layout from Instagram (Android)

Layout from Instagram (Android)

This is another simple, yet brilliant collage maker that can take your pictures and automatically create collages in different layouts. You can pick the layout that you like and either let the app make a collage for you or edit it yourself.

It has a very simple-to-use interface where you can literally make changes with the touch of your fingers. You can reshape, resize, zoom in or out using your fingers. It allows up to 9 pictures in a collage. Another great feature of this app is that it lets you find pictures with specific people in them to make it easier to create collages.

Overall, it is a basic all-you-need collage maker packed with all the essential features. This is a free app.

9. StoryArt (Android)

StoryArt (Android)

This is an app that is used specifically to make collages or other types of images for your Instagram Stories. It offers 1000+ templates and layouts to create beautiful Instagram Stories collages.

It has all the essentials when it comes to basic photo editing, including 60+ themes and 120+ icons and stickers for beautifying your Instagram Highlight covers.

The app is free to download but has in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

10. StoryChic (Android)

StoryChic (Android)

This is another collage maker and photo editor that you can use to customise your Instagram Stories. It has over 1000 templates that you can use for creating collages for your Stories.

The app also comes with basic effects and filters to make your Stories more engaging. It also has around 50 themes like love, travel, etc. that you can choose from.

The app is free to download but has in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

11. Pic Collage (Android)

Pic Collage (Android)

This is an all-you-need photo collage maker with numerous features. You can use it to create freestyle collages, greeting cards, grid layouts, and a lot more.

It has templates and grid layouts to create simple collages quickly. It also has a freestyle mode to make completely customised collages as per your preference. You can also cut out, reshape, and resize pictures just like a snipping tool.

The app is free to download with in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

12. Grids - Giant Square, Templates (iOS)

Grids - Giant Square, Templates (iOS)

Grids is filled with all you need to create attractive Instagram collages. And you’re not limited to in-feed posts, you can create collages for stories, too. Grid comes with a collection of templates for posts and stories that are easy to edit. Add your images, text, and stickers to create the look you’re after. It’s also more than a collage app. Grids lets you add a personal look to collages using its advanced editing tools. Pick vectors and fonts, and make your creations stand out. 

What about actual grid layouts? Take larger images and apply grid or panorama options. You’ll also love how easy it is to create highlight covers. You can design complete sets of highlight covers or icons to elevate your Instagram profile.

13. PuzzleStar - Puzzle Collage Template for Instagram (Android)

PuzzleStar - Puzzle Collage Template for Instagram (Android)

PuzzleStar includes dozens of puzzle templates to add a unique profile page or post look and feel. It also makes carrying that same look and feel throughout your profile page possible with reusable templates. Variety is a big deal, and to help you create the most appealing photo collections, PuzzleStar offers a range of fonts and styles to incorporate into your collages. 

You’ll also love how well collages render on all screen sizes. PuzzleStar offers 1080 X 1080px Instagram grids so your collages look professional, no matter your follower’s devices of choice.

14. Grid Post - Photo Grid Maker for Instagram Profile (Android)

Grid Post - Photo Grid Maker for Instagram Profile (Android)

Grid Post is a nifty and really easy-to-use Instagram collage app. With it, you can take larger images and turn them into perfectly sized collages for your profile using the split and crop feature. You can also create swipeable posts from larger images, like beautiful panoramic views. 

Grids often come in a range of sizes, that’s what makes them fun to use. Grid Post offers 5 options. You can create 3X5, 3X4, 3X3, 3X2, and 3X1 grids. Overlays aren’t something you’d think of immediately, but they can be applied to using Grid Post. There are 120+ that can also be customized with your favorite colors for extra personalization. 

And if you’re new to building collages on Instagram, you’ll find it easy. Grid Post has easy-to-edit templates. The app also will let you add each image individually, making it easy to sort and create a collage that’s perfect. It also allows you to give collages a little something extra with access to over 2000 artworks, fonts, and stickers. Want to brand your collages? You can by adding a watermark logo using Grid Post.

15. FotoCollage - Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor (Android)

FotoCollage - Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor (Android)

100+ template layouts, the option to mix up to 20 images, and the option to create an image collage. That’s a lot of flexibility! But that’s not all FoToCollage Photo Editor comes with. You can also change the layout of collages and add rounded edges to photos. Text? There are various sizes, colors, gradients, outlines, shadows, spaces, and backgrounds to choose from. 

Like other Instagram collage tools, you can add emoji stickers, with over 500 to choose from. FotoCollage also packs a set of 37 photo effects to add to collages. And creating collages isn’t just about adding images. You can rotate, flip images, drag to swap them around, and pinch to zoom in and out of pics.


These are some of the best apps for creating picture collages that you can share to Instagram. Go through the unique features and prices of each to decide which one is right for you.

Most of these apps are either available to download for free or have a free trial period. Leverage that opportunity to try out a few apps and then decide which app’s interface and features you like the best. Happy experimenting!